Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Let's pretend a newly ordained priest in 1964 fell into a comma an didn't wake up until 2010. If he was 26 when ordained, he would be 72 when he woke up.

Let's say that the first Mass he attended was the following:

This is an Easter Vigil from Saint Patrick's in Seattle five years ago in 2010. I borrow it from the Deacon's Bench blog. I hope they have a new pastor now who isn't enamored with the 1970's and is still stuck there, kind of lost in time.

Can you imagine what a Catholic who went to sleep with the pre-Vatican II Church and liturgy and woke up to this kind of Mass would think? Would they think this was even Catholic or a mockery in a Satanic sort of way of the Sacred, an inversion of some kind?

Liturgical dance was big in the early 70's. Placing the ambo and altar on equal footing was quite the trend promoted not by Vatican II but by dictatorial liturgists who thought this was the spirit of the Council. Please note, too, the 1970's use of banners! UGH! Also please note that there is no crucifix in sight! Please note the cross where the traditional crucifix would have been above the old high altar. Please note too the silly, huge baptismal pool to the left of the ambo. And how do you like the piano banging away up front behind the altar with all the musicians. UGH! UGH! UGH!

Give me the EF Mass over this trash any time. I'd even take frilly albs, ornate Roman vestment and birettas that are tipped constantly at the Holy Name of Jesus. Just don't every, I mean everrrrrrr, give me what is in this video and its church!

At least they kept the pre-Vatican II main altar, although the tabernacle, too much a distraction for the laity during Mass who might pray to Christ in the tabernacle rather than participate properly in the Mass, is removed to some unknown place elsewhere. The floral arrangement where the tabernacle once was is less distracting, no?

Perhaps a new pastor can put the new altar on the Epistle side of the old altar on wheels, restore the pre-Vatican II High Altar with its tabernacle, and celebrate the EF Mass and the OF Mass ad orientem at it.

Then one Mass once a month on Sunday could have the old, new altar on wheels rolled out for liturgies facing the people. What do you think?


qwikness said...

He would think he stepped back in time to the Druids celebrating the Pagan Vernal Equinox.

CPT Tom said...

Today at our parish school Mass included at communion, lined up in front of the altar some of the 1st Graders singing "Were you there" while waving palms and forming crosses with them and banging sticks on the floor all "performed" in front of the altar. The parent's mostly applauded, and commented to each other "how cute." *GAG*

John Nolan said...

Look, they're communicating the saving mysteries of Jesus to the People of God. That's what liturgy is for. Don't you realize that Vatican II gave us a new ecclesiology? Since there's no Latin and no-one is wearing a maniple, what's not to like? -)

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't so familiar, it would be shocking.

I think, for me, had I wandered into this Easter Vigil liturgy, I would have sung my song for freedom at the first notes, genuflected in whatever direction they had stowed Jesus away, and fled.

Anonymous said...

"Let's pretend a newly ordained priest in 1964 fell into a comma..."

Well, I suppose it's better than falling into a semi-colon. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I have referred to this as effeminized liturgy before, but I think this is incorrect. Certainly the masculine virtue of self-sacrifice is gone, but then so is the feminine virtue of receptivity.

The new man-centered liturgy that denies human nature!