Thursday, September 18, 2014


Fr. Z nails it in his recent post on the kerfuffle that Cardinal Kasper and he alone has create. You can read it HERE. 
I know why Pope Francis has condemned gossip and rumors so much because it is human nature and perhaps the Holy Father has fomented it?

Now we have another spectacle that we had hoped would have ended by now given the fact that one pope has resigned over it (discord and dissension in the curia and cardinals) and another pope is facing an equally difficult set up circumstances. In reality it is a mess.

I tend to blame Cardinal Kasper who I find to be a bit arrogant and I think Pope Benedict understood this truth very well also when as Cardinal the Holy Father took Cardinal Kasper to task in America Magazine.

But now we have a Cardinal speaking out of turn and acting like the teacher's pet and criticizing the scholarly work of five other cardinals to include the Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith as well as the most influential cardinal and closest to Pope Francis, Cardinal Pell.

But really all this chiacchiere  is so demoralizing and needs to stop.


rcg said...

I have seen this horse holders in senior staff positions before. He simply smells the blood of Cardinal Burke in the water and assumes Pell is vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Gossip is wrong if what's being communicated is either false or a truth that has been 'weaponized'.

But revealing some hidden secret that causes harm to innocents is not only not gossip, it's called 'whistleblowing' and is good.

Thus when the Wanderer newspaper broke stories on the pedophile scandal BACK IN THE 1980s... they were doing a service to the Church but were, unfortunately, ignored. The lid only blew off when the secular press lit the fuse and thus provoked maximum damage.

In the Legionaries of Christ, the monster Maciel also fulminated against gossip. But in his case it was to protect against his sinfulness being revealed, not in protecting otherwise innocent people from harms to their reputation.

Who gets to determine what is gossip vs. what is true reporting?

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, why is it that liberal Cardinals like Kasper and Mahony, stay around and stay involved forever while conservative, orthodox cardinals seem to retire and disappear two seconds after midnight on their 75th birthday?

It's true, the good DO die young.

Michael A. Skaggs said...

His theological arguments aside, I thought "by disagreeing with me they're really just attacking the pope" was a bit of a cheap shot.

MR said...

I'm really hoping Card Muller or Pell respond to this.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm personally 100% happy that all of this is happening! The battle lines are clearly being drawn and all the rats of the last 50 years are coming out of the woodwork.
It will be interesting when this gets down to the local level after the synod. Let's not kid ourselves. If priests and bishops drank the Kool-aid after VII, what exactly is keeping them from doing the same after the synod?

rcg said...

Maybe he meant the NEXT Pope as a warning. ;-).