Thursday, September 4, 2014


BOMBSHELL UPDATE: Below this post and added to it is Pope Francis' morning homily about acknowledging sin before Christ and allowing Him to transform us. He than speaks of corruption in the Church and this is clearly in reference to New York and other Churches (dioceses, parishes, institutions, etc) as I would "infer" it from the Holy Father's words today:

"So, the Pope said: “the privileged place for an encounter with Christ are our sins. If a Christian is incapable of seeing his sins and his salvation in the blood of Christ, he has only gone half-way. He is a tepid Christian. 

And the Pope pointed to those decadent Churches, decadent parishes, decadent institutions where most certainly Christians have never really met Christ or else they have forgotten that encounter."
Original post: Of course in New York this means "chaste and gay, repenting from all sin" thus not offending believing and practicing Catholics, correct?
The Saint Patrick's Day Parade Committee in New York has capitulated to political correctness and the dictatorship of the media and its MAGISTERIUM, not to mention the mega bucks in lost revenue and prestige in the eyes of the world by failing to obey corporate sponsors who would boycott the New York Parade if the parade committee did not acquiesce in obedience to their magisterial demands. Folks, we are talking mega bucks. When Guiness Beer pulled out of sponsoring the parade last year (Irish, mega bucks) this was a wake-up call to what corporate excommunication means.

It seems to me that Pope Francis despises the control that money and corporations and its corruption has on the Church in general and Catholics in particular. We know this concerning the Vatican Bank and its corruption over the past decades which all hinges on the money trail. 

When Pope Francis speaks of a poor Church that serves the poor, I think he has this kind of corruption in mind. We know his disdain already for corrupt capitalism and what has happened in New York with the parade committee and Cardinal Dolan's endorsement of their bow to the secular, monied corporate world calling the moral shots now, that this is very much at the heart of Pope Francis' concern about unbridled, corrupt capitalism and its corrupting influence on the Church and her cardinals.

Keep in mind that the Saint Patrick's Day Parade honors a Catholic saint but is not a Catholic organization as such, but the Grand Marshall is always someone of Irish dissent and I presume always Catholic. This year it is Cardinal Dolan. Wouldn't it have been better for His Eminence simply to say, "I withdraw the from the honor of being named the Grand Marshall and I'll simply attend the parade and bless the new Grand Marshall but I will not endorse the politicization of sexual immorality in any form in any parade associated with a Catholic saint?"

In Dublin, Georgia, 40 miles south of Macon, there is a great festival lasting more than a week honoring Saint Patrick. But it is anything but Catholic and those who organize it in this predominantly Southern Baptist town would be clueless of the Catholicity of St. Patrick not to mention that he was a Catholic Bishop. The Red Neck games there were recently canceled. Honey boo-boo exploited by the media moguls and their magisterium built upon the almighty dollar and revenues from their shows is filmed not far from Dublin, GA.

While we can't leave the sexual revolution of the 1960's primarily at the feet of the entertainment media moguls of the 1960's, we can certainly say they helped to promote the immorality of that period that has spiraled out of control and led to the pornographic nature of television and entertainment today. No one protests that NBC's Comcast and other cable outlets provide hardcore pornography to subscribers. No one complains that the internet does the same thing and free of charge. (When I did an image search for "gay banners" for my photo above, it is unbelievable what images show up on the internet even with an innocent search!)   Thus we have a new sexual revolution associated with not only heterosexuality and its influence even on pre-teens but now with unbridled homosexuality in all its glory.

The entertainment media is the new Magisterium and evidently even in New York it is superior to the Cardinal Archbishop.  Even His Eminence bows before it and kisses its anatomy. The reason the parade will allow a gay banner (gays have always marched in the parade without flouting their sexuality) is that Guiness Beer withdrew its endorsement and money for the parade and NBC was going to do the same thing and not telecast it in New York. So the almighty dollar, the very thing that Pope Francis rails against, trumps Judeo-Christian morality. It is here that Cardinal Dolan could have taken a stand and failed to do so. But who am I to judge? Faced with the loss of money, prestige and being telecast by a media giant in New York, the parade committee capitulated to the demands of the media, political interests and the fear of losing money as did Cardinal Dolan who also feared losing friends at NBC, such as Matt Lauer of the Today Show and other friends in high places in the media. Keep in mind, NBC/Comcast makes so much money and has so much power, even over the Church, that it can afford to pay Cardinal Dolan's friend Matt Lauer, a television anchor and celebrity, $20 Million a year and fly him by helicopter from his mansion and plantation in the Hamptons to work in Manhattan every day although he also owns an expensive Manhattan apartment near the NBC studios where he toils in the sweat shop there.

Of course it seems like no big deal that a group of homosexuals who have united as a club under the NBC umbrella will be allowed to march in this year's parade except for the fact that they will have a banner in front of them describing their Gay Alliance.

Is it possible that those who are adulterers will one day be able to do the same thing? How about fornicators? I have friends who are homosexual, who are fornicators and some are adulterers. I love them all. But they know that as a priest I don't and will never endorse sins that evolve from the various temptations my friends experience given their sexual orientation. Chastity is still the order of the day for Catholics.

So if they march under an "adulterer's orientation" banner or a "fornicator's orientation" banner should the Church proudly embrace them and their orientation as well as their sins against God and nature? What about a "heterosexual orientation" or a "equal but separate" banner? And by these banners the alliances are promoting a lifestyle free of guilty or accountability before God and His Holy Church!

You see where this could go except for political correctness and the Magisterium of the Media forbidding it.Forget about the Church's Magisterium in New York. It has moved over for a greater one.


Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Thursday reflected on the transforming grace of God’s Word and invited Christians to recognize their sins and let themselves be transformed by their encounter with Christ.

The Pope was addressing the faithful gathered for morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta.

During his homily, Pope Francis reflected on the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians which reads: “If anyone among you considers himself wise in this age, let him become a fool, so as to become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God”.

Paul – he said – is telling us that it is the power of God’s Word that brings about a true change of heart, that has the strength  to change the world, giving us hope, giving us life.

He pointed out that this power is not to be found in human knowledge or in man’s intelligence. “Become fools” – Francis exhorted – don’t search for security in your knowledge or in the knowledge of the world”.

And the Pope said that although Paul had studied with the most knowledgeable teachers of his time, he never boasted of his knowledge. In a “scandalous” way – Francis said – he boasted of his sins and of his encounter with Christ and the crucifix, because that encounter between his sins and the blood of Christ is the only salvific encounter there is. And when we forget that encounter – the Pope said – we lose the power of Christ’s strength and we speak of the things of God with a human language, And  this – he said – is useless.

Pope Francis also recalled the Gospel story of Peter and the miraculous catch of fish during which Peter said to Jesus: “Go away from me Lord for I am a sinful man”. In this moment of meeting between his sins and Christ, the Pope said Peter finds salvation.

So, the Pope said: “the privileged place for an encounter with Christ are our sins. If a Christian is incapable of seeing his sins and his salvation in the blood of Christ, he has only gone half-way. He is a tepid Christian. 

And the Pope pointed to those decadent Churches, decadent parishes, decadent institutions where most certainly Christians have never really met Christ or else they have forgotten that encounter.

Pope Francis concluded his homily inviting the faithful to ask themselves whether they are capable of telling the Lord they are sinners; whether they really believe  the Lord has given them a new life; whether they trust in Christ. Because – he said – a Christian can be boastful of two things: of his sins and of Christ on the cross.


Gene said...

Is anyone really surprised? Dolan has been engaging in such buffoonery for a long time. He IS Irish…maybe it is the whiskey.

Gene said...

This is a complete and total disgrace and makes the Church a laughing stock which causes even more people not to take her seriously. The homo crowd will seize upon this big time as another huge chink in the wall. So, how is this going to be rationalized and spun?

Joseph Johnson said...

Unfortunately, we've come a long way from when (if I remember correctly) Cardinal O'Connor (attired in cassock, cape and biretta) used to turn his back to this bunch as they paraded in front of him (I believe there was an old "60 Minutes" piece on this).

As I've said before, the expression about a priest "turning his back" is a VERY loaded expression and it offends me greatly when I hear this idiom (used in another context) to describe ad orientem celebration of Mass.

Joseph Johnson said...

After this capitulation, if Cardinal Dolan then goes through with the closing of Holy Innocents parish, he will be moving closer and closer (in the eyes of many)to putting himself in the same category as the former Archbishop Rembert Weakland and Cardinal Mahony (on the liberal bishop spectrum, that is). I had thought better of him--I hope I'm wrong!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Joseph, I had forgotten that episode. One should also recall that the homosexual alliance, "act-up" entered a Sunday Mass at St. Patrick's that Cardinal O'Connor was celebrating. At Holy Communion time they approached to receive and then began to desecrate the Holy Eucharist by throwing our Lord at each other and in the air and some chained themselves to pews.

So Cardinal O'Connor turning his back on those gays in the parade may not have been what was perceived but that His Eminence was turning toward the altar and tabernacle in the Cathedral to pray for these sinners and their conversion and seeking God's mercy for them. This is another good example of ad orientem when properly explained.

Anonymous said...

It's so easy to be critical or go negative, and I would prefer to avoid it, but in this case, one can't. I DO NOT TRUST CARDINAL DOLAN. From the time he took over for Archbishop Weakland in Milwaukee he has demonstrated a shallowness and superficiality that has been certain to make him a darling of the media, but puts him quite at odds with a Church in crisis. Every Catholic who understands how much trouble our Church is in cringes when they look at the multiple photos of this man with his mouth wide open, laughing with apparent carelessness in the company of pro-abortion politicians, many of whom call themselves Catholic and all of whom the Cardinal refuses to confront for their bad witness and culpability.

I guess the good news is that St. Patrick's Day events have become even more meaningless than Christmas. The average Catholic knows very little about this saint and if they took the trouble to read about his life, they would respect him enough not to trivialize his birthday into a sort of "let's celebrate Ireland and get buzzed" kind of holiday. The best thing a Catholic can do on St. Patrick's Day is go to Mass and, next March, we should offer up our Communions for Cardinal Dolan and all the other weak bishops who have capitulated to the popular culture.

Gene said...

Well, you know why they invented whiskey…to keep the Irish from ruling the world.

Anonymous said...

The betrayal of the Faith continues. Cardinal Dolan caused scandal when he choose to honor President Obama at the Al Smith Dinner. When he appeared at the Democratic Convention right after Caroline Kennedy declared herself a practicing Pro abortion Catholic and Dolan was silent. Dolan invites notorious politicians who identify as Catholic to the front pew of St. Patrick's, fawns over them, does that fake belly laugh during Mass and gives them communion. Dolan tolerates parishes that are in open dissent from Church teaching and does nothing. YET YET let a priest sing the praises of the traditional Latin Mass and that priest is removed from his position, deported, threatened with removal of faculties and Dolan is going to close the parish. He obviously has the "J Edgar Hoover file" on somebody, because that man is clearly unfit to be a cardinal, a bishop let alone a priest. Do these bishops have no fear of God? It is not pastoral to tolerate sin. He is not being a shepherd to his flock. A shepherd protects and nurtures the sheep he doesn't let them walk towards the cliff and fall off.

Anonymous said...

I notice I wrote "birthday". I should have written "feast day". Sorry for the error.

Rood Screen said...

"Reprobates reject what God has united and end up prostituting their bodies by bedding down with infidelity and willful venality." (Cardinal Bergoglio, "Open Mind, Faithful Heart", chapter 21)

Anonymous said...

The Grand Marshall is someone of Irish "dissent." ? Puh-leeze!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

You caught that and it is a good one and quite a howler if I do say so myself!

Horace Freely said...

You know, the more I read this and the more I meditate upon it, this makes me even more cynical towards the modern office of bishops. How are these men chosen? Their name is offered on a "tern" from priests in a given diocese and the exiting bishop. More often than not how can the names NOT be part of the good old boy network? The very process demands it. Given the "quality" of bishops appointed by Paul VI and JPII (not entirely their fault), is it any wonder that their replacements are so few in restoring integrity and orthodoxy? As the process is set up now, it will take at least TWICE as long for the bishops to get up to speed the housecleaning so badly needed in our sick, unhealthy Church.

Not to say that there are not good bishops or improved appointments. The problem is that too many of the appointments still come to some bureaucrat or even some devious ecclesiastical climbers because it's "their turn". Cardinal Dolan seems to be showing us that he got the nod for his high-profile jobs because it was "his turn". I guess someday, when the Church has lost all of the credibility, it will be the laity's turn to actually get decent leadership.

Anonymous said...

"Proud Nuclear and Coal Polluters of the environment"

"Proud neo-Confederates"

"Proud self-righteous close-minded judgmental Patriarchs"

"Proud Military-Industrial Complex war profiteers"

"Proud exploiters of slave labor".

See, if refusing to acknowledge sin is something to be proud about and "hey, who are we to judge"? is a moral argument rather than a rhetorical flourish, it follows that no one can deny any banner touting some groups self-expression.

After all, if all cultures are equal, if everyone has an equal right to be held equally special and no one is allowed to 'judge' their feelings.... then two can play this game.

Православный физик said...

One of the worst appointments of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in my opinion.

Cardinal Dolan definitely needs our's a good thing he didn't get elected Pope.

Kyrie eleison

Gene said...

Proud prostitutes

Proud lovers of bestiality

Proud liberals

Anonymous said...

Fr. AJM, I'd like some advice from you, and please answer with seriousness because it is indeed a concern with mine.

This is about the upcoming Synod on the Family. I think there is an very real possibility that something bad will happen. This does not necessarily mean that teachings will "officially" changed, but I do think in many places here in the U.S and especially Europe it will "unofficially" change, AKA Humane Vitae and birth control.

I think there is a very real possibility that in the coming months we, as parishioners, will have to deal with this on a local level in our parishes, with either fellow parishioners or priests preaching heresy. And from the way things already are in the Church it is not out of the realm of possibility (Cardinal Dolan being the latest example).

Many times the Virgin Mary has told about a great apostasy in the Church, could this be it? Even though it already seems there is one.

What advice would you give to us as a Shepherd if these things actually do come to pass? Maybe you could do a blog post about it? Would be really appreciated Father!!

Rood Screen said...

Since Saint Patrick was British, perhaps the parade marshal should be British. Perhaps the queen should be invited to take Dolan's place. Having an actual queen present might please certain members of the controversial group in question.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I do not believe we are in a "great apostasy" nor is Catholicism built upon and apocalyptic scenario common in fundamentalist, Protestant Christian communions.
There are sinners and apostates in every age and even amongst Jesus apostles in Judas.
I do not believe that the upcoming synod on the family will change any doctrines, dogmas or even Humanae Vitae. Why in the world would Pope Francis hold up Pope Paul VI and specifically his encyclical Humanae Vitae for honor (he did this early in his papacy). Why would he beatify him if he is going to change one of the highest levels of papal teaching, a encyclical?
In short, this upcoming synod will be pastoral and find ways to minister to families. I do see anything more coming from it other than a clarification of annulments, who is eligible and what the internal forum is and when it can be used and under what circumstances.

Anonymous said...

St. Patrick was not British, at least not in the modern sense of the word. He was born in the place we today call Scotland and his parents were Romans.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, of course, I meant to make note of that, Saint Patrick was definitely Italian that is why is feast day is so close to an actual solemnity of Saint Joseph, who was Italian also. :)

RSJ said...

Irish eyes are crying

Rood Screen said...

Father MacDonald,

It seems there are some sheep who suffer from fear of the unknown. They have not yet come to trust the new shepherd of Rome, and they fear he neither "smells of the sheep" nor has their interests at heart. While there are true problems in the Church, such as the state of liturgy in the West, I think we must find more effective ways of assuring the frightened sheep to "be not afraid" of the unknown.

Anonymous said...

Where is Father Kavanaugh? He usually has something to say, except when it comes to homosexual debate.

JusadBellum said...

Father, it's not so much that we're afraid of the Pope changing doctrine - indeed I highly doubt that will happen. Instead, the fear is that, like at Humane Vitae, the media will trumpet to the low information Catholics only what the media has decided is the 'real' message, the text notwithstanding....and countless priests, magazines, etc. will follow suit to wink and nod and usher in a revolution of "spirit" at odds with the text.

Or even worse, the text will be so complicated and 'nuanced' as to be easily misunderstood. Easily construed to mean two entirely different things.

Take as an example, the few paragraphs in Evangelii Gaudium about economics.

Virtually the entire pundit class Left and right cherry picked the 2 paragraphs and assumed the Pope was condemning 1980 era Reaganomics "trickledown" and not whatever it is that the current global economic actually is (which is anything BUT Reaganomics).

The issue is, people are hard wired to keep doing whatever it is that they want to to change course requires a crystal clear "no" or "yes". Otherwise, people will hear or read whatever they want to hear and read in some densely worded, 'nuanced' essay.

As to what to do should the Synod produce a document that is easily misunderstood, or result in the typical Media Circus with the world acting as official interpreter of Church doctrine? I suggest we prepare to do what we've done since 1968 and that's to focus on what we can control: our own marriages and families and networks of friends.

I believe in both St. Theresa's little way and the way of Divine Mercy. If the majority go crazy, well, that's their problem. We must hold firm.

rcg said...

I think he counts as British by birth and qualifies for subsidy.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

JusadBellum, Pope Benedict rightly claimed that Vatican II was highjacked by the media, both Catholic and secular even as the Council was deliberating. If one reads the reports of the Council in action, one knows this is true. He called this Vatican II of the media who controlled the conversation.

This happens today in the secular press with Pope Francis, but also on blogs, people who comment on blogs, even my most humble one, and those who write for Catholic periodicals. There is selective, cherry picking reporting. And what the pope says is taken out of context and reduced to soundbites--the papacy of the media, not the real papacy of Pope Francis.

John Nolan said...

St Patrick was Romano-British, in that he was born in the Roman province of Britannia (no-one is sure exactly where). By this time Roman citizenship had been extended to all inhabitants of the empire.

So of course he was British (in the true sense of the word).

George said...

I wish I knew or could figure out what good Cardinal Dolan hopes to bring about by doing this. Does anyone here seriously believe that St Patrick himself would march in this parade? I don't. There is a line somewhere the Cardinal will not cross and one can only conjecture where it is. If a group of Irish exotic dancers were in the parade would that do it? How about a group of Irish women priestesses? Sin is sin. No one (especially a man of the cloth) should take part in any gathering where sinful behavior or anything contrary to Church teaching is promoted and exalted. I would be willing to hear him out on this, on why he decided to take part. It is of utmost importance for our Church leadership to set a good example and not give the appearance of tacitly endorsing that which is morally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Father, question. As it concerns the situation on the upcoming synod. I have always enjoyed reading about the early Church and I noticed some similarities.
If I'm not mistaken, sometime in the first couple of centuries of the Church there was a major problem of people falling away from the faith during some persecutions. When it was over there was a problem trying to decide what to do with the "Lapsi" who had fallen away during the persecutions. They were trying to decide if the lapsed needed to be re-baptized or not. Eventually I believe that they decided they did not need to be re-baptized.

Is this upcoming synod dealing with a similar, yet obviously different, situation?

Pater Ignotus said...

Hey Anonymous, check out my comments on the "homosexual debate" under What do these Catholic churches have in common?".

JusadBellum said...

Cross posted from the thread on churches...

Seriously Pater?

The tabernacle is.... ah... "interesting". The lines and colors are crisp, stark, hard edged, and cold.

The exterior looks like a painting of Matisse. Blocky and out of proportion with random cuts and thrusts of building, projections, etc.

You don't have to be a fan of Gothic or Romanesque to appreciate order and symmetry. The big cathedral in Barcelona that's still under construction is a revolutionary design but is proportional, balanced, 'organic'...human.

The box in LA... the representations of sacred space is sui generis (and thus, according to proper 'inculturation' is a foreign language to most if not all the people).

As for calling people "gay", those of us who work with and for brothers and sisters who struggle with the disorder of same sex attraction don't call them "gay".

They're people first. Sons or Daughters of God second. Their weaknesses, disorders, diseases, addictions, and vices do not define them as people nor exhaust who they are or what they're capable of.

Had Oscar Wilde NOT been sexually active with young teenage boys, he'd still have had the gift of writing that he had. It's not his sexual 'orientation' (itself a made up concept) that made him great, it was that gift of expression that could exist apart from that sexual attraction.

Ditto with scientists and others. Their natural gifts and potential exist prior to their same sex attraction, NOT BECAUSE OF IT.

That's a crucial distinction often lost by low information folk in these debates.

Our height, weight, freckles, short sightedness, etc. are all accidents to our being.... our struggles with addiction, vice, depression, erotic ideations... those do not define us even as they sometimes try to engulf us and blot out the sun.

We Catholics must not allow the secular world view on these matters to blot out the great and healing insights of the saints on this issue.

We're great because of our relationship to God despite defects of a wounded human nature.

Courage is a wonderful ministry for this sort of thing. It can help people realize that love does not mean sex. That love is not exploitive or quid pro quo. That most of human friendship, most of human loves are genuine and entirely non-erotic. Our love of parents, siblings, cousins, classmates, neighbors... so much of life is lived entirely without erotic attraction and satisfaction.

I find it a great sorrow that so many who are genuinely hurt, wounded, pained individuals, who perhaps have suffered great emotional hunger for acceptance and love are recruited into the 'gay' movement and 'love bombed' initially...only to be doubly traumatized when they discover even there people can abuse, use, and objectify people as things.

The Catholic must neither hate nor shun the brother or sister sincerely struggling with this disorder. But the key is 'struggling'. It's really hard to help someone when they're stubbornly proud of self-destructive habits. Even here, we must not adopt their language and self-understanding because it's often myopic and self-serving.

Gene said...

The homosexual crowd identify themselves purely from the waist down. They have no other identity, and they push this one on everybody every chance they get. They are deliberately in your face, flaunting their perversion at every opportunity. I have no sympathy for them and they are enemies of the church.

Joseph Johnson said...

Well stated--I have to agree. Indeed, we should not hate or shun anyone who is sincerely struggling with this disorder but it's really hard to help someone when they're stubbornly proud ("in your face" as Gene says) of self-destructive habits.

Thanks for saying it much better than I could. Maybe, as Fr. McDonald suggested, the late Cardinal O'Connor was, in actuality, praying ad orientem from the cathedral steps for those poor souls.

Gene said...

Then there is this: "Anyone who goes ahead and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God; he who abides in the doctrine has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes
When would you folks like to begin taking this seriously?

Anonymous said...

There is no "need" to change doctrine when the practices already ignore it and have undermined marriage thoroughly. This is just a silly game. Francis is a street bully, socialist activist.

The Synod is superfluous except to show Francis "muscle". He will do as he pleases without regard to any teaching. He will spin it, as needed, to keep the fools in disarray.