Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We are staying at a retreat center at the Mt. Of the Beatitudes where Jesus preached The Sermon On the Mount. I have a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee which has a wonderful history concerning Jesus.

Then we had Mass at the Church that is at the site of the wedding Feast of Cana. There I ran into a priest friend from Charleston, SC, Fr. Edward Fitzgerald. I have known him from my Augusta days when he was stationed in Aiken, SC. He was also at the Dominican program I attended in Nashville!

Then we went to The Church of the Annunciation which is the site where the Angel Gabriel announced the our Blessed Mother that she would conceive our Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit! We prayed The Angelus at Noon followed by the Holy Rosary before the actual place.

Then we went to Mount Carmel in Haifa. What a beautiful place and the B'hai Faith has a spectacular shrine and gardens there too, well worth seeing!

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rcg said...

No matter what, DO NOT get on a boat with Fr. Edward Fitzgerald. He should also avoid Baptism by immersion.