Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today it is called the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith. This office collaborated with the Office for Divine Worship in developing the Anglican Ordinariate liturgies for funerals, weddings and now their Mass.

I asked the priest giving the tour if the EF options allowed the AO, such as TPATFOTA, EF Offertory Prayers and Last Gospel might also be extended to the Normative Form of the Latin Rite. He said it could be possible with the right advocates seeking this and going through the proper channels!

The art work above the CDF's altar in its chapel depicts St. Pope Pius V who was a great reformer like Pope Francis will be. Pius V made many enemies because of this.

He dad a devotion of kissing the feet of Jesus on a large crucifix in his palace before going to bed. An enemy of the Pope had smeared a deadly poison on the feet of Jesus in order to kill the Pope.

When the Pope went to kiss the Feet, the feet moved out of the way so as to prevent the Pope from doing so! This miracle is depicted here:


Rood Screen said...

A sacristan once had the bright idea of dealing with our gnat problem (which really was bothering me) by spraying some sort of poison on the altar cloth, forgetting that I would have to kiss the cloth at the beginning of Mass! Sadly, nothing moved out of my way, but I'm no Pius V. I was, however, fine, except for a slight puckering.

Rood Screen said...

By the way, congratulations on returning from the Holy Office with your faculties intact. From now on, if anyone ever challenges the content of your blog, you can tell them you've already gone to the Inquisition, and they did not place yours on the Index of Forbidden Blogs.

Anonymous said...

I actually think that something like this could happen under the pontificate of Pope Francis, only because he does not seem to have any particular strong liturgical ideology aside from the one he had been accustomed to in the Society of Jesus and Argentina. That is why we see a minimalism of sort in vestiture (no dalmatic, no mozzetta, etc.) I think it may be more of a matter of his own liturgical formation and preferences rather than a militant liturgical agenda. In fact, when the Holy Father talked about learning from Msgr. Marini, he seemed to implicitly admit his lack of knowledge in some liturgical matters. It is clear that Msgr. Marini has had some influence on him (and it may grow), but he is not opposed to it. Also, it would be foolish, I think, to say that he does not know about the approval of the Order for Mass for the Ordinariates. If he had some strong anti-traditional liturgical agenda, we would not be seeing traditional Roman liturgical elements in a liturgy meant for Anglican converts. While, I do not think he will ask the Congregation for Divine Worship to add these elements back in to the Ordinary Form (because I think he just does not have a strong interest in liturgical matters aside from celebrating the liturgy with devotion and focusing on the Eucharist), if the CDW were to present him a document editing the Ordo Missae for the Ordinary Form with these additional elements, I do not think he would protest, especially if they were optional.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Wonderfully said and right on target. I agree 100%! God bless.