Thursday, October 31, 2013


The Vatican daily “L‘Osservatore Romano” published the piece by soon to be Cardinal-Elect, Archbishop Müller Head of the CDF on Thursday, October 31, a day of historical importance for the Protestant Reformation where he laments the PROTESTANTIZATION of the Catholic Priesthood.

This is heading us in the continued direction of the hermeneutic of reform in continuity! When we rediscover the Catholic priesthood, not a post Vatican II version of it, it will impact the proper reform of the reform of the Mass and move it away from its dreadful PROTESTANTIZATION in the Ordinary Form!

Beyond the towards renewal

fixing our eyes on those of the crucified and risen High Priest, we can overcome every obstacle and difficulty. 

I am thinking especially of the crisis of the doctrine on the priesthood that occurred during the protestant Reformation. It was a crisis at the dogmatic level which reduced the priest to a mere representative of the community by eliminating the essential difference between the ordained priest and the common priesthood of the faithful. Then there was the existential and spiritual crisis that occurred during the second half of the 20th century and exploded after the Second Vatican Council, and from whose consequences we are still suffering today. 
In Joseph Ratzinger's extensive work Proclaimers of the Word and Servants of Your Joy – volume XII in his opera omnia – he proposed a way of overcoming these crises by advancing a high-level theological approach, thereby giving us a guide for fostering a renewal of the sacramental priesthood instituted by Christ. 
The scientific studies, meditations and homilies on the service of bishops, priests and deacons contained in this volume span almost fifty years, beginning with the years immediately preceding the beginning of Vatican II. 
Many people, depending on their respective positions, associate this event, which has marked the recent history of the Church more than any other, with the starting point of a transformation in keeping with the spirit of the times, or rather with the beginning of a profound crisis in the Church and in particular in the priesthood.
  Gerhard Ludwig Müller
October 31, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Father, most of us who read this are in your diocese. Keep that in mind, because that's reason there are so few comments on this post. You are more the exception as a priest than the rule. The rest of us in our other parishes have to settle. And what we are forced to settle for is a Prostestantized priesthood.

Gregorian Mass said...

We took 50 steps backward toward the 1970's the moment Pope Francis stepped out onto the balcony after election, now with this statement from Cardinal Mueller we are supposed to think we are once again headed in the correct direction through the lens on Continuity and stability brought to us from Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI ? It is only 1 step forward after the retrogression. It is like grabbing at straws. The fact is that this Pontificate, for however many new people are drawn to the Church (as always there are ) has also alienated and hurt deeply another side that has been promoting the lens of continuity without stepping back and forth. There is once again disorientation, however we wish to gloss over it.