Monday, December 10, 2012


I visited my parents graves today. My mom's is about to get its foot marker with her name, date of birth and date of death. My dad died 25 years ago this coming Christmas Day:

And now for grave envy. This grave is always decorated according to season and in the most meticulous way. My parents grave is in the background and I find my parent's grave by looking for this grave that is always stunningly cared for. It makes me have grave envy!

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Unknown said...

My grandparents are buried in a family grave in Middle Tennessee. I have cousins who do something similar to their parents grave at Christmastime every year. I have always thought that Thomas and Lil are "a slight bit touched" for doing that.

They miss the point of Christmas and they miss the point of Christian death by doing that, but it is just my opinion. I have not brought this up to them in years, although I have said something in the past. Like your parents, the dual grave of my gradparents is near where William and Odelia are buried, so while I don't have trouble finding it, it really isn't very hard.

The bigger question is what would my granddaddy think about his cousin's grave being made a spectacle of, in that manner? I can imagine, but honestly....