Thursday, March 31, 2011


The National Catholic Reporter has an ARTICLE YOU CAN READ HERE, on Sister Elizabeth Johnson's reaction to the Bishop's Committee who panned her book. Of course Sister is 69 years old and certainly within that realm of "descontructionists" who push a "spirit" of Vatican II agenda in this day and age. These people are usually around this age who remember as though it was yesterday the headiness of the "spirit of Vatican II" days of the 1960's and '70's and were leaders in implementing this "spirit" in their communities only to have the "reform of the reform within continuity" come and derail their Utopian plans for the Church and for God Himself. This ideology has had a deleterious effect on religious orders and on the Church. But there is a very strong current of denial in what it has wrought, both in their communities and in the Church.

Her theology captures the essence of the theology of many religious orders that find feminism that is post-Christian and certainly post-Catholic much to their liking.

Anyway, read the NCR article, let them report and you decide!

And you can see John Allen's summary HERE as well as WDTPRS comments!


Unknown said...

I am inclined to suspect that the good sister was not ignorant of the process of seeking an imprimatur, and that her failure to do so may have been intentional. If such were the case, it would make her comments now rather disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

I was educated by her order K-8. I witnessed their transformation from authentic nuns into something else entirely.

Very sad.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I was educated by them as well and the transformation after Vatican II was and is very sad!

SqueekerLamb said...

All I can say is 'thank you for not posting my comment on an earlier blog' because I think I was overcome by some wierd something for a spit second.
From Fr. Z's blog:
"Fifth, the statement asserts that Johnson’s emphasis on the presence of the Holy Spirit in non-Christian religions “denies the uniqueness of Jesus as the Incarnate Word.” [That would be bad.] In effect, according to the statement, Johnson’s argument suggests that for the fullness of truth about God, “one needs Jesus + Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.”, a position it says is “contrary to church teaching.”"

I know it's not my postion to judge non-Catholics, and we are taught that non-Christians can be saved by Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross if their unbelief is due to ignorance, yet am I wrong to take the stance that any religion that is not in full communion with the Pope is, to say it charitably, INCOMPLETE? and therefore NOT just as good?

I have a hard time with thinking that the Holy Spirit might not want to lead someone to the Church. Am I in error to believe that the TRUTH is the TRUTH and there is only one TRUTH?
Sure there are morally good people everywhere, and only God knows the states of their souls, yet I know that the Catholic Church is the Church that Jesus founded and Jesus is God and therefore all the people of the world OUGHT to become Catholic.

BTW: All these self-serving 'sisters' tire me so...