Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's the Eve of Saint Patrick's Day, the most wonderful time of the year in Savannah, GA

A week ago today was Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the holy season of self denial that we call Lent. But forget about that today in Savannah, GA. The parties have begun and the second largest Saint Patrick's Day Parade in the country begins in tomorrow, March 17, the most wonderful day of the year in Savannah.

Savannahnians look forward to Saint Patrick's Day as though it were Christmas. There are parties galore leading up to the great event and wonderful family gatherings in hotels and other venues on Saint Patrick's Day itself.

Forget about Lent and self denial. It's one big party and the booze is flowing, especially on Savannah's River Street.

The day starts off with Mass at the Cathedral followed by the parade. It's great and finding a place in front of the Cathedral is very family oriented.

Over 400,000 visitors make their way to Savannah for the festival.

Father Charlie Hughes, AKA Saint Patrick, is a retired Glenmary priest living in residence at St. Mary on the Hill in Augusta. This was last year's dreary parade. The weather tomorrow should approach 80 degrees and bright sunshine!

If you want a little bit less excitement, travel to Augusta. They have a wonderful parade too with Mass at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity at 12 noon followed by the parade. Check out the activities in Augusta here.

If you want a month long Saint Patrick's Day, travel to Dublin, Georgia, 40 miles south of Macon. They have a parade and many other events too. Check out Dublin's Saint Patrick's Festival Webpage here.


Gene said...

Do you know why they invented keep the Irish from ruling the world. LOL!

Anonymous said...

It is really a shame that this feast day ends in such debauchery and leud behavior. It gives a bad rap to Cathoclis, and to Irish. There is nothing wrong with a glass of wine or beer and a bit of celebrating, but the spectable of St Pats leaves much to be desired.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I think it is better than it was, but in Savannah when this first started out it was very much a family celebration for the Irish. But once it became a tourist attraction, the debauchery set in and River Street become like Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras. The Irish in Savannah now have another celebration a couple of weeks earlier that focuses in on the Celtic Cross and it is more like St. Patrick's Day once was but without the parade.

Vianney1100 said...

Perfect timing, my wife and I are flying down to Savannah tonight to visit our son who is stationed at Ft. Stewart. We will definately go to the cathedral. Are there some parts of the parade that should be avoided? Or is it just river street that gets debaucherous? Will we have to dodge glasses of green beer from being poured over our heads like back in my college days?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Any where around the cathedral is great. River Street is fun, but a lot of drunk people there after the parade. It should be 80 on Thursday and upper 80's on Friday!!! Enjoy. I'm sure that will be a respite from Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

I really love this time of year. The flowers and blossoms never fail to cheer me up. Ours is coming soon. I saw a crocus the other day, so as far as I'm concerned Spring is here.


Clo Mhuire said...

@pinanv525 We don't all drown the shamrock on St. Patrick's Day! Some drink in moderation, others don't drink at all.

Then there are those of us who spend time in prayer, giving thanks to God for St. Patrick and asking Patrick's ongoing intercession. Our faith is our prized possession. A time for praying...a time for laughter and a time for dancin'!

Nice post, Father!