Thursday, May 14, 2020


I guess there are reasons for moving Ascension Thursday to Sunday. Since the Church created the Gregorian Calendar and numbers, bishops can say Sunday is Thursday and 43 days after Easter is actually 40 days when Sunday becomes Thursday.

And of course the Church can change numbers as we saw when the pope’s right hand (or is it left or is left now right) Jesuit, Fr. Tony Spadaro said 2 + 2 can = 5! This authority really reinforced the Church’s infallible authoritarianism!

But this is why Newark’s Cardinal is making Sunday Ascension Thursday. It is obvious the good Cardinal is clueless about the ease of live streaming Mass or he is drunk on his power to change Sunday into Thursday and 43 days after Easter into 40 days:



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this make no sense whatsoever.

Victor said...

Like so much of the post V2 changes, this one falls in line with the general idea, wielded particularly by the "great" liturgist Josef Jungmann, that modern man needs them. Modern man works from 9-5 Mon-Fri, making attending Mass on Ascension Thursday an undue hardship for him.

JR said...

I read where the bishops transferred the Ascension on Holy Thursday to Sunday (thus making it no longer a Holy Day of Obligation separate from Sunday) because "it was a hardship for many people to go to Mass on a weekday." Hells bells...did they never notice the crowded churches on Ash Wednesday which was never a Holy Day of Obligation?