Wednesday, May 6, 2020



Bob said...

That qualifier seems new....when did they start THAT?

Given the non-stop social justice and virtue signaling announcements even during this ChiCom flu assault, such as urging an investigation as to why "people of color" are "disproportionally effected" (but without mentioning lifestyles/diet/health/blowing off "social distancing"/multigenerational households/more crowded-poorer housing/etc)....and maybe working tirelessly to provide, you know, SACRAMENTS, it seems Christianity is entirely secondary to these cats.

But, they certainly will have some call for gun control rather than family or lifestyle control, such as practicing Christian virtues, and how to get in touch with God (which they NEVER teach and it the very heart and breath of the religion).

Nah...never happen...CHRISTIAN?!...thanks for the humor. I likely can count on one hand the bishops in the US who are aspiring saints rather than aspiring careerist branch office managers.

rcg said...

Interesting that they didn’t have someone standing by considering the lead time of the preceding moves.

Anonymous said...

"...(but without mentioning lifestyles/diet/health/blowing off "social distancing"/multigenerational households/more crowded-poorer housing/etc)"

Hopkins Medicine: “These communities share common social and economic factors, already in place before the pandemic, that increase their risk for COVID-19,” Golden says. Those factors include: Living in crowded housing conditions. Working in essential fields. Inconsistent access to health care due to lack of insurance or underinsurance. Chronic health conditions. Golden points out that people of color have a higher burden of chronic health conditions associated with a poor outcome from COVID-19, including diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. Stress and immunity. Studies have proved that stress has a physiological effect on the body’s ability to defend itself against disease. Income inequality, discrimination, violence and institutional racism contribute to chronic stress in people of color that can wear down immunity, making them more vulnerable to infectious disease."

CBS News: "National correspondent Jericka Duncan reports that African Americans have higher rates of the underlying health issues (such as diabetes or asthma) that can lead to death by coronavirus."

VOX: "[T]here are the more acute reasons (black and Latino people are being put at risk more in their day-to-day lives) and then there are the structural reasons (long-standing economic and health disparities between white people and people of color)."

NPR: "Experts say this isn't because minorities are biologically predisposed to the disease, but as Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general, said at the White House briefing last week, people of color are "more likely to live in densely packed areas and in multigenerational housing situations, which create higher risk for spread of highly contagious disease like COVID-19."

Denver Post: "“There have been generations of institutionalized barriers to things like preventive medical care, healthy food, safe and stable housing, quality education, reliable transportation and clear air.” "“We know historically that the African-American and Latino communities have been more prone to chronic ailments such as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart disease,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said during a news conference Monday."

BBC: ""African-Americans have more of the underlying health conditions associated with fatality (among those with coronavirus); the heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity," says Dr Kowalik."

Among others.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

I don't think the bishop next to Hartmayer is auxiliary Bishop Konzen of Atlanta.

I'm not sure who it is. Maybe a classmate or good friend of Hartmayer…?

The Eternal Optimist said...

May God send the diocese of Savannah a bishop in the mold of Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, Bishop (Emeritus) Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska, Archbishop Sample of Portland, Oregon, Venerable Fulton Sheen, and St. John Fisher. Even though the excuse of "We're a mission diocese" is often bandied about when it comes to minimizing the Catholic faith in our diocese, which often used to accept Catholic mediocrity in the diocese. It would be great to have a shepherd who promotes orthodoxy and is not afraid to evangelize our non-Catholic brothers by showing them the truth and inviting them to it.

Paul McCarthy said...

Not many shepherds anywhere in the US. Under 5 that I would call faithfulservants. God help Savannah with what we end up with as a Francis Bishop.

Marc said...

Are they wearing sackcloth as penance to dissuade COVID?

Bob said...

Anon, you failed to mention the BISHOPS being discussed calling for investigation which BISHOPS apparently have either failed to watch the news, or simply want to virtue signal even more. It seemed obvious enough as to what was the TOPIC of post, which was NOT various academic and media organizations, but can see I assumed too much from possible readers, so, again, the topic is BISHOPS worried more about PR campaigns rather than truths or TRUTH, and them quite conveniently ignoring already established truths in the news, and TRUTH in the Good News, which latter is supposedly their main and only purpose for existing.

Anonymous said...

What you said was, "...such as urging an investigation as to why "people of color" are "disproportionally effected" (but without mentioning lifestyles/diet/health/blowing off "social distancing"/multigenerational households/more crowded-poorer housing/etc)…"

I simply pointed out that these things were mentioned - all over the place.

And I will point out that you have no idea what bishops "failed to watch the news."

Every bishop is working tirelessly to provide the SACRAMENTS. They are not working to offer the SACRAMENTS in situations which put people in danger.

Gene said...

Affected, not "effected."

TJM said...

Anonymous K,

Any evidence that "every bishop is working tirelessly to provide the SACRAMENTS?"

Vatican Zero said...

Eternal Optimist,

While I share your hope that we would get a bishop in that mold, it doesn't look very promising. Savannah is considered something of a 2nd or 3rd tier diocese (we don't even get an auxiliary bishop) and in the eyes of the Vatican, the diocese is probably little more than a bait shack with a cross affixed to the roof.

As far as the kind of bishop we are LIKELY to get? Let's just say that it will be someone who has never offered and wouldn't consider offering the EF, it will be someone who is obsessed with "social justice" issues, it will be someone whose public statements implicitly endorse all Democratic candidates without specifying names, it will be someone who NEVER mentions the sin of abortion (but will make vague statements like, "I stand for life") and it COULD even be a person "of color" who is chosen not for his qualifications and holiness, but BECAUSE of his skin color. He'll also be very "ecumentical" and probably attend episcopal "ordinations" of women in the Anglican church and promote indifferentism with all the rest of our "separated brethren".
In short, the odds are we are going to get another milktoast company man who'll stand for nothing and send us clever videos for their financial appeal every year. Get ready for the same old thing...Catholicism a la 1975.

Anonymous said...

People over the age of 70 are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.
There is a difference between males and females when it comes to who is affected.
There are reasons why some groups are affected disproportionately
and primarily it has to do with the health of individuals within those groups.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

In response to Anonymous at May 6, 2020 at 6:16 PM, who cites a litany of newspaper quotes and a quote from "Hopkins Medicine" regarding why "people of color" are more affected by the virus than other segments of the population:

Where is the SCIENTIFIC STUDY of this phenomenon? All you have cited is SPECULATION by whomever was the source of those quotes as to the reason for the differences. I don't care if those cited are the leading experts on social sciences or highly regarded medical "experts", all those quotes are SPECULATION. Since you always demand PROOF, and insist on actual scientific-study PROOF of claims from others, please provide the actual scientific STUDY RESULTS that PROVE these are the reasons for the differences.

Because anyone can speculate, and my SPECULATION is, from observation in my city, that "people of color" are disregarding the stay-at-home orders and the social distancing directives. My SPECULATION is that they, especially the young, are scoffing at the warnings and not following them. A piece of evidence for this are the large parties that have even been livestreamed on the internet that demonstrate this disregard. If they are having parties, they are also not taking care in their day to day interactions, and proof of that can be seen of news video that has been taken in the "people of color's" neighborhoods, inadvertently showing large gatherings of people standing close together or large numbers of people walking down the sidewalk.

And I think the leaders of our governments know this is the reason, but it is not a politically correct thing to say or cite, so they publish other reasons that further the narrative of socialism: the so called "structural" differences that disadvantage "people of color."

I say, baloney. It is their own actions that are causing it.

If you don't say the actual truth, you never solve the actual problem. That is just a fact.

God bless.

Bob said...

Anon, you are the one dodging entire recent USCCB statements calling for the investigation of why a "disproportionate number" of any racial or cultural group has had higher incidence of the ChiCom Flu, (than obviously guilty white folk), when, in fact, the story is a non-story due precisely to the coverage you illustrated, and it is the bishops who have ignored patently obvious answers to the questions in their demand for investigation which THEY have proposed....virtue signalling, plain and simple.

As for you saying they are working tirelessly to restore sacraments, except right now when it so dangerous (obviously, there never danger otherwise from traffic/severe weather/seasonal and exeptionally deadly flu seasons,etc) and the only time in most living memory they have ever been suspended in the first place, is to say, "they always do this, just not now, but otherwise, always"....riiiight.

And they are obviously not tirelessly working on ANYthing (not when they have enough free time to generate the above dreck), as they are grabbing that independent study (out of a Catholic university which has only been done in dribs and drabs as time allowed to these part time tinkerers), as if it the last lifeboat on the Titanic...

which, to them, it is, as they have been WAITING for somebody outside their circle and organization, but Catholic, to say something adoptable, so, that if it blows up in their faces, they can say it was not them, that this idea came from outside, and it plainly only more corporate plausible-deniability-of-liability-think of branch office managers making sure blame is shiftable elsewhere.

Gene, thanks for the spellcheck on an old arthritic man typing essentially blind on small micro letter nearly invisible cell phone screen in a comment section with no edit feature for late finds, even without your invaluable help. If you look at any other post of mine, you will likely find at least one such error, and if you would be so kind as to point them out, I shall make every bit as much use of them as even now I am making use of your most excellent helpful correction.

Anonymous said...

Speculation without proof? No, my dear.

"Poverty and health"
Sally Murray
CMAJ. 2006 Mar 28; 174(7): 923.

"Why Epidemiologists Cannot Afford to Ignore Poverty"
Nancy Krieger
Epidemiology: November 2007 - Volume 18 - Issue 6 - p 658-663

"Social determinants of health inequalities"
Prof Michael Marmota
The Lancet Volume 365, Issue 9464, 19–25 March 2005, Pages 1099-1104

"Poverty and poor health: Can health care reform narrow the rich-poor gap?"
Barbara Wolfe

"The Link between Neighborhood Poverty and Health: Context or Composition?"
D. Phuong Do, Brian Karl Finch
American Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 168, Issue 6, 15 September 2008, Pages 611–619

"Health, Well-Being and Energy Poverty in Europe: A Comparative Study of 32 European Countries"
by Harriet Thomson, Carolyn Snell, and Stefan Bouzarovski
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14(6), 584

Shall I post more citations? As you can imagine, the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

My dear, those citations are not relevant to this pandemic, and the spread of this disease. Most are at least 14 or 15 years old and very dated if one considers how fast science moves, and so are really irrelevant to the current health situation. They do not explain the infection rate, nor explicitly speak to deaths due to COVID-19. Besides that, I am sure you have seen complaints by some medical workers who saying they are being pressured to list COVID-19 as a cause of death even when there is no evidence of it contributing to the death. So even the present data coming out may be skewed. And not one of the studies you cite addresses the social behaviors of these groups and how that contributes to the death rate. How can they? They are about something else.

The fact is using the studies you listed to PRESUME the cause of a higher death rate among "people of color" is a false presumption, and as I said, speculation at this point.

You violate the very principles of reason you claim are paramount to you. For that reason it is irrational to even engage with you in discussion. Better to leave you in your own mental morass and your false certainties.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Speculation? No.

Observation: Here's what I see when I go out for groceries.

Not everyone wears masks. but most people are trying to keep distance and keep to themselves, except one group: "People of Color". This is not meant to be racist, as it probably is more of a cultural symptom than anything else, but virtually EVERY time I am in the market, it is the "people of color" who are not only talking, but talking loudly--and you can't do that without opening your mouth widely.

Who is more likely to avoid spreading and avoid catching germs: A person with a closed mouth, or someone with their mouth open?

And don't even get me started on the obesity rates. There are some people who seem to think that we just love to watch their globs of fat swish around as they waddle through the stores minimally clothed. Obesity is the single most dangerous co-morbidity for serious cases of COVID 19.

Not speculation, but definitely observation.

Bob said...

Wonderful list of scientific, medical, and sociological and economic issue.

We knew food and shelter was a good thing even when I was a child in school with Fred Flintstone who knew the value of a good brontoburger.

What this all has to do with teaching folk about God and how to positively experience same so as to live in peace and quiet inner joy from cradle to grave and a truly happy death, leaves me knowing most folk entirely fixated on the wrong things, this including the majority of bishops, their priests, and their flocks.

Anonymous@7:02 said...

Bob--you shame me with your clarity

Anonymous said...

A truly scientific analysis would look at the rate of infection between
all those who are poor - black, white, and all other ethnicities.
If poverty is what is considered, it is wrong to focus on just impoverished blacks
as it is popular to do these days.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Bee,

The connection between poverty and poor health is well-known and scientifically established, as the articles I cite, and the thousands I did not cite, indicate.

It is not necessary - in fact you are simply attempting a diversion - to re-verify the reality in each and every individual situation.

It is also not necessary to re-verify that people of color are often, as a result of the racism and segregation that still infects many white people in our society, trapped in poverty through no fault of their own. When white people start virtue-signalling - "Oh, if only they behaved properly, then those poor, benighted folks wouldn't suffer so" - I sense more than a little defensiveness.

When TJM was dropped on his head as a baby, it was not necessary to reestablish the law of gravity and appy it to that particular unfortunate circumstance. Every time you take an aspirin, it is not necessary to re-verify that this common analgesic can be beneficial in alleviating pain.

As to reports of what medical workers have said . . . I have seen "reports" that the pyramids were built by aliens. Bringing this matter up is, alas, another attempt at diversion.

TJM said...

Anonymous K,

Spouting the usual piffel about race, blah, blah, blah. It appears that White liberals see everything through the prism of race and you are apparently suffering from that as well.

I may have been dropped on my head, but I, and many others here like Bee whose posts far surpass yours in intelligent discourse, have the common sense you do not possess. Stop being a jerk.

Anonymous said...

TJM says: "I may have been dropped on my head..."

Well, that explains a lot.

TJM said...

Anonymous K,

I was being self-deprecatory, you are still being a jerk, not a good look for a priest.