Friday, May 8, 2020


The Diocese of Saint Augustine (pronounced the “Protestant” way, August-teen) will resume public Masses the weekend of May 16/17.

The Diocese of St. Augustine borders our Diocese, which is Sede Vacante, on our southern border as well as the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee which resumed limited public Masses last weekend.

The good bishop there, a former auxiliary bishop in the now famous Archdiocese of Atlanta (pronounced Add-lana) is relying on parish pastors to use common sense and subsidiarity, a Vatican II mandate if there ever was one, to decide exactly how it will be accomplished.

The good bishop is offering generic guidelines though. In the video, he says that Communion should only be received on the hand. His words are accompanied by priests distributing on or in the hand and each priest actually touches the filthy, dirty, pandemic spreading hands of communicants. Oh well.

If bishops would only put aside their ideological small mindedness about kneeling for Holy Communion and try it, experiment with it, they would find out immediately that it is much easier not to touch a communicant’s filthy, dirty, pandemic spreading hands and the same with their tongue. Oh well, putting aside ideologies about what Vatican II did not mandate in terms of standing for Holy Communion will take an act of God. Oh, we are in an act of God as far as what the pandemic is doing to so many sacred cows of the what Vatican II did not mandate for the Mass, offertory processions, the handshake of peace, holding hands a the Our Father and the pandemic causing filthy, dirty common chalice.

The good bishop of St. August-teen also recommends that Hymnals be removed. Oh my, what will the people do for active participation in what Vatican II did not mandate, that they sing hymns at every Mass from a hymnal? Of course we all know that hymnals put an end to the pandemic of no active participation in the pre-Vatican II Mass.

But maybe without filthy, dirty, pandemic spreading hymnals, we will return to the actual participation of the Mass prior to what Vatican II did not mandate. Who knows but God alone!

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TJM said...

Fantastic news. Meanwhile in the Gulag of Illinois, the "Governor" is talking about keeping Churches closed up to a year from now. Here is the comment of one faithful Catholic on the situation in the "Archdiocese" and Cupich's leadership:

"I live in Chicago and therefore within the archdiocese of Chicago. This new edict is very painful for all those that attend Church, regardless of denomination. The church I attend within the city is quite large, and can easily fit 800 people. I don’t understand why our leaders limit to only 10 people in such a large space. The more logical approach would be to limit the number of people per square footage. In our church, we could be spaced out in alternating pews and still accommodate 100 – 200 people, and wear masks. I have NO faith in our government here in Illinois of attempting to be rational or sane. We live in a totalitarian state. And unfortunately, Cardinal Cupich appears to be more than happy to sit idly by, and to abdicate any pretense of shepherding. Its a complete and utter failure of leadership here. I am going to stop giving money to any archdiocese campaign until the Cardinal grows a spine and takes action. If I must attend Mass virtually, then he can consider my donations to be virtual."

At some point, the DOJ will have to intervene. Maybe President Trump will invoke the Insurreection Act and apply it to Illinois. FYI, the Governor, a billionaire, sent his wife to Florida on their private jet to weather the crisis at their $12 million dollar estate.