Thursday, May 14, 2020


A creative priest celebrates a Drive-In EF Mass during the Pandemic allowing the Faithful to be actually present and to share in the Church’s patrimony of “actual participation” during Mass.

In the EF Mass, it is only required that the priest complete the Sacrifice by consuming the Holocaust for the validity of the Mass. The Laity may share in the Sacrificial Banquet if they are in a state of grace, but they are not required to do so. Thus if Hosts run out, no problem or if there is a pandemic and Hosts can’t be distributed because of spreading a pandemic, no problem.

It is not necessary either for lay lectors or Communion Ministers. The priest can take these roles and, you know what, no problem.

There is no need to speak or sing and thus aerosolize the air with pandemic viruses. And most of the EF Mass is in low voice, so no problem if most of the Mass can’t be heard.

There is no presentation of the offerings, so no problem with contaminating the sacred vessels with COVID-19. And of course the priest faces the same direction as the congregation for 99% of the Mass, so no problem with his aerosolized speech spreading COVID-19 to those around him.

And of course there is no sign of peace shared in any physical way whatsoever by the congregation. This is the healthiest Mass possible compared to a typical OF Mass.

The EF Mass is perfect for actual participation by actually being present, even if in one’s car during a virus Pandemic spread by aerosolized speech, singing and touching.

I had the very same missal shown in these photos beginning in the late 1950’s! It helped with actual participation:


ByzRC said...

The portable outdoor altar looks more Catholic than most church's anymore.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I don’t even need to be present, there were no cars 200 years ago. I don’t need to see the Mass on the internet or on TV, there was no internet or TV 100 years ago. I don’t even need to hear a recording of the priest homily, he can deliver that message in the form of a letter , just like they did 2000 years ago.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Amen brother! and you don't even need any clothes like Adam and Eve before the fall.

Anonymous said...

Fr McD: I do need clothes ! This COVID-19 Mass dilemma can leave a lot of nasty artifacts long after this virus disappears. I am thinking of the televangelist style shows so popular in Protestant denominations. I have never liked when television crews start filming while I am in church as sometimes happens during the start of Lent. There is something to be said for a quieter side of Catholicism, which is simply knowing that a Mass is being said. Modern technology can be both a blessing and a curse.

DJR said...

Our parish re-opened May 3rd (suburban Atlanta).

Sunday liturgies are outside due to the influx of 100+ visitors from local Roman Rite parishes that are still closed. "Social distancing" is practiced with no problem, as the area where we have liturgy is wide open. Two priests and one deacon usually concelebrate.

Holy Communion under both sacred species as normal. Infants and young children still receiving the Holy Eucharist. Obviously not a soul is afraid of getting ill from it, as about 150 people received last Sunday.

The only fear Father has is that the numbers explode, as we're a typical small GC parish and not accustomed to huge crowds. Attendees are expected to increase substantially over the next couple of weeks as more Catholics from the local archdiocese hear about it.

Weekday liturgies are inside, as the number attending is small, and there is absolutely no problem practicing "social distancing." There were 11 people there yesterday, which includes the priest, deacon, altar boy, and cantor. So 4 "workers," 7 pewsters.

The local FSSP pastor asked the new AB if he could have Mass. The two priests here were willing to offer six Masses. There is an enormous gym, and the entire parish could practice "social distancing" without a single problem, even if they were all there at one Mass. The place is huge. The AB said no.

TJM said...

Your Archbishop sounds so tolerant, accompanying, generous, and Christ-like. Sarc