Monday, May 18, 2020



TJM said...

PrayTell must be in suicide mode.

UK-Priest said...

Your blog postings are becoming more ridiculous and misleading than Donald Trump’s daily outbursts - talk about fake news!

Pope Francis has celebrated mass ad orentium at JPII’s tomb every year, as well as in the Sistine Chapel.

TJM said...


Your blog postings are drivel and no doubt your TDS has you still supporting the political party that was demanding public funding for abortions since they view them as an essential "healthcare" service during a pandemic. So your party is in favor of killing innocent lives while claiming they want to preserve lives like Governor Cuomo of New York did by sending thousands of the elderly to their deaths by requiring them to be placed in infected nursing homes. You are a berk, to borrow a phrase from John Nolan. Obamacare may cover mental illness. Seek help

Anonymous said...

UK-Priest, it’s his blog. No one is forcing you to read it, let alone comment.
FRAJM tries to treat all here with respect...a habit you might practice as well.

UK-Priest said...

TJM - I don’t support the Democratic Party because as a UK resident I don’t have a vote in US elections.

Anon 11:51 - It may be Fr McD’s blog but it’s in the public domain and so I’m just as entitled as anyone else to comment upon his posts, however histrionically shrill or ridiculous.

Both - Fortunately no serious person or committed Catholic can any longer claim that a vote for Trump is a “vote for life”. His recent comments, actions and deeds clearly demonstrate an attitude of disregard for life and not protecting the vulnerable which borders upon eugenics, in addition to the fact that he is a charlatan with little respect for the functions of democratic governance and the rule of law.

I’d remind you that many “catholics” were actively supportive of Hitler and there were two priests in Mussolini’s government - of course, the support of these individual “catholics” does not mean that these fascist regimes were right nor that they were consistent with authentic catholic teachings and values. Don’t forget, the USA has a long history of having a fascist minority eg Fr Coughlin aligned with the America First movement - very vocal but numerically small, just like yourselves.

TJM said...


Nice try, no sale. President Trump did not kill the olds folks by forcing them into infected nursing homes, Cuomo did. Trump kept the Chinese from flooding into the US likely saving many lives and for his courage was branded a racist. Trump, unlike Pelosi, was not asking for federal funds to continue to murder the unborn during a pandemic.

If you like, I can remind you, an alleged Brit, that there were many Nazi sympathizers in England, including the Duke of Windsor if you want to go that route.

Naff off, berk

Anonymous said...

UK-Priest, IF you are a priest (one is unable to discern that from you postings), you are a very troubled one. Suddenly we are into Trump and Hitler when I never even mentioned anything except your blogging manners. Again, you would do well to emulate FRAJM.
Anon 11:51

Anonymous said...

I feel like the comment section for this blog is becoming TJM's bizarre ranting place.

Do you seriously think everyone who disagrees with you is Fr Kavanaugh or are you just using his name like an insult? Does this "Anonymous K" have a history of claiming he is different people or something?

Not Anonymous Kavanaugh (N.A.K.)

Bob said...

Nothing like one anon poster backing another to give one the feeling they are being upright and straight, honest and open, and they are whom they claim to be.

Nothing like folk who apparently hate the blog popping in to throw molotov cocktails to help everyone see these are good and holy people.

And nothing like the anon posts and molotov posts muchly being by same heroic poster, such as those where an anon post accuses someone else of being misled as to whom might be the actual writer of posts.

Personally, I see a remarkable sameness in nasty snide self-promotion in many of them, and not as if those with nothing to hide (such as a Roman collar) or any fear of folk finding out what they are REALLY like, should have any need of posting anonymously.

So, at the least, the originator of many of these posts is a coward, and more than likely, also a wolf in priest's clothing.

And also incredibly hard can it be to make up and stick with one false name taken on? As if most folk cannot figure out a variety of anon posts with same arrogant know-it-all temperament are writ by the same folk?

If you are trying to create a ghost army of puppet detractors, you are succeeding very well, so ghostly anyone can see the puppeteer pulling the strings, and an utter failure as troll.

Would love to have a battle of wits with you sometime, but my code of honor forbids fighting an unarmed person.

TJM said...

Anonymous at 4:13 pm,

Anonymous K has a long history of using various nom de plumes when he wants to hurl insults. John Nolan, I recall, and John please correct me if I am wrong, has detected a substantially similar writing style among the various nom de plumes and our Anonymous K.

I find it quite bizarre that a Catholic priest in England would even comment on President Trump, let alone display the antics of left-wingers in the US who suffer from what is called Trump Derangement Syndrome. Anonymous K and his progeny almost always interject politics into most of their posts and generally cannot pass up an attempt to slur President Trump. Your writing style does not strike me as British based on reading John Nolan's and my British relatives writings.

Your post at 6:12 pm on May 18, 2020 is a prime example of non sequitur and TDS

Bob said...

As for the "UK priest", I must say he is very adept at adopting thoroughly United States grammar, idiom, use of words, sentence structure and spellings...he must have studied the anon poster syntax to get that proficient. Someone should warn him he chose a very poor example to model.

UK-Priest said...

Anon 4:03 - in the interests of fairness and balance, perhaps you should also direct your reprimand to the other regular commenters on here who insult and label others as a matter of routine. I know your President sets them a bad example but it bad form to dish out the dirt if you can’t handle the comeback!

TJM - the lack of any coherent federal response is the main factor causing the huge number of Covid related deaths in your country, the wealthiest country in the world with the biggest death count - and for that the Trump (mal)administration is undoubtedly responsible. I wasn’t actually referring to care homes although I think you’ll find that they are not limited to New York.

There are too many possible recent examples of how Trump disregards and disrespects the value of human life eg how they used the Covid crisis to temporarily lift the arms embargo to Saudi & Emirates and sell $billions of highly lethal weapons for use upon their own civilian populations. Bomb shell fragments from this particular US arms supplier have been found at the site of bombings on children’s homes targeted for massacre by the Saudi regime. You may also remember how a reporter was murdered and His body cut up in a foreign embassy. All this is known yet Trump chooses to profit from such human rights abuses - hardly ethical or consistent with catholic social teaching.

TJM said...

UKavanaugh Priest,

I don't comment on the internal affairs of England because I lack YOUR hubris and arrogance.

President Trump has responded magnificently, even the Democrat Governors of California and New York have publicly praised him, saying he has given them everything they requested.

While the Democrats were pursuing an unconstitutional form of impeachment (according to the greatest constitutional scholar in the US, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Professor Emiritus and LIBERAL DEMOCRAT) Trump was laying the foundation for dealing with the China Flu. He banned travel to and from China, which undoubtedly saved thousands of lives, for which he was branded a racist by Senile Joe Biden and Crying Chuck Schumer. Nasty Pelosi told folks to run down to Chinatown and party because it was safe and Mayor De Blasio of New York insisted the subways were safe and to carry on. So much for the "Party of Science." You are a lot like many Americans trained in union run public schools who don't realize we are a Republic consisting of 50 independent states. The president of the US is not primarily responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of each state, that is their governor's responsibility. Some governors have done a good job others have not. One standout is the Governor of New York who has done a "bang up" job, sending thousands of seniors to their deaths to infected nursing homes and leaving that petri dish of infection, the New York Subway, open. He did not even order that the subways be sanitized until 7 weeks of the pandemic had unfolded.

You are lying about US statistics. The US is about the same size as Europe as a whole, yet:

As of May 20, 2020, there have been 168,548 deaths in Europe overall due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) since the first recorded European death in France on February 15. The most deaths have occurred in the United Kingdom at 35,341. As of today, the deaths in the US are still under 100,000. If you took out Democrat run New York City out of the mix, the US would not even make the top 10.

I tell you what, you stay out of US politics and I won't comment on your country which has surrendered to the Muslims who have been allowed to rape your young women with impunity and arrests citizens for exercising free speech. I have British relatives and they say they wish they had someone like President Trump to straighten out the mess in YOUR country. We may have a terrible political class, but it appears yours is even worse.

I still think you are our own home grown TDS sufferer, Anonymous K, a man with many issues.


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

A lot of people eat above ground food in underground mines. Do you have a prejudice against miners? And how do you know if I don't own a mine under mine church?

johnnyc said...

The U.S. bishops have stated that ending abortion is the most important voting issue for Catholics so it's pretty clear that Catholics should be voting President Trump/Republican Pro Life policies. But a close second for Catholics in the U.S. aside from President Trump's Pro Life support is his focus on religious liberty. I guess it's understandable that a brit would not value that given the acceptance of no Catholics allowed mentality in England.

TJM said...


Catholics have religious "liberty" in England same as the Anglicans. The only limitation to my knowledge is the ban on Roman Catholics sitting on the throne.

Anonymous said...


So someone who posts as "anon" is a coward, but "Bob" with no identification whatsoever is what, the Medal of Valor winner? If you are so opposed to anonymity, post under your full name with address, cell number, and Social Security number. Until then, welcome to the anonymous fold.

As to the question about this blog being TJM's dumping ground I offer: "I tell you what, you stay out of US politics and I won't comment on your country which has surrendered to the Muslims who have been allowed to rape your young women with impunity and arrests citizens for exercising free speech." and rest my case.

TJM said...


Anonymous K has dumped the UK Priest moniker. He has no substantive response to my points so he has reverted to whining. Maybe Father McDonald will end this by unmasking him

Bob said...

Dear Mr Snide bona fides are in the email service under which I post and link, to which the owner of this site has instant access and who may contact me at any time he desires, or may block me at his leisure, should I attempt to disrupt his site.

You, however, are another matter entire, and exist only to hate from the imagined safety of your own anonymity, and hate in an exceedly anonymous and cowardly way for fear of being publically exposed for what you really are, an embittered man lacking anymore meaning in life than to cause problems for other people.

Which means you are a nominal leader who knows your exposure would cause you irrepairable harm.

This site does very little but defend and promote Roman Catholic Christian traditional values and practices, and point out the errors of those who dismiss such from a strictly Catholic perspective from which no Catholic of the past 500yrs would dissent, aside from some of those in the last 50yrs, and for some sick reason this utterly enrages you, or you simply have a personal axe to grind with this site's owner. In either case, you simply are demonstrating your small and mean pettiness.

I can debate you all day long, but, no matter how soundly you were thrashed, there is no way that I could do half the damage you do to yourself with every hateful and self-stoking post. Drive on, and be PROUD.

Anonymous said...

Bob, your bona fides are unknown to anyone other than the blog owner. How very, very convenient. You are anonymous. If those who are anonymous are cowards, well, then, welcome to the club. Otherwise, post your bona fides here for the all world to see.

You exhibit a common weakness in our culture today, misconstruing disagreement for hate. Let me say it plainly, I hate no one. I disagree with some, including some here. What you term "embitterment" is nothing more than expressions of disagreement, but you have to characterize it in a way that makes you look superior. Other people are hateful and embittered, you are not. Therefore, you, in your own mind, are the better person. This is hogwash.

This blog often points out Catholic traditions and values. But very often people present their own own preferences, their personal likes and dislikes, AS IF these were matters of Tradition (note the capitalization) and AS IF these were binding on all Catholics. If someone DARES to disagree on matters of taste in vestment styles, decoration of churches, geographic orientation of the celebrant, types of music used in liturgy, etc., that person is derided as heretical, as anti-Catholic, as ill-informed, as a philistine.

This is more hogwash.

This false presentation of what is and what is not Catholic is bothersome - and dangerous. When people believe that their own perspective is THE Catholic perspective, it reveals two things. One, they don't know or the history of the practice Catholicism with depth. They know bits and pieces, they know what they experienced as children, they wax nostalgic for the past. But then they turn these personal matters,these bits and pieces, into what they wrongly believe has been and must always be universal Catholic practice. TWO, it reveals a deeply dangerous and radical individualism - "I should get what I want because I want it."

It is precisely this kind of thinking - not the absence of Latin and Gregorian chant, not the floor plans of churches, not the abandonment of medieval pomp and circumstance - that has led to the rise of the "nones" and the "former Catholic" population.

So, rest assured, I will continue to disagree with you and others. Know also that there is not one scintilla of hate in any of it.


TJM said...

Anonymous at 8:30 am

You just described the typical Novus Ordo bishop, priest and layman. It is ALL about their preferences. They routinely ignore Church doctrine and law for THEIR preferences.

TJM said...

Anonymous May 20, at 7:11

No mention of UK-Priests political rants? Interesting, well, maybe not so interesting. Just a fellow lefty

UK-Priest said...

Call them rants if you want but I prefer to consider my comments to be disagreements with your extremely partisan political interpretations of Catholic social teaching - an area where many here appear to have a particular blind spot. There is a growing consensus that a proportion of the US church is to all intensive purposes in schism and this situation needs to be addressed head-on as it is having a disproportionate impact upon the unity and authority of the church. I would strongly support this viewpoint.

As a UK citizen, I have every right (and perhaps a moral duty) to give my perspective on US political affairs. The US is a world superpower with tremendous political and financial influence on the rest of us. Like it or not, a large portion of the world (particularly in the UK and Europe) are growing increasingly concerned about the wreckless and irresponsible actions of your current administration which is making the world a much more unstable and dangerous place to live in. The US’s influence impacts substantially upon those not living within your country’s borders, not least upon our economies and the markets, as well as your interference in the internal affairs of various democracies and support for various totalitarian regimes. If you care to examine the world’s press, you will see respect for your President and indeed your country has decreased significantly over the last few years, indeed he is currently considered something of a laughing stock.

PS - I am not, and never have been Fr K who I never met. My writing style and syntax reflects standard contemporary English language despite your paranoid but unprofessional “examination” otherwise. I am a priest in good standing serving in the South of England. There are good reasons why I chose not be provide further identification, namely the numerous cases of rabid “traddie” bloggers who relentlessly pursue others whom they disagree with with nuisance calls / malicious postings / fabricated allegations or worse. For the purposes of this blog, that’s all you need to know but if you insist you can call me Fr P if you prefer (although strictly speaking my eccelastical title is Very Rev Canon!).

TJM said...

UK “Priest”

You are an insufferable berk.

Don’t bother calling upon the US when you next get yourselves in trouble because you are ill prepared for war. You definitely sound like a person who would be in the Neville camp

John Nolan said...

Since my name has been invoked in this vituperative and extremely unpleasant exchange, I would like to explain my position.

1. The man who posts as UK priest does not suggest in his syntax, spelling and sentence construction that he is anything other than British. His prejudices regarding President Trump are shared with the liberal elite in the UK. I would not myself insult the Head of State of a friendly Power in a forum of his own countrymen, but I realize that my views on what constitutes 'good form' are (alas!) outmoded.

2. I would prefer, for the sake of clarity, that those who do not wish to post under their real name use a nom-de-plume and stick to it. Assuming one pro tempore and then seeing fit to change it ad libitum serves no useful purpose. 'Bob' is perfectly adequate unless there is another 'Bob' in which case there would have to be 'Bob1' and 'Bob2'

3. There are many concordances in style and content between Fr Michael J Kavanaugh and an anonymous contributor, which include obsessive attention to non-essential details, a refusal to answer direct questions or engage with the main thrust of an argument, and a predilection for inapt analogies. However, Fr Kavanaugh does not usually descend to crude sarcasm and mimicry and has some good insights, although he is too much the post-V2 cleric to be taken seriously. If I conclude he is indeed 'Anonymous' then I would have to accuse him of having a split personality.

4. Trading trans-Atlantic insults regarding 20th-century history is lamentable. The USA was completely unprepared for war in 1917. Neville Chamberlain wanted peace but began rearmament after he took office in 1937. The USA sat on its hands until Germany declared war after Pearl Harbor and was the chief beneficiary of WW2. Yet the Pax Americana after 1945 defeated Communism and saved the free world.

Honours even, I might have thought.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Thank you for your comments. The person I admire most in modern history is Winston Churchill. I have no less than a half a dozen biographies of him in my library and visited his birthplace, Blenheim Palace.

If you have not read it, there is a marvelous book about the cooperation between Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt in a book entitled "A Man Called Intrepid." The book details British/American cooperation before the US entered the war. The hero of the story is a Canadian businessman, Sir William Stephenson, who helped forged this alliance.