Saturday, May 23, 2020


Had a COVID-19 cookout at the rectory last night. From left to right, Seminarian Will Cook, our summer seminarian, Sem. Kevin Braski, Fr. Patrick May, Fr. Andrew Larkin, Deacon Nate Swann and the young priest in the red shirt is me. A little trivia, I offered Fr. Patrick May his First Holy Communion at Most Holy Trinity in Augusta where he also became an altar server. Deacon Nate Swan is my convert from St. Joseph in Macon. I knew both Fr. Drew and Sem. Kevin when they were in high school at Mt. de Sales in Macon and Sem Will, the ex Marine, was our seminarian last summer at St. Anne and currently is at St. Joseph in Macon living in my former rooms there. Fr. Larkin is now at our Cathedral/Basilica living in my former rooms there too.


TJM said...

What a beautiful sight! Congratulations Father McDonald

rcg said...

That does look like a good time. Where does Fr Solomon spend his spare time?

ByzRC said...

Looks like a fraternal good time being had by a group of regular guys. If they're hanging out with Fr. AJM, they probably know when to get serious and do God's work properly too.