Sunday, May 10, 2020


A mother cat saves her human kitten from a dog attack, similar to what our Blessed Mother does in saving her children from the devil’s attacks:

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Vatican Zero said...

While your humor is not lost, I think it is worth reminding readers that the Devil's plan for humanity is not a fiction and its evidence is all around us as we look at the state of the world. And there is one and only one remedy:

The Blessed Mother.

Only Mary has PERFECT COERCIVE POWER over demons. That was given to her by God.

Ask any exorcist what happens when Mary is invoked.

Satan hates Mary almost more than he hates Jesus. Why? One can only speculate, but one likely reason is that, at one time Lucifer was God's greatest creation. Now God's greatest creation is a humble woman who was just a poor, uneducated Jewish girl at one point in her life. She has supplanted the "bearer of light" and is now the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of God.

In short, pray the rosary. Pray it over and over and over. Right now we cannot attend Mass. That rosary is your best weapon.