Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Press title for article from Massimo Faggioli (Beans in English)

The myth of the self-regulating institution of 'pope emeritus'

I don't completely disagree with the ideologue known as "Beans".  But he makes some points that are valid. But he has a progressive axe to grind, but we all grind axes don't we?

I don't think a current pope should be hampered by a living retired pope in any way. It happens enough in parishes when a new pastor is appointed and a former or retired pastor is working behind the scenes creating problems with some of the changes the new pastor is making.

There should be canon laws concerning the title of a retired pope, his dress, place of residence and protocols in public appearances and teachings. It really is simple.

But this is something that needs addressing also:

In the past, there usually was continuity between pontiffs and protocols about dress, etc.

What there has not been is a mechanism to "correct" a reigning pope.

I'm not sure that is necessary as it could become too political as though things aren't now.

But, if cardinals representing their brother bishops have questions of the pope about this, that or the other, it seems to me that there should be a mechanism in place where the proper authorities in the college of cardinals drafts a dubia and the pope is required to give an answer.

What has occurred under Pope Francis and the dubia cardinals is reprehensible. But there are no canon laws concerning how it should be done and what the pope's response must be as far as I know.

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Mark Thomas said...

I just read the article in question.

Yesterday, I had dismissed those who had claimed that Emeritus Benedict XVI supposed co-authorship (he's rejected the notion that he co-authored the book) of the book in question was irresponsible and a danger to the Papacy.

I had rejected last year the left-wing's rants against Emeritus when he commented upon the supposed priest sexual abuse "crisis" within the Church.

Now, after having read Massimo Faggioli current article, I have a greater understanding of those who've expressed concerns in regard to Emeritus' public declarations in question.

The following section of Massimo Faggioli's current article is filled with excellent points:

The problem with 'emeritus'

"This is why this kind of intervention constitutes an illegitimate form of pressure on the one pope.

"No matter what the real intentions of Ratzinger are, he has become part of a narrative in which traditionalists (I am not saying conservatives because conservatives would have more respect for the papal office) want to "defend" celibacy by weakening the unity of the church."

"It is hard to deny that in the eyes of those who do not like Francis' teachings, there is a parallel teaching being written."


Mark Thomas