Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Archbishop Georg Gänswein Archbishop Georg Gänswein 

The book on priestly celibacy: a clarification by Archbishop Gänswein

The Prefect of the Papal Household and Personal Secretary of the Pope Emeritus says that Benedict XVI had not authorized the joint signature as co-author of Cardinal Sarah’s essay on priestly celibacy.
By Vatican News

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Prefect of the Papal Household and Personal Secretary of the Pope Emeritus has issued a statement to the KNA and Ansa news agencies, regarding the book on priestly celibacy, carrying the signatures of Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, to be published tomorrow in France,

 "I can confirm that this morning, at the indication of the Pope emeritus, I asked Cardinal Robert Sarah to contact the publishers of the book requesting them to remove the name of Benedict XVI as co-author of the book itself, and also to remove his name from the introduction and conclusions".

"The Pope emeritus in fact knew the Cardinal was preparing a book”, Archbishop Gänswein added, “and had sent a short text of his on the priesthood”, authorizing the Cardinal to use it as he wished. But the Pope emeritus “had not approved any project for a co- signed book, nor had he seen and authorized the cover. It was a misunderstanding, without questioning the good faith of Cardinal Sarah".


Earl Grey said...

Tempests in Teapots.

Paul McCarthy said...

Ganswein the jailor dropped the ball

Victor said...

Last night after the humiliation that Cdl Sarah got from another pope, this time from B16, I was wondering how much Bergoglio had a hand in all this. I finally came to the same conclusion that Socci did:

If this is the case, then the Church has more than just a serious problem with Bergoglio, which we will see when his exhortation comes out apparently soon if it fosters a relaxation of priestly celibacy, that is to say, if the book did not throw a wrench into his plans.

Bob said...

This was posted yesterday, no suprise, as one would figure folk as smart as Cardinal Sarah and the editor at Ignatius would foresee the issuing firestorm after publication and have their ironclad proofs of authenticity and approval of the book as printed from cover to cover...
And guess what?......they, damn the topedoes! Full speed ahead!!