Wednesday, January 8, 2020


The infamous National Chismatic Reporter (NCR) has an article on how to evaluate liturgy as drama. It does not disappoint my post-Vatican II spirit of Vatican II hatred of such garbage in the least. Press the title for the complete article:

New book on liturgy synthesizes theology and sociological research

  • Does worship bring about a higher level of participatory leadership and an increase in the community's involvement in various activities in the parish?
  • Does worship establish a pattern of relationship and, if so, which type (hierarchical or egalitarian) between the clerical leader and lay members of the parish?
  • Does worship shape a moral consensus within the community, that is, a set of common moral values, regarding controversial ethical issues, spiritual practices and financial contributions?
  • Do the seven above-mentioned variables contribute to the increase or decrease of the "spiritual and emotional energy" of the whole parish?


Anonymous said...

Bee here:

One question seems to be missing: "Does worship give glory to God?"

It's one question I ask when I begin to attend a parish.

God bless.

The Egyptian said...

oh yeah, that gobbelty goop will pack the pews,,,,fer shur
just give me the mass, preferably the Latin low mass done well. according to the book, focused on the worship of God, all the rest is just the work of Satan's hands, a distraction, a sop to the leftists and social justice warriors, in other words, crap

Bob said...

Reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon from decades back.

The scene is a board room with an individual standing in front a display poster featuring a boxed product with sparkles and fireworks around product name and large words proclaiming NEW!...

The presenter is answering a question from the board with, "What's new about it?! The NEW! is what's new about it!!"

Anonymous said...

Best Mass? Priest rings a bell, enters the sanctuary and says the Mass. Preferably the priest and I face the same direction. My ideal participation? I GO TO CONFESSION, then I receive communion (preferably kneeling). Best music? The concert given in the church when Mass is not being said. Everything else is a distraction.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the article was in NCR, I almost didn't bother reading it, but thought, what the heck...even a clock is right twice a day. A line from the article says, "It is necessary, therefore, to devise an appropriate conceptual tool to measure the efficacy of Sunday Mass as performed drama..." Performed drama? Is that what liturgy is all about? I could read no further.