Tuesday, January 14, 2020


St. Anne’s Martha and Mary Chapel’s altar railing restored to original position. The chapel was built as a non denominational chapel by Henry Ford in the 1930’s and acquired by the Dioceses of Savannah in 1955 for St. Anne Mission.

Before, before (1950's)


Before (2019):

After: (2020)


rcg said...

That is nice to see. I seem to recall that when you got there you did not perceive the congregation would accept a change like this. What changed?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I think long time parishioners who remember, will appreciate the altar railing returning to the original position. However, we celebrate the EF Low Mass each Tuesday at 6 PM and have returned to kneeling at the altar railing for it of course. Having it in its original position will help tremendously. Also I had placed a kneeler out for those who prefer to kneel for Holy Communion and many do. We will use the railing for the OF Mass and people can stand or kneel at the railing according to their OF preference.

rcg said...

Brilliant. The example of someone kneeling for communion is very influential and you may find people interested in other aspects of a more reverential and traditional approach. Have you thought of having a seminar on liturgical Latin from an historical perspective? So that people can understand where things came from and what the prayers really say. That might open some minds and evoke curiosity in an approach as you have posted about so often on this site.