Wednesday, October 4, 2023


 This is shocking and a sign to Pope Francis and the voting members of the Synod on Synodality! Almost no one at the Papal Mass for the opening the Synod on the Synod on the Feast of St. Francis! You read that correctly! An empty St. Peter’s Square for this Papal Mass which in style tried to mock the opening of the Second Vatican Council in 1962…

This papal Mass with Pope Francis for the opening of the Synod on Synodality could have easily been held in St. Peter’s Basilica. 

In 2013 I was on sabbatical in Rome for three months at this time. There are tourists galore. I attended several outdoor papal Masses and distributed Holy Communion at them. This was only a few months after Pope Francis was elected. The Piazza was packed with Catholics and others. At one of these Mass, there were nearly 100,000 packed in the square! 

Todays Mass tried to mock the opening of the Second Vatican Council. A huge and embarrassing FAIL!!!

We know that Pope Francis was shocked by the extremely small number of Catholics attending his Masses in Chile. His visit then also provoked violence. It was this experience of no one coming to see him that made him address the scandal of his support for Bishop Barros whom he had appointed as bishop. 

You had better believe the pope took notice of this abysmal crowd for this Mass opening the Synod on Synodality at what the pope tells us is surely the work of the Holy Spirit to proselytize us to remain in the different church that the pope, oh, I mean, the Holy Spirit, is creating. 

This an empty square for an elite group of Gnostic Catholics creating a new and different Church. 

Who would have thought?

This screenshot is from Vatican News website. This is the photo they placed on the “cover” of the video of today’s opening Mass. It’s a lie! That photo was from a time when Catholics had confidence in the papacy and its leadership:


Jerome Merwick said...

Why the surprise? Catholics are voting with their feet.

monkmcg said...

Jerome is correct. No one really cares to listen to Francis anymore. The abysmal numbers on participation in the local/diocesan synod activities show that no one has ever cared about the synod.

rcg said...

The synod is a referendum on the new direction the Church wants God to go. It is a common tactic to decrease voter turnout so the majority of voters are dedicated to the initiative.

TJM said...

now you will be told by our resident papalator that you can't believe your lying eyes. Holy, holies.

If I based my Catholic Faith on who is Pope, I would have walked away several years back into the Bergoglian Papacy. But he will be gone and the leftists will no longer control the agenda

rcg said...

TJM, even if we assume that Pope Francis is honest in his anger towards the synods then we will have a greater problem when Pope Francis is gone and there are no candidates for Pope except those to his Left. I think he needs to hang on a few more years until the boil is surfaced and everyone is disgusted by it.

TJM said...


Until he can appoint more leftwing loons to the Sacred College? No way. I want people like Burke and Mueller to be there voting and helping to bring sanity back.