Sunday, October 15, 2023


 Three priests wedding of two St. Anne, Richmond Hill parishioners at Sacred Heart Savannah:

Please note, though, which priest has an alb that is properly ironed! At least the two priests wearing the horribly wrinkled albs, have albs that fall to the top of their shoes, rather than mid calf! Thank God for proper length albs on priests with wrinkled or ironed albs!


TJM said...

Father McDonald,

Did you bring your old alb with you?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Own or old alb? In either case, yes.

TJM said...

I meant own.

I was at a funeral for a dear uncle on Friday and it was like going back to the 1970s: priest wore a chasuble that looked like a bathrobe and his shoes like bed slippers. Music was dreck from the 1970s and although the Church has a magnificent pipe organ, they used the piano (I am an accomplished pianist and DESPISE piano music in Church). Of course, no Roman Canon. The sanctuary was a cluttered mess: organ and piano behind the altar with the tabernacle off to the side in an apse. The 3 singers were up on the altar behind the priest. It was a dreary affair. Two blocks down the street is a Catholic Church where one Mass is said in Latin on Sundays, even the vernacular Mass is celebrated ad orientem, and it has magnificent music, chant and sacred polyphony. Of course, that parish is flourishing, while my uncle's parish looks like it is on life support.

ByzRus said...

That's something I'll provide a pass for. Guys are busy and stretched thin. As long as its clean and doesn't look like a dress, if a few crinkles, so be it.

Separately, beautiful chasuables, particularly the marian one.

I'll brag now. We have a number of marian feast days, of varying ranks after Labor Day. As it isn't critical that our priests wear any particular color outside of the Nativity and Paschal seasons, we've been enjoying blue for weeks now. Being my favorite color, I'm enjoying it. Our guest deacon's sticharion was quite elaborate and impressive this morning. Had to have come from Eastern Europe.