Monday, October 16, 2023


 It has been revealed that not only did my Bishop’s former bishop and diocese approve of the SSPX using an Orlando parish church (not a gym, mind you, the parish church building) for their Confirmation Liturgy, but Rome also, presumably Cardinal Roche, gave approval too. 

Yes, you read that correctly! Rome gave permission for the SSPX bishop and a congregation in Orlando, Florida to celebrate the so-called “antecedent” liturgy of Confirmation, not in a dungeon or gymnasium but in an Orlando diocesan church building. 

I guess Rome has come to the conclusion that if Rome is to have any semblance of coherence, credibility and virtue as it concerns inclusivity, they can’t speak of “everyone, everyone, todos” meaning including the heterodox and progressive irregular Catholics and not include orthodox, traditional Catholics who prefer the Church’s antecedent liturgies and pre-Vatican II clarity on faith and morals. 

Thank God that His Holy Spirit is chipping away at Roman intransigence against inclusivity and the hypocrisy of including some sinners and not others.


TJM said...

I hope this is a sign that they are walking the cat back on that execrable Motu Proprio

rcg said...

Or could it be that Rome believes all Latin Mass supporters should be under the SSPX? Rome allows Easter Rite and a few other forms to be in communion with the NO Latin Church, but distinct. Perhaps that explains the responses and ‘suppression’ of the Latin Mass - because it is an aberration of that modern Western form. The bishops are allowed to restrict the celebration of Mass in the ancient form just as they reasonably restrict Eastern Rite Mass in the same setting. So maybe the future is not as much an actual schism, but identification of distinct practices. Might they lead to parallel administrative structures with unique bishops and geographical identities? That could be a solution.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

RCG, the more logical possible solution is to make the FSSP an Ordinariate with its own bishops and allow them to go wherever they wish as the SSPX currently do. This would be a similar solution as with the Anglican Ordinariate. Then the SSPX could be reconciled to the Chruch completely but under the banner of the FSSP banner. This would resolve any concerns too about the full acceptance of Vatican II with the exemption on Sacrosanctum Concilium. This would not preclude the FSSP also celebrating the Modern Roman Mass, but under the guise of “Bi-ritual” faculties which Eastern Rite priest can be granted for the Modern Latin Rite Mass and TLM. And Latin Rite priests can receive bi-ritual faculties to celebrate the Eastern Rite’s Divine Liturgy.

And course, in terms of exemptions from Vatican II’s Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Eastern Rites have that now and have had it since Vatican II.

rcg said...

I pondered that sort of arrangement, Fr McDonald, but the SSPX is much more contentious with Rome than the FSSP. I can pick my own fights, thank you, so don’t need to constantly prepare responses for someone else.

Mark Thomas said...

The SSPX's attitude toward Pope Francis is interesting. The Society, as they had done to holy Popes Saint John Paul II, as well as Benedict XVI, has trashed Pope Francis verbally.

However, from his days in Argentina to date, the SSPX has also acknowledged that Pope Francis has been their tremendous friend and merciful Father. Pope Francis has enjoyed a tremendous relationship with the SSPX that none of his predecessors had experienced.

That said, as has been the case for decades, the SSPX rejects full communion with Rome.

The Society is fortunate that Pope Francis, rather than any number of anti-SSPX Churchmen, is Pope. Cardinal Müller, for example, has denounced the SSPX as "schismatic." Cardinal Müller declared:

"The canonical excommunication of the bishops for their illegal ordinations was revoked, but a de facto sacramental excommunication remains for their schism; they put themselves out of communion with the Church."

Cardinal Burke, contrary to any such statement from Rome, declared:

"[T]he fact of the matter is that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is in schism since the late Abp. Marcel Lefebvre ordained four bishops without the mandate of the Roman Pontiff."

I am not surprised (should the report in question prove valid) that Rome, under Pope Francis' governorship, gifted the SSPX with the current good will gesture in question.

I pray that in return, that the SSPX will do that which God has commanded. That is, the SSPX will enter into full communion with our holy Roman Pontiff, Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas