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With all the babble that the Holy Spirit is the protagonist for the Synod on Synodality, the true Church of Christ, because Christ is the Head of the Church, the pope merely His vicar, must discern the spirits that infiltrate the hearts of the faithful and unfaithful. Even St. Pope Paul VI admitted that the smoke of Satan had entered the Church through cracks of infidelity. 

It is quite obvious that those of us who are pastoral, but also wanting the Catholic Church to be the Catholic Church with discipline, ascetics, clarity of teaching and Divine Mercy through the Sacrament of Penance and care of pastors, know that we are being manipulated and from the highest human level of the Church. And they use the Most Holy Spirit to do it. Wow!

The Pillar has an article on Cardinal Zen’s warning to the Bishops of the Church at the Synod on Synods. He is a saint and he is prophetic:

Zen calls for synod bishops to petition against ‘plan of manipulation’ 

Sound byte:

In a letter dated Sept. 21, a copy of which was obtained by The Pillar, the 91-year old emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong told the bishops and cardinals that he is “confounded” by what he sees as a reinvention of the Biblical concept of synodality by the event’s organizers, in a bid to promote teaching contrary to the faith.

The cardinal urged bishops to champion true “episcopal collegiality” during the synodal process.
“Because of what I am going to say, I can easily be accused of ‘conspiracy theory,’ but I see clearly a whole plan of manipulation,” the cardinal said. 

“They [the synodal organizers] begin by saying we must listen to all. Little by little they make us understand that among the ‘all’ are those whom we have ‘excluded.’ Finally, we understand what they mean are people who opt for a sexual morality different from that of Catholic tradition.”
“Often they claim not to have an agenda,” Zen wrote. “This is truly an offense to our intelligence. Anybody can see which conclusions they are aiming at.” 

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TJM said...

Cardinal Burke addresses another lie that the Synods are a recovery of ancient practice (we've heard that nonsense before):

"It is frequently said that the insistence on the synodality of the Church is nothing other than recovering an ecclesial characteristic always observed by the Eastern Church. I have regular contact with Eastern bishops and priests, both Catholic and Orthodox: they all told me that the way the Synod is organized has nothing to do with Eastern synods. This applies not only to the place of lay people in these assemblies, but also more generally to the way they operate and even the issues they address. There is confusion around the term synodality, which is artificially attempted to be linked to an Eastern practice, but which in reality has all the characteristics of a recent invention, especially as regards lay people."