Sunday, October 22, 2023


 Everyone needs to watch this. A parallel is how the 24 hour news medias are covering the War in the Middle East—they have cameras waiting for the next destructive bomb and the carnage it creates and are angry that Israel hasn’t started the invasion of Gaza as their cameras are waiting, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their reality show of war in Israel. It truly is sick, but that’s where we are—we need a Messiah to fix all of this!


rcg said...

The tune reminded me of “Mad World” that has a similar theme.

Mark Thomas said...

From Pope Francis today:

"I remind you that next Friday, 27 October, I have proclaimed a day of fasting, prayer and penance, and that evening at 18.00 in Saint Peter’s Square we will spend an hour in prayer to implore peace in the world."


May the day arrive when the news media do not have any wars upon which to report.


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...

From Carmine Impastato’s column Deteriorata Romana
Translated by Flegm Urbanczik, National Catholic Bloviator:

Ecumenism was the order of the day at the Synod’s latest session, as son of the late Muammar Gaddafi, Hannibal Gaddafi, gave a presentation entitled, “Death to America, New Life to the World”, in which he declared Hamas’ recent cleansing of Israelis from Gaza to be “among the holiest acts on earth.” Unfortunately, for security reasons, Gaddafi’s presence postponed another important talk from WEF’s Yuval Harrari, entitled “The future of Artificial Intelligence and the Irrelevance of Free Will”. In a show of solidarity with the victims of Transphobia worldwide, several bishops sponsored a Teach-In, for introducing gender-neutral pronouns into all future publications of papal declarations, exhortations and encyclicals. Theologian Urban von Volkermord was honored for his new book, Feminist Perspectives on Discrimination in the Church. His partner, Father Grendel Schwuler, presented him with a ceremonial Vatican Flag painted pink. There was no time for a closing Mass, but a Communion service ended the festivities, in which Members of the Muslim delegation were given temporary faculties as Extraordinary Ministers and distributed the Eucharist to all participants before concluding with the ceremonial spitting on the American flag. Pope Francis was not present for most of the day, however, in the evening he did make a brief appearance and thanked everyone for their commitment to “maintaining the true, holy tradition that has been entrusted to us all in our shared, common priesthood.”

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Alas, poor Jerome, "ecumenism" is properly applied to relations between/among Christian denominations. So the cutesy news blurb falls flat from the get-go.

Relations with Muslims are termed "interfaith" relations.

Now, you'll likely go on about smy splitting hairs or your "lowly" status, but do pass the correction on to your buddy Carmine, won't you?

rcg said...

Jerome, is this real? Where-can I find a for myself?

TJM said...

While the Catholic Church is shedding millions of its believers, loonies, especially those who vote for a Party where abortion is "healthcare", seemed consumed by "ecumenism" rather than re-evangelizing its former members.

rcg said...

Jerome, good one! You got me!!