Thursday, October 19, 2023



First, The Pillar is reporting this:

…while reports pile up of participants with views at odds with Catholic teaching, sources have told The Pillar that one voice in the synod has been a loud advocate for a vision of synodality that places Catholic doctrine at its center: Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. 

And the National Catholic Register is reporting this:

 A laywoman received loud applause this week at the Synod on Synodality for a speech that characterized some members’ push for women’s ordination as an attempt to clericalize the laity, several sources have confirmed…
In addition to criticizing calls for women’s ordination, the three-minute speech — or “intervention,” in the parlance of the Synod on Synodality — underscored the importance of motherhood, both biological and spiritual, for understanding what it means to be a woman from a Catholic perspective, drawing on the importance of Mary, the Mother of God, as the paradigm of womanhood.

And Crux is reporting this:

Speaking to journalists during an Oct. 18 press briefing, Archbishop Zbigņev Stankevičs of Riga, Latvia said the Church must first of all be faithful “to sacred scripture and to what the Church in 2,000 years has discovered interpreting sacred scripture.”

“The official attitude of the Church regarding homosexuality is explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: They are invited to live in chastity,” he said, adding that according to official teaching the tendency of homosexuality in itself “is not a sin, but it must be faced.”

If a gay couple has already entered into a sexual relationship, this means, as it does for heterosexual couples engaged in sex outside of marriage, that “it’s a sin,” Stankevičs said, saying, “Every sexual relation outside of marriage” is a sin.

On the issue of same-sex blessings, Stankevičs offered one of the clearest responses among synod participants yet, saying that if a homosexual person comes and asks for a blessing as an individual, saying they want to live as the Church teaches, “I don’t see contradictions in praying for them and helping them.”

If a homosexual couple arrives and says they are committed to living in chastity as the Church teaches, recognizing that a sexual relationship “isn’t healthy,” Stankevičs said “you can pray for them and also bless in order to help them live in chastity.”

However, if a couple who are cohabitating and are engaged in a sexual relationship with no intention of changing asks for a blessing, “Here I see a great problem because here we are blessing living in sin,” Stankevičs said.

My astute concluding remarks:

And this is what the synod is and will be in the future, a political, parliamentary process, where everyone blabs about their own personal beliefs and how these personal beliefs should be accepted by the Church as new doctrines. In the babbling, if applause is heard, that is a confirmation that the spirit of the applause is the Holy Spirit applauding. 

It’s all so surreal and unbelievable, that a storied institution with 2,000 years of Scripture, Tradition and defined doctrines and dogmas is babbling about personal opinions about this, that and the other which should trump the Deposit of Faith in favor of opinions. 

Unbelievable! And that’s the problem. Many political and lobby groups or individuals have lost their faith. They don’t believe what the Church believe, teaches and proclaims to be revealed by God. 

Unbelief is the problem and now institutionalized in a synod as something good. The smoke of Satan.    


TJM said...

The fish rots from the head - look no further than PF.

These types are usually self-absorbed and intellectually lazy. They will cause a schism and if they do, the American Church should cut them off financially until corrective action from the Holy See takes place

Catechist Kev said...

Unbelievable in their unbelief, Fr. MacDonald?

Oh, I don't know about that. Afterall, our Blessed Lord, Sts. Peter, Paul and John *all* said, in one way or another, that (paraphrasing) there would be wolves and heretics among us.

However, what *is* unbelievable, to me anyway, is the fact that PF would allow the "stacking of the deck" for this sinod (oops, I mean synod) certain individuals who *are* unbelieving heretics.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

We all need cheering up. I am not sure your platform supports a video clip, but here is one of a French nun (not a fake nun like Jeannine Gramick whom the Pope just received at the Vatican in a private audience) tackling a "climate activist" attempting to stop construction of a church project:

Mark Thomas said...

I have read glowing reports in regard to the Synod. The Holy Ghost is the Synod's protagonist. It is a given that the Church of Rome will preserve the Catholic Religion. It is a given that the Synod will concluded in orthodox fashion. I have every reason to be at peace with the Synod.


Mark Thomas

— Pope Benedict XVI, 2007 A.D:

"Love your enemies. Why does Jesus ask us to love precisely our enemies, that is, a love which exceeds human capacities? Actually, Christ's proposal is realistic because it takes into account that in the world there is too much violence, too much injustice, and therefore that this situation cannot be overcome except by countering it with more love, with more goodness."

Mark Thomas said...

From Christopher Lamb:

"@ThomasReeseSJ, (who has covered every synod since 1985) asks Bishop Daniel Flores about the “conspiracy theory” being floated that the “bishops are being manipulated by a liberal cabal” in the #synod.

"@bpdflores replies: “I do not see a conspiracy. I have simply heard honest, sincere, faithful, charitable conversations under the care of Peter [The Pope]. That is not a threat to the faith."


From Christopher Lamb: "The Archbishop of Pretoria, Dabula Anthony Mpako, says "the desire for a more synodal church” with greater participation is "something many of us have been calling for", adding that there is fertile ground for it in South Africa.

"He stresses that the “conspiracy” about the synod “does not connect with reality” & the big question is how to become more synodal."


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...

From Journalist Flegm Urbanczik at the National Catholic Bloviator:

The synod on synodality continues to make breakthroughs in journeying together as Jehovah’s Witnesses representing Mexico, Belize and Guatemala have presented Pope Francis with the Santa Muerta statue, which will be enshrined in a permanent alcove where a statue of St. Anthony of Padua is being moved, after being sold on eBay. Representing the Watchtower Society of Latin America, Pope Francis revealed that their leader, Ibrahim Galvez, was appointed a Cardinal “In pectore” before the last consistory and proclaimed that the Church would consider the Jehovah’s witnesses’ policy on blood transfusions and voting in his final exhortation, pending editorial review by Klaus Schwab. Meanwhile Sister Griselda Slaughter, foundress of the Congregation of Holy Mankillers, has announced that she expects to be in the next conclave and several Cardinals have agreed, inviting her to not only attend, but to declare herself a candidate for the next papal vacancy. The day ended with Bishop Lothario Slimbottom blessing a marriage between two priests from Heidelberg, Germany. Cake and balloons followed in a reception in the Sistine Chapel’s vestibule. The reception, however, was abruptly halted when the delegation from Massachusetts declared their solidarity with Hamas and insisted that everyone fast for the intention of ending the existence of Israel. Before retiring, Pope Francis was overheard telling one of his assistants that he was “pleased to see the spirit at work.”

Fr. David Evans said...

ET’s brother M, should nevervwalk down a dark alley, alone

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

That was Comedy Gold!

ByzRus said...

I'm just here for the comments.

Well, mostly....

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

There is a great article at Rorate, that will grieve PF and his Roche about FSSP's astounding growth in just 35 years.

"What started as just a handful of priests and was recognized by the Holy See through the personal effort of Cardinal Ratzinger, is now a mighty Fraternity of almost 400 priests and almost 200 seminarians."

I seriously doubt any Novus Ordo religious order has done as well.

That is why I have such great disgust and contempt for the current crew in Rome. It's like they adore failure and are spending all their efforts on making perverts feeling good about
their perversions.

Catechist Kev said...

Fr. MacDonald, I haven't seen you cite Catholic World Report very much over the years; but here is a fairly good article by Carl Olson over there on the goings on in Rome:

Mark Thomas said...

Positive assessments of the Synod/process continue to flow.

From Crux:

"...Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville, Texas,...updated journalists on the process."

Asked about allegations that a liberal cabal is directing the synod in a way that is meant to change Church teaching on hot-button issues such as women’s priestly ordination and homosexuality, Flores said “we live in a very suspicious age.”

“The very air we breathe is that,” and it has effects both inside and outside of the Church, he said, but insisted that “I have no worry about that, I do not see a conspiracy, I have seen honest, sincere, faithful, charitable conversations sub tutela Petri, under the care of Peter. That is not a threat to the faith.”


In regard to folks who had hoped to hijack the Synod to destroy Church teaching, as well as detractors who had claimed that the Synod had been rigged to advance the hostile takeover of the Church:

Upon the Synod's completion, each group in question will have been proved wrong. The notion the Apostolic See will, via the Synod, teach error, is preposterous beyond comprehension.

We should rejoice that via Pope Francis (or his successor), the Synod will conclude in orthodox fashion. Be at peace as the Vicar of Christ has been blessed with never-failing faith.

In the meantime, positive reports in regard to the Synod/process will continue to flow. The Holy Ghost, who is the Synod's protagonist, will see to that.

Deo gratis for the Synod/process.


Mark Thomas

rcg said...

If the bishops, priests, and other clergy and religious believe that the catechism and other rules of the Church and Laws of God are debatable what does Pope Francis expect them to do if he directs them to stand down?

Jerome Merwick said...

I know it is challenging for all of us to witness the ongoing charade in Rome and listen to their slop being promoted as the work of Holy Spirit.

This papacy will end. This nonsense will end. It will not endure.

God will not be mocked.

The only thing that is "irreversible" is God. The assemblage of perverts, heretics and fellow travelers claiming to speak for him offer nothing. The useful idiots who defend them tell us nothing. They ARE nothing.

It has to get worse before it gets better. And so it will.

TJM said...

Deo Gratias for lice/dysentary

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

I have spoken to 3 young pastors this week, all in their mid-thirties and orthodox, and they all say this papacy is a disaster. They only thing PF can do to preserve his legacy is ordain women priests so these fine young men never get a chance to lead us out of this morass. I wish Archbishop VIgano would excommunicate PF. It may not pass canonical muster but it would be a statement that must be made. And yes, PF's braindead sycophants will join him where he will be in the afterlife.