Monday, October 9, 2023


 From New Zealand. A completely made up Mass. No I can’t call this Mass. It is a Requiem and at least they have unbleached beeswax candles for it.


TJM said...

But remember to the leftwing loonies in Rome, the TLM is the problem. They are evil prevaricators and will get there just and hot “reward.”

Father K said...

A rather nicely worded prayer, but inappropriate when used within this context. I note he did not mention his bishop by name. I wonder why? I do not understand why priests get it into their heads that it is all right to put aside the approved liturgical texts and make up their own. Poor formation would probably be a factor, but at the heart of the matter is surely hubris.

Father K

Paul said...

Long time, no see?
Fr K?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I think the young priest in the violet stole, is flabbergasted. Early in the video he asks the aged priest about the Missal and his response is that he has the prayers memorized. There was no Prayer over the Offerings. Maybe he is an Anglican….ugh.

TJM said...


Well that cannot be Father K Orwell, he "improves" the prayers all the time by his own admission. Likely because he is a Latinist! LOL

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, thank you for the following:

When I watch you (on line) offer Holy Mass, I know that you will do so in holy, reverent fashion. It is also a given that you will offer an excellent, memorable, uplifting homily.

Father McDonald, you will never let Holy Mother Church down in regard to all of the above.

Father McDonald, thank you.


Mark Thomas

ByzRus said...

I guess it's valid-ish???

Paul said...


Wikipedia entry for the

"Samson Option" quite interesting...

Also a pop quiz:
Who wrote "Eyeless in Gaza"...?

Any takers?

By the way -
Where is Joey Huxley when U need him 🥲🙏🤔...ay?


TJM said...

The tragedy in the Catholic Church is that Rome is controlled by petty, little men who are worthless wethers.