Thursday, October 12, 2023


Although it is still canon law, that one should attend and support their geographical parish, since Vatican II most Catholics now roam and try to find a parish that satisfies their spiritual needs as well as needs for community, friendship and service. They go to the parish where they feel as though they are being fed.

Some will drive an hour or two to a parish that accomplishes for them what their geographical parish doesn't. And it isn't just those who travel long distances to attend a TLM parish. 

Although it is pretty obvious where the constant walking together in a synodal process to discern the signs of the times is going,  it will create a sense of a Church that is like a reed blowing in the wind or set on shifting sands, congregationalism will continue. Most Catholics will look for a parish that satisfies their needs, be it a TLM parish with a strict Catholic culture and sound, immutable doctrines, dogmas and morals, or a parish where individuals who want to be confirmed in whatever lifestyle they attribute to God's Holy Spirit. 

If you want a free and easy liturgy created anew each time you attend Mass, you can drive or fly to it.

If you want a parish community that blesses non-matrimonial sexual relationships of any kind, you will be able to find it. 

The Inclusive Synodal Catholic Church, once known as the Roman Catholic Church, will provide a cafeteria of mouth watering delicacies to match just about anyone's personal tastes as it concerns what the Church should be. It will be a truly universal church offering salvation, according to personal beliefs, an individual's truth to all who are included, accompanied and confirmed in whatever lifestyle they have chosen in their good conscience. 

"But when the Son of Man returns, will he find any faith on earth?"


TJM said...

Cafeteria Catholicism. Yippee!

rcg said...

I am guilty of that if driving past at least four geographical parishes to attend the Latin Mass at Holy Family in Dayton is cafeteria Catholicism. My reason is that the other parishes felt distracted by other topics and bored with the liturgy. In my preferred parish the lessons influence the homily and we are allowed to pray and contemplate the readings and prayers set for that day. It is almost a certainty that I will view those lessons through the lens of my current concerns, but am also given a larger framework for my thoughts. Even the priest is submerged and absorbed by the Liturgy, moderating his intellectual and personality strengths and weaknesses so that they are not distractions. The NO parishes seem to be apologizing for a boring and irrelevant religion, if not directly, then by action. The TLM compensates for human weakness through the respectful application of many lifetimes of human labor under the influence of God.

TJM said...


You are Catholic. Cafeteria Catholic parishes are not. You are Blessed so Pope Francis hates you.