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Thank goodness that the pope’s ecological document is not an encyclical, the highest form of papal teaching requiring obedience if in context with the perennial magisterium of the Church both ordinary and extraordinary. It is an Apostolic Exhortation.

Reading it you will note that it is time constrained. It won’t do well in reruns, because it deals with current situations which might be quite different even in a few month. 

For example, one of the reasons “I Love Lucy” continues to remain so popular and can be seen on a variety of broadcast, cable and streaming platforms is that even though it is a 1950’s sitcom, its situations transcends the 1950’s. There is no talk or comedy about social issues going on in the 1950’s, no political or economy jokes and seldom is the year announced or who the president is. Occasionally  you might hear President Eisenhower or 1952 or something like that. Of course styles and automobiles are from the 1950’s. But apart from that, the comedy of “I love Lucy” transcends time and is timeless. 

Crux here and the Pillar here have good commentaries on how the pope’s exhortation was developed and is being received.

Somehow, this pope often snatches defeat out of victory by saying or doing something stupid that becomes the fly in the ointment of an otherwise good thing. The same is true with this document. Pope Francis falsely castigates the USA and praises China. But as you will see, he uses faulty information to do it. 

In doing this the pope is showing his dislike of the USA due to his South American Marxist/Peronist political leanings, which gets him in trouble with many Americans and Europeans too. 

It would have served him better to leave specific countries out of the picture or to give a fuller picture. But he politicized it by showing his political leanings, more in tune with Russia and China, than North America and most of Europe!

This is from the Pillar article I link above:

The text has been generally well-received by climate activists, but has proven controversial in the United States, because of its claim that “emissions per individual in the United States are about two times greater than those of individuals living in China, and about seven times greater than the average of the poorest countries.”

While the document’s footnotes said that data came from a 2022 United Nations Report, the report itself showed that U.S. per capita emissions are less than 1.5 times that of China — and that China’s per capita emissions levels — which some thought were framed as laudatory — are significantly higher than the global average.


TJM said...

Facts don’t matter to lefties - just their looney narrative. I notice Biden announced renewed construction of the border wall, which until hypocritical sanctuary cities began to feel the “joy” of illegal aliens, was deemed racist and unnecessary!

Mark Thomas said...

The following was posted to comments section from The Pillar's article in question:

Caleb H

"The 2022 UN report also has a section that references data from Chancel et al 2022 under heading "Figure 2.3 Household consumption-based emissions, excluding LULUCF, by emissions groups"."

"Compared to the section referenced in the Pillar article, these figures exclude Land Use, Land-use Change, and Forestry emissions and also include "public and private investments, and imports and exports of carbon embedded in trade with the rest of the world."

"It seems that dataset may be what is being referenced, as the US shows an overall average GHG footprint (tCO2e/capita) of 21.1 and China 8.0. ( as cited in Chancel et al 2022 as cited in UN The Emissions Gap Report 2022)."


Caleb H

"Most plausible explanation is that the wrong source was referenced by the footnote. More likely source then a dataset referenced by a reference of that report is the analysis by the Rhodium Group that has been featured in reporting in recent years. Recent example from this summer:

"The average Chinese person uses far less energy than the average American, about 10.1 tons of carbon pollution annually compared to 17.6 tons in the U.S., according to analyses from the Rhodium Group."


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

Turn off your air conditioning and walk like the average Chinese do. The average American and even poor Americans live better than most Chinese. Why don’t you move there for a year and report back? The World’s greatest polluter is still China.


rcg said...

The USA pollutes per capita @ 1.74 the rate of China. China has approximately 3.3 times as many people as the USA. The total pollution for the PRC is ~1.94 as much as the USA.

TJM said...


Some folks try to use statistics to make an argument and then it backfires on them!

Mark Thomas said...

I am thankful that Popes Saint John Paul II, as well as Benedict XVI, had denounced first-world western nations in regard to the west's contribution to environmental degradation. I am thankful that His Holiness has built upon the above via his current Apostolic Exhortation.

Popes Saint John Paul II, as well as Benedict XVI, were relentless in warning us that our destruction of the environment will lead to dire consequences for mankind.

Pope Benedict XVI issued the following dramatic warning:

"The Church has a responsibility towards creation, and she considers it her duty to exercise that responsibility in public life, in order to protect earth, water and air as gifts of God the Creator meant for everyone, and above all to save mankind from the danger of self-destruction."

******* "The Church has a responsibility towards creation...and above all to save mankind from the danger of self-destruction." *******


Now, from Pope Francis:

"...the world in which we live is collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point."


As per the Crux link that Father McDonald supplied: "Climate activists around the world applaud pope for ‘prophetic’ new eco-doc"

Laudate Deum's excellent reception in question has demonstrated that Pope Francis is not just relevant, but massively so, within and without the Church. As our holy Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishops declared last month, Pope Francis is the "universal voice of truth and justice."

Therefore, with Laudate Deum leading the way, the powerful warnings in question from holy Popes Saint John Paul II, as well as Benedict XVI, will gain new life. In turn, that will inspire climate change deniers to embrace reality.

Laudate Deum, in particular, has given new life to Pope Benedict XVI's powerful declaration that the "Church has a responsibility towards creation...and above all to save mankind from the danger of self-destruction."


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

The sock puppet has returned with more drivel

Mark Thomas said...

Bishop Earl K. Fernandes, Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, has issued a wonderful, upbeat statement in regard to Laudate Deum.

I appreciate that Bishop Fernandes had noted immediately Pope Francis' important, positive reference to the bishops of the United States. Bishop Fernandes declared:

"While many may perceive this exhortation as something political, revolving around the politics and science of climate change, it is much more than that. This is a moral issue. October is Respect Life Month. At the center of creation is the human person, made in God's image and likeness, but the person does not live in a vacuum."

"Citing the American bishops (cf. LD, 3; USCCB, Global Climate Change Background, 2019), Pope Francis states that "our care for one another and our care for the earth are intimately bound together."

"The theme for Respect Life Month in the United States is "Radical Solidarity." With this exhortation, the Holy Father invites us to radical solidarity with those who suffer from the deleterious effects of environmental change and disaster."

"He invites us to deeper conversion and to accept our responsibility instead of attempting to blame the poor or to blame the crisis on overpopulation (cf. LD, 9)."


Mark Thomas

-- Pope Benedict XVI: "How can we separate, or even set at odds, the protection of the environment and the protection of human life, including the life of the unborn?"

-- "Can we remain indifferent before the problems associated with such realities as climate change ... ? All these are issues with a profound impact on the exercise of human rights, such as the right to life, food, health and development."

-- Pope Saint John Paul II: "The most profound and serious indication of the moral implications underlying the ecological problem is the lack of respect for life evident in many of the patterns of environmental pollution."

-- "No peaceful society can afford to neglect either respect for life or the fact that there is an integrity to creation."

Jerome Merwick said...

I think its safe to say that most of us are nearly asphyxiated by the toxic emissions continually being dumped here by Mark Thomas.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

Bingo! He is a one “man” wrecking ball. I think he gets his jollies posting here.

rcg said...

I do think MT has fallen into a passive aggressive writing style that makes speculative comments about Popes John-Paul II and Benedict to tweak the noses of people he views as Traditionalists. I also think we have pushed him that direction to some extent by highly critical posts of our own directed towards Pope Francis and by extension, MT himself. If there is any value in a truce of sorts it would be to allow the relevant and valuable content of the threads to stand out unsuffocated by the divergent and voluminous posts not to topic. I confess that I, too, do this often.

So I request that posts return to the marginally enforced guidelines of Fr McDonald - that we refrain as much as possible from Ad hominem attacks toward other participants of the board and that we add a couple more rules; namely that subsequent posts in the threads be restricted as much as possible to the topic and quotes from external sources be by citation and not verbatim.

Peace Out

TJM said...


That would work with a rational person, but not MT. Sorry. I think what will happen is many of us will stop commenting and let MT be the sole commentator here.

TJM said...

Here is an excellent response to our Leftist Pope's criticism of the US in his most recent looney publication. A Must read except for the braindead: