Thursday, October 26, 2023


With the winds of war, a World War III, blowing around and people dying in Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and other places, the Catholic Church is yacking about this, that and the other, with most of the yacking on certain controversial topics settled by previous papal magisteriums, like all of them!

The Vatican’s tea and crumpets and conversation-fest while Rome and the world burns all around them!

And then there is yet another insane person in the USA perusing mass murder with all the guns and ammunition he could hoard and store. As I write this, 22 people were massacred, and about 60 others wounded in one way or another. 

People don’t make enough money to buy food and live from pay check to pay check.

And the Vatican? A month long yacking fest is going on and all the blabbing in a kind of unrelenting wearing down of the participants with with hours and hours of conversation, what some call a brainwashing technique, the whole thing is tiresome. 

Let us thank God for one thing, the secrecy imposed by the pope, another kind of brainwashing, that we don’t have to read too much about what is happening, but some of it is trickling out. More will come.

This is from the National Catholic Reporter, disobeying Pope Francis pontifical secrecy about the Synod. Not nice on many levels.

Press the title for the full article:

Bishops walking out, 'tiresome' listening: Inside tensions at the 

It was less than two weeks into Pope Francis' high-stakes Vatican summit on the future of the Catholic Church when multiple reports emerged about participating delegates storming out of the room. 

And then Pope Francis intervened at the synod and banged his old drum again about young priests shopping for cassocks, albs and lace along with hats, as though that is the greatest crisis facing the priesthood today! Much of the pope’s rhetoric, as usual, is what I heard over and over again in my very Pope Francis seminary in the 1970’s:

Francis described as "a scandal" the scene of young priests going in to ecclesiastical tailor shops in Rome "trying on cassocks and hats or albs with lace."

And then Catholic News Service reports this on October 25th as well, giving an interview, hardly a high level papal teaching on such an important subject already settled by the Magisterium of the Church to include Vatican II’s documents:

And then we have this little ditty. I am sure that Pope Francis would have laicized Fr. Rupnick if he committed the sin and scandal of going into a fancy clergy shop and tried on or bought a lace alb, a cassock with a frilly surplice and a beretta/biretta to wear. The ultimate clericalism and scandal of seducing and sexually abusing women religious, well, let’s just embrace him along with the LGBTQ++ Community and bless his orientation. God forbid that the Church would uphold its teaching on Original Sin and all the disorders, sexual and otherwise, it has wrought to include the much more dreaded climate change and extinction of the planet and all of us on it. Let’s just celebrate Fr. Rupnick’s disordered sexual life and all disorders as the will of God and thus to be blessed! None of that is equal to the scandal of young priests wearing liturgical finery, which as we all know, is the true scandal of clericalism. You can’t make this stuff up. Rod Serling would scratch is head!


Fr. David Evans said...

"a scandal" the scene of young priests going in to ecclesiastical tailor shops in Rome "trying on cassocks and hats or albs with lace."

Where is the scandal? That they were young ? How have they managed to sneak though?

Or that they were trying on ? No indication that they bought!

monkmcg said...

The tin-pot dictator will ensure that the final report includes whatever he wants regardless of how his hand picked participants vote. All for show; and showing the world how inconsequential it has become.

TJM said...

He's either criminally insane, evil, or both. Why is he not "listening" to the young Catholics on the Chartres Pilgrimage devoted to the Latin Mass? Or are they not "people?"The village idiot should be arriving 3, 2, 1...

TJM said...

An important note is when he points out that Lutherans have married clergy and women clergy yet, have difficulties with attendance. This would suggest that he looked at evidence and reached that conclusion. I think that his enmity of the Traditional Mass is based on his living through the sixties. This doubling down on what seems to be a failing paradigm is reminiscent of a Soviet bureaucrat doubling down on a failed five-year plan. I have heard this before from people who lived through this time. I recall the eighties where often the best attended Masses were those that were the most well attended. However, with time people drifted away. Schools and Parishes closed. Clerical and religious vocations have vanished. He points out the Lutheran problem may be one of culture. He and those of that opinion fail to realize worship and how you worship reflect and affirm culture. The newer approach used with the more liberal abuses reflect a culture that emphasizes the primacy of humans, not of God. The forgiveness of God is all encompassing, but to take it for granted, to spurn or minimize the need for personal repentance leads to the indifference we see now. Their approach to double down on the Spirit of Vatican II fails to grasp its inherent failure. I am not hopeful that they will ever grasp it.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I think this is the first time that Pope Francis has specifically said that women can’t be ordained deacons as it is a part of the one Sacrament of Holy Orders (which has three degrees, but still one Sacrament). While it is good that he knows that Protestants who ordain anyone are still suffering from “vocations” and more than likely due to cultural changes, but what he fails to underscore, that they who were Bible alone have abandoned their own biblical faith leading to that decline, especially for historic liberal denominations. The ones growing are more rigid as it concerns the Bible, not flexible reeds blowing in the wind.

Pope Francis has articulated in the past the anthropology of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, Holy Matrimony, and the Church herself is built upon the male, female, husband wife, mother father paradigm as well ans brothers and sisters. That is the doctrinal reason why women can’t be ordained priests as they cannot be spiritual fathers who in the Eucharist image in a sacramental way the maleness of Christ as the bridegroom of the Church where He generates children through the Church, His bride, a spiritual generation through baptismal adoption.

rcg said...

Pope Francis is doing exactly what other Church leaders did by moving and even promoting child molesters. He is completely disregarding the obligation and debt he owes to the victims of Marko Rupnik. This is hideous. I usually think TJM is too strongly worded. Not this time. The Pope is a tone deaf dumb-f**K.

Unknown said...

It is spiritually abusive insanity, maybe even a psychosis--it is utterly disconnected from reality, and only has bearing on internal illusions/delusions.

As for Rupnik--it is only about the dozenth despicable defense of abusive priests on record by Francis. For a lot of people, it is the straw that breaks the camel's back. It seems that the scales may even be falling from the likes of Mike "Submit Your Intellect and Will to the Supreme Pontiff" Lewis. As for me, I am endeavoring to avoid sinful anger.


TJM said...


I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first two years of his papacy and his early words seemed re-assuring. Then I began matching his actions to his words and there is a HUGE disconnect. Of course, our moron media does not pick up on that or they simply approve his actions.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

This tells you all you need to know about the character of the Pope. I removed one word from this post because it was so disgusting, but it did appear in the National Review Article from which the following came:

Writing for the National Review, Catholic columnist Michael Brendan Dougherty asked why the Vatican had restored a priest who forced nuns to "commune his [____] from chalices used for Mass."

While Rupnik was being investigated by the Vatican's discipline watchdog, Pope Francis invited him "to preach the Lenten homilies at the Vatican" in March 2020, the columnist wrote.

Dougherty elaborated:

It is difficult to come to any other conclusion than that Father Rupnik simply has the favor of the Holy Father, who feels no compunction about reinstating a favorite artist and preacher as a priest in good standing even if he serially sexually abused women religious and then abused the sacraments of the church. ... Rupnik's reinstatement is the gesture of a mafioso who knows he acts with impunity."


Mark Thomas said...

One hour ago, from the Holy See Press Office:

"In September, the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors brought to the Pope's attention that there were serious problems in the handling of the Fr. Marko Rupnik case and lack of outreach to victims."

"Consequently, the Holy Father asked the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith to review the case, and decided to lift the statute of limitations to allow a process to take place."


Pope Francis has also lifted the statute of limitations in the case of Father Rupnik to permit a canonical procedure to take place in regard to allegations against the former Jesuit.


Mark Thomas

rcg said...

Mark, Bless your heart for being so faithful and supportive of our Pope. But don’t you see that this makes it look as if he is only sorry for being caught, not for having done the deed?

Unknown said...

Justice delayed (in favor of perpetuating the injustice to protect one of your buddies) is justice denied.


TJM said...


He is not smart enough to see your point

Mark Thomas said...

rcg said..." But don’t you see that this makes it look as if he is only sorry for being caught, not for having done the deed?"

"Caught" having done what?

Thank you.


Mark Thomas