Thursday, October 5, 2023


 Clearly, what is implied in our grandfatherly Cardinal Zen, is that his mind is more acute than most in the Vatican offices today. When you read Cardinal Zen’s article which I link below to Rorate Caeli, the thing that I note is what is most obvious, the liberal or progressive take over of the Church after Vatican II has cause destruction not a new springtime for the Church unless you are speaking of spring in Siberia. 

Grandfatherly Cardinal Zen speaks of the process of renewal that the Netherlands took in the late 1960’s. I went from a vibrant Church to a Church, today, which is almost non existent. Grandfather Zen tells us that in the 1960’s the Netherland’s process of deconstructing the Church is what Pope Francis is using today with the synod on synodality. In other words, it is this pope who constantly belittles those he says go backwards, especially Americans, who is the one who has gone backwards and in the process is destroying the Church Christ founded much as the Netherlands in the 60’s did and the Germans are doing today by using the same process. 

All religious orders in the world, the first to use the type of syndoal process Pope Francis is imposing on the Church today have declined to the point that we can no longer speak of religious orders surviving for much longer, especially once strong and powerful women’s orders. These historic orders are dead, finished, caput. 


Full Letter by Cardinal Zen to Cardinals and Bishops on the Synod - How can Synodality be a "constitutive element of the Church" when it is clearly a novelty?

 The following letter was sent by His Eminence Cardinal Zen, Emeritus of Hong Kong, to Cardinals and Bishops all over the world. A recipient was kind enough to share this historic document with us.

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TJM said...

The Pope and his minions either won't understand it, or just ignore it. They aren't fit to tie Cardinal Zen's shoes.

Mark Thomas said...

Perhaps our dear grandfatherly Cardinal Zen is open to the wonderful example that we received from grandfatherly Pope Benedict XVI.

That is, grant your "unconditional respect and obedience" to Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Drew said...

So St. Paul shouldn't have rebuked St. Peter, Mark?

TJM said...

Pope Francis is not fit to tie Cardinal Zen’s shoes.

I think Mark Thomas read Rules for Radicals and is trying to ruin Father McDonald’s Blog

Mark Thomas said...

Speaking of Rorate Caeli, and Cardinal Zen:

In 2020 A.D., Archbishop Viganò, as well as Bishop Schneider, issued preposterous comments in regard to Vatican. In turn, Cardinal Zen defended Vatican II to the hilt. In addition, Cardinal Zen denounced "traditionalist" factions who had insisted that Vatican II was a dreadful Council that had broken with Holy Tradition.

Rorate Caeli had a fit when, in opposition to Archbishop Viganò, as well as Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Zen had praised Vatican II.

It was then that Rorate Caeli had published an article that denounced Cardinal Zen as an eminent, but "not very prudent" Cardinal who "would have been more prudent for him to stay silent, as his declarations of unquestioning exaltation over Vatican II will not gain him any supporter, but risk making him lose many and most importantly, they offend the truth..."

Today, however, Rorate Caeli has delighted in having pitted Cardinal Zen against Pope Francis/Synod.

Today, when they liked his comments in question, Rorate Caeli portrayed Cardinal Zen as voice to be heard. Today, he is a prudent Cardinal, according to Rorate Caeli.

However, when he praises Vatican II, Cardinal Zen is an "imprudent" man who should keep his mouth closed, according to Rorate Caeli.

Rorate Caeli is two-faced as usual.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

I feel bad for holy Cardinal Zen. His opposition to Pope Francis/Synod is mind-boggling as Cardinal Zen is aware of the following:

Pope Francis...

-- Has been blessed with never-failing faith.

-- (As Pope Venerable Pius XII declared) Has been enlightened by Jesus Christ "with the supernatural gifts of knowledge, understanding and wisdom" so that His Holiness "may loyally preserve the treasury of faith, defend it vigorously, and explain it and confirm it with reverence and devotion."

-- Speaks with the voice of Jesus Christ.

-- Is the holder of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. That which he bounds on earth will be bound in Heaven.

-- Oversees the Church of Rome, in which the Catholic Religion has always been preserved immaculate.

God has raised and empowered Jorge Bergoglio to teach, govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God.

Therefore, in regard to the Synod, holy Cardinal Zen may walk confidently as Pope Francis (or his successor) will guide, as well as conclude, the Synod in orthodox fashion.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

MT you are being infantile about obedience and Cardin Zen. It is time for you to study what the Church actually teaches about obedience to the pope and the role of bishops and cardinals to raise concerns about papal leadership lest we become a cult or deify the papacy.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, everything that I stated in my 6:33 P.M. comment here is Church teaching.

Now, should holy Cardinal Zen continue "to raise concerns about papal leadership," then so be it.

(By the way, should he desire, does not Pope Francis have the right to raise questions in regard to Cardinal Zen's leadership?)

Anyway, Cardinal Zen may wish to question Pope Francis/the Synod. Regardless, Cardinal Zen's criticisms are unable to negate Church teaching in regard to the Pope (that I noted at 6:33 P.M.).

Everything that I said in regard to Pope Francis — he is blessed with never-failing faith, he oversees the Diocese that has always preserved the Catholic Religion immaculate, he is protected from teaching error, etc. — is irrefutable Church teaching.

Father McDonald, it is a shame, at least to me, that you and I hold views of His Holiness that differ dramatically..incredibly so. But I respect that this is your blog. You may denounce my comments as "infantile." So be it.

However, I stand by everything that my beloved parents, Holy Mother Church, as well as my bishop(s), have taught me over the decades in regard to the Papacy.

Father McDonald, thank you. I wish you peace and good health.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

I wish you would get professional help; you desperately need it. Father McDonald has been extremely patient with your antics. Your knowledge of Catholicism is shallow at best. You sometimes contribute humor here, but not much else.

Sophia said...

Sophia here: Cardinal Zen, the "Dubia Five", and several other true shepherds have been publicly raising the alarm about what is afoot in this Synod on Synodality, which has devolved from a Synod of Bishops to a Synod which includes all too many anti-Perennial Teaching of the Church (Scripture and Tradition) Bishops and laity.

Robert Royal ( Editor in Chief, "The Catholic Thing" in his excellent article "Confusion Worse Confounded" adds his voice to the outcry. Here is an excerpt:

"Most flagrantly, it now seems that “blessing” same-sex “unions” will be at the discretion of local bishops and priests, meaning that it will be mandatory once those figures begin to come under pressure from local activists and the secular media.

The arguments, such as they are, from Cardinal Fernández, are duplicitous – no other word will do. He speaks, oh so carefully, of marriage, of course, as our Scriptures say, only between a man and a woman. And we’ll need to be sure, wherever such “unions” are blessed, that there should be no confusion on that score.

But what then is being blessed, other than sexual activity forbidden by both Jewish and Christian traditions since the very beginning? While pretending not to.

Neither Cardinal Fernández – nor we – are quite so dense as to think otherwise. He knows, as will anyone with an ounce of sense reading this, that if such unions are blessed, it’s a step towards acceptance of homosexuality, Scripture and tradition notwithstanding. The progressive theologians’ guild may labor to keep the flimsy distinction between marriage and “unions” alive, but they – and we – know the inevitable destination of this fabrication."

Jerome Merwick said...


Cardinal Zen understands suffering because he has lived it.

Pope Bergoglio doesn't understand suffering the same way because his biggest connection to suffering has been by causing it.

Cardinal Zen is a giant among men and a high-profile man of God.

The little man who has authority over him...he is what he is.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick

Well said!

Anonymous said...

No pope is owed "unconditional respect and obedience." That is simply not Catholic teaching.


ByzRus said...


Arrogant much?

My God you make the comment pages on this blog unreadable.

All that ninny blather about holy this and holy that is just manipulative (eg your perceived superiority). Learn from your internet priest without being so pridefully resistant for once. You're making a fool of yourself and irritating the s#!t out of everyone else.

Echoing TJM, Jerome Merwick's comment is one of the best summation I've read recently.