Thursday, October 12, 2023


 I saw this on “We love Hilton Head” Facebook page:

Anyone here now know what this smoke is from?

Read the 4th answer (first one funny too!):


rcg said...


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

So, your villa is still standing!

Mark Thomas said...

It's just Father McDonald grilling burgers. Just...oh...a tad well done.



Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

-- It's a Summorum Pontificum fan fuming over TC.

-- It's a sunbather who'd forgotten to apply sunscreen.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...

Keep grilling those overdone steaks; even red skins understood smoke signals; during a time when real men died so you plural could safely play your not very impressive imitation of Oxbridge verbal play. By the way, battles were not win so much on the playing fields of Eton; there were other great public schools - in the UK; in Canada; and in Sydney too - as in Kings, Newington, Knox College and the Jesuits Riverview has produced its share of double agents - I and others actually were once taught by the proud son of a publican with his off seminary inner city batchelor pad - but real men behind the scenes in those days watched closely - and we never thought it funny to laugh at the son of a Melbourne Power Without Glory Man - no not the author of Power Without Glory - the genuine up front Communist Frank Hardy - but those Melbourne men who occasionally rose the this years champions Collingwood πŸ‘ may google : Holy Grail AFL...or try the band Hunter's and Collectors great song "The Holy Grail"....the man who wrote the lyrics to this break through song - he read a memoir of a Top chef in Napoleon"s army as they marched east to conquer; I was in the greatest army the World had ever scene...
That'll do - enough Paul of your tangential digressions..
By the way, an ex ......major told me once - every possible forseeable event must be prepared for over and over again -
Paul,he said - one can only guesstimate future events; all one can do is look at an individual or groups past repeated behaviour and look for a repeated pattern etc that just might very likely be repeated in the future...hmmmmπŸ€”πŸ‘....

Even in Forest Gump Loot Dan had the sense to order Forest and his buddy - God damn; U don't salute me (here)...ay?

All good here πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ™(⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)

Paul said...