Friday, October 6, 2023



I don’t think this chattering synodal process this month will lead to anything new in terms of documents from the pope that will change or maintain the course of the history of the Church. That will happen after next year’s October chattering synod on synodality. 

But I know what the result will be as the pope has already written an outline for his final document. That outline is his gracious and wordy answers to the five cardinals questions. And here I agree with Pope Francis. It is impossible for this pope to give a yes or no answer to the dubia because this pope likes words, chatter and gossip and yes or no just doesn’t work.

But here is a loose translation of Pope Francis’ final document:

1. Guidelines to bless sexual unions of whatever kind, variety, number to include beastiality will be devised but in no way resemble a nuptial blessing in wording. It will go like this: “Oh God, these people have made their bed now let them sleep in it with whomever they wish to include. Through Christ our Lord.”

2. Women and any of the LGBTQ+++ recognized genders will be admitted to the permanent diaconate that will be separated in theology from the transitional diaconate. Most here who can remember when the permanent diaconate was restored, I think the Anglicans call it the Vocational Diaconate, which seems to be a better term, that many dioceses that began the formation process for the permanent diaconate called the newly ordained deacons “lay deacons.” A development of the theology of “lay” deacons will differ in doctrine and theology  the transitional diaconate for men studying and in formation for the priesthood. 

Lay men and women and other gender, enunciated by the LGBTQ+++ community, deacons will do what current permanent deacons do— a ministry of service. Liturgically though, they will vest the same as permanent deacons, and do all that permanent deacons do liturgically to include offering blessings. 

This will lead to men and women and other genders  in a lay ordained priesthood separate in theology from the non lay ordained priesthood but both do the same stuff. 

Just some Wizard of Oz clairvoyant thoughts. Please wake me up next year after the next October chattering synodal synod. Make sure I get some medical attention for whatever hit me in the head!

Hopefully when I awake, God willing, I can say with Dorothy Gale, “there’s no place like home!”


Unknown said...

Respectfully, Father, if these were to be the results, there would likely be a schism of some sort (material or formal), the implications of which I shudder to consider. I pray that such does not occur. But we have the words of the bishop of Rome himself: "It is not to be excluded that I will enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church."


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, N, I remember when he said that. Talk about the land of oz!

Mark Thomas said...

In regard to the supposed quote in question (I am open to correction):

I traced the quote in question to journalist Walter Mayr in the German magazine Der Spiegel (December 23, 2016 A.D.).

Mayr did not cite a source in regard to the quotation in question. All that he reported was his supposed claim:

"In a very small circle, Pope Francis is said to have self-critically further explained himself as follows: “It is not to be excluded that I will enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church.”

Even certain Pope Francis-hating bloggers were careful to have employed such words/phrases as "allegedly," or "Pope Francis is said..." to have stated...

Again, I am open to solid information as to the source of the alleged quote. But we are dealing with poor journalism here.

Until such information is provided, I have every reason not to take seriously the Pope's alleged comment in question.

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

Answer this and then we will answer you:

1) When will Pope Francis discipline the clerics who were engaged in a cocaine fueled gay sex orgy?

2) When will he apologize to the United States for lying about it being a bigger polluter than China?

3) When will be apologize for his cruelty and lack of charity to the most faithful of Catholics, the TLM Catholics?

4) When will he discipline bishops and priests who violate the rubrics and texts of the Novus Ordo like he promised in Traditiones Custodes?

5) When will you back up your statement that Holy, Holy Pope Benedict criticized countries by name? Father McDonald asked you and you owe him an aswer

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald said..."Hopefully when I awake, God willing, I can say with Dorothy Gale, “there’s no place like home!”

Better yet, we can say, "there's no place like Rome."



Mark Thomas