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Crux has a good analysis of what Pope Francis said about blessing unions that are not marriages. To be honest with you, I read it through my orthodox and orthopraxis lens. However, I have read in both the secular and Catholic press that Pope Francis will allow non marriage unions to receive some kind of blessing, which contradicts what he has said earlier or approved to be written, that the “Church can’t bless sin.” But certainly sinners can be blessed and they are at every Mass they attend or if they ask for an off-the cuff blessing from a priest or deacon. 

At any rate, the Pope crippled himself, is now crippling the entire Church and dividing her in a way that Vatican II never did. This pope contradicts himself, his predecessors and Vatican II. Yes, a crippled different Church is being created but much smaller as whole nations or episcopal conferences could go into schism. It will take another papacy to correct or inflame the situation. None of this is of the Holy Spirit, except the cleaning up that we know the Holy Spirit will accomplish, eventually, if not now, in eternity. 

We have truly entered South American political dysfunction that damages people and institutions. 

But here is Crux analysis which is sober. Pope Francis ambiguities always prevail in his written and spoken communications. Does he do it on purpose or does he enjoy afflicting the faithful and comforting the unfaithful or is there truly a mental or intellectual disorder? Either way, no one wins.

Since Pope Francis has not stopped German and Belgium bishops from allowing liturgical blessings of people in non marriage unions, although he tacitly disapproves, dissent is evidently allowed by him and this should be a message to bishops in terms of the Traditional Latin Mass. Why obey in crushing this if the pope is not asking bishops to crush liturgical blessings of non-marriage unions?

Press title:

Pope Francis answers a dubia — Does inaction speak clearer than words?


John said...

Rome apostatized? Judas hung himself but those were different times. Let us hope for a new Easter and a new Pentacost. Of course, we world need a new Peter.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The Pope’s language on blessing non marital unions is either sloppy or intended. You choose. But we can longer refer to any of this as “same sex” non marital unions. The LGBTQ++ political lobby head by Fr James Martin, SJ, has convinced this pope to moved beyond two genders to the multiplicity of genders there are. And so, what is implied in the words the pope uses is that there can be a separate kind of blessing for non marital unions which are sexual or not. This can include polygamy of a variety of combinations according the the multiplicity of genders that the LGBTQ claim.

We have already seen Catholics who are heterosexual, quite free to be married in the Church, choosing to be “married” outside the Church. If the pope allows them to receive a blessing for their non marital union, then why would anyone want a lifetime sacramental marriage. They would choose something that would allow them the freedom to gain a civil divorce and receive another civil non marriage union and remain in the good graces of the Church.

Is this kind of blessing a public blessing, where those receiving this non-marital union blessing invite people to it, have a reception afterward and live happily ever after until someone else enters their non-marital union?

If the pope accepts this, no Catholic has to accept it in good conscience. Conscience trumps the pope in this.

Daniel said...

LGBTLMNOP is being taught as normal to children, aged 5 to 10, in primary schools in Canada, the UK and Australia etc...I hear in the once great USA it is worse, and an average parent, of any race or any religion, can be regarded as a problematic and a bigot and transphobic etc for NOT wanting, say, some old drag Queen, for example a bearded man in a dress, to read a book in a school or local library that could easily be titled Billy Has 3 Parent and so on.

Who even 20 years ago would have thought this madness possible?!

The decline and fall of the West is accelerating, I believe.

With the www and internet etc, people around the world hifrom Russia to Africa to the Middle East etc must watch this depraved insanity on their phones and hardly believe it!!!!

If this is at minimum some form of mass demonic disorientation I don't know what else could explain it🤔

Daniel said...

Sorry for above typos, I have drank a few beers with the boys - but how do U think old China Joe Biden looks to the world as he (recently) invites a young man from California who is "transitioning to girlhood" to the White House and is happy to grant an interview to this bizarre young adult and narcissistic "online celebrity and influencer" 🤔🤕!!!

TJM said...

The Pope is corrupt, a dictator, and is promoting sin. No holy, holies on this one.

TJM said...

A Father Thomas Weinandy wrote this about Pope "Mercy". It is right on point. Can you imagine any other Pope in our lifetime acting in such a shoddy and hamhanded fashion?

Now, before the “Walking Togetherity” about to slither on its pre-determined way, Weinandy extends his remarks. First he reviews. However he adds this about Americans, whom Francis seems to dislike in general and comment on in sweeping terms of rash judgement.

First, Pope Francis’ dislike for and criticisms of the Catholic Church in the United States have intensified. As I noted in the earlier column, the American Catholic Church is the foremost critic of Francis’ often theologically ambiguous statements. Over the past four years, as Francis’ ambiguities have proliferated, often given in mid-flight and off-the-cuff, so has criticism of his statements and ecclesial policies mounted.

This ever-growing critical response, from multiple outlets and spokespersons, comes not so much from the American clergy, but from the American Catholic laity. In no other country is there such an educated laity, men and women who are faithful to the Church, as in the United States. Francis has found it impossible to respond to this theological and philosophical challenge from American lay Catholics – other than by calling them rigid and backward-looking.

But the American Catholic laity have not been, are not now, and will not in the future be bullied into silence. Such verbal ridicule is merely a sign that this pontificate is not intellectually prepared to engage the issues, and so has already lost the scholarly battle.

This is a good insight. I like the use of the word “bullied”.

It is interesting that Benedict XVI very much liked Americans and how the American Church had worked within a secular society."

THe braindead need not respond to this post.

Tom Makin said...

This Pope lost me some time ago. My wife and I are very upset with the confusion and discord that is being sown at the very top. We have always been taught, believed and embraced the idea that our Church is not a democracy. It is an autocracy and that's ok as long at the autocrat is seen to be saying and doing what has been said and done for millennia. How can that which people have been begging for God's mercy in the confessional for ages, suddenly be ok? How can we "interpret" that which has long been interpreted as intrinsically wrong, suddenly be ok? How can people who have thrown themselves at the mercy of diocesan marriage tribunals trying to annul a marriage so they can enjoy a new one in the fullest way in our church suddenly be told 'not necessary'? I believe there is a pre-determined outcome for this Synod. I'm not clairvoyant but I can read the tea leaves. Francis wants the following: Married Priests, women Deacons, women Priests same sex blessings and divorced/remarried Catholics freely able to receive Communion. By not smacking down the Germans, he has been making his intentions clear. What will he be able to get? Same sex blessings, Communion for divorced and re-married Catholics and a married Priesthood. Resistance will be futile. The fix is in. I pray I'm terribly wrong!

Joseph Johnson said...

Looks like a defacto Summorum Pontificum for blessing gay unions but without episcopal oversight.

Daniel said...

A smart teenager can join the following dots -

Francis makes it clear he holds that Biden is a "good Catholic"..

Francis is okay with a politician like Pelosi receiving Holy Communion in the Vatican, Rome.

Biden, Pelosi and a 101 other leading Democratic politicians support, fund and promote abortion to a degree that is tantamount to mass infanticide AND have no problems with millions of school kids having their minds etc poisoned by the teaching of LGBTLMNOP ideology and practices that just each year now just get more crazy and extreme...

Yet Francis and some sycophants around him....make clear to the world that all the above plus what is going on with certain German Belgian and even Italian "progressive" bishops is NO problem at all compared to the "threat" to the Church coming from a small minority within the TLM movement and TLM groups...

Almost unbelievable!!!

TJM said...


We used to call that evil. PF is working on being named an Anti-Pope

Paul said...

"Christian men and women need to be humble before the laws of God (and not disregard the laws of God) and obey the laws of God, before receiving the love of the Gospel."

A line I recall from a recent good short sermon.

Paul said...

"Christian men and women need to be humble before the laws of God (and not disregard the laws of God) and obey the laws of God, before receiving the love of the Gospel."

A line I recall from a recent good short sermon.