Saturday, April 15, 2023


 Before and After: St. Wenceslaus in Wahoo, Nebraska

As a disclaimer, I like traditional church architecture and ornate sanctuaries to a certain extent. Perhaps it was my own upbringing in a typically simple A-frame pre-Vatican II church building, but my innate preference is for a bit more simplicity and less frilliness in church architecture. I loved St. Anne in Richmond Hill and perhaps liked Mass there more so than in beautiful St. Joseph Church in Macon. Saint Anne was/is more me than St. Joseph, whatever that means.

Thus I applaud the parishioners and parish leadership for this restoration. But is it too frilly for your tastes? For mine, yes. But it is beautiful and the Italian in me likes it, just not a steady diet of it.

Below this post, I had reasons for the abysmal lack of Eucharistic Coherence there is in the Church today. You can also blame it on what was done to traditional churches in the 1960/70’s like this one and then modern architecture for the loss of orthodox Catholic Faith in the Mass and the Real Presence of Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. it goes hand-in-hand with banal celebrations of the Mass on banal tables in a stripped down environment. 


AFTER (a good deacon in Baltimore recommends this kind of corona over the altar at St. Anne’s in Richmond Hill). This is truly “ughable” and not the simplicity that I like at all, but alas:

Evidently, the parish or their priest didn’t like the corona over the altar, as it was deemed too pre-Vatican II, so they removed it in an after/after attempt put along side the BEFORE/AFTER/AFTER/AFTER. Hopefully an altar railing was installed later:

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rcg said...

I am assuming the final photo is the current state? That one helps me pray.