Thursday, April 13, 2023


For the most part, the three previous popes (excluding John Paul I) heroically staved off an all-out schism and apostasy in the Church through clarity of truth in written and oral communications. 

For the past 10 years, though, through Pope Francis ambiguities, silences, confused oral and written communications, the puss of the boil of heterodox prelates, clergy, religious and laity, has oozed forward and spurted out as though a volcanic  eruption. The antibiotics of the previous three popes, once eliminated, has allowed this under Pope Francis.

While Pope Francis lamented at His Holy Thursday Chrism Mass, the polarization in the Church, he fails to acknowledge that His Holiness, himself, is the cause of it, especially within the ranks of the College of Bishops and the Cardinals. 

Is the only way to avoid an all out schism and apostasy in the Church to show a kind of limp wristed approach to schismatics and heretics as in Germany and those others promoting all kinds of heterodox outrages with doctrines and morals? Is ignoring what is happening without stopping it from happening the way to go, to prevent a formal schism? 

Let’s face there has been a silent schism for the past 50 years, as a result of the Pandora’s Box the heterodox implementation of Vatican II has wrought. 

Catholics have disengaged from the institutional Church or rejected her outright by becoming nones. 

It has escalated under Pope Francis. What will the next Pope do? Will he/she/it/they/them (or will it be the Royal we?) be another John Paul II or a Francis on steroids? Will the gates of hell prevail against the Church? Time will tell, or at least eternity will tell it…


Paul said...

I did not think this up myself but am quoting 2 contributors to Fr Z’s blog:

As a result of what has come from Rome and such archdioceses as Chicago over the past 2 years, a new word will soon enter dictionaries:

Concupichence - n. Eager desire for the suppression of tradition.

20s Chicago…

TLM? Down the alley, green door, knock 3 times…the password is swordfish…

We call it a speaklatineasy.

Paul said...

The WherePeterIs blog states the following statistics:

In Germany, in 2020, a record 221,390 Germans defected, officially disaffiliated from the Catholic Church.
In Germany, in 2021, a new record was set when 359,000 Germans officially disaffiliated from the Catholic Church.
If this trend continues what will be left of the Catholic Church in Germany a decade from now?

Incredibly, Mike Davis at claims this decline is solely caused by the sex abuse crisis!
He acknowledges no other probable reason or cause for this sudden record decline.
As if the so-called Catholic “sex abuse crisis”, which Catholics in the western world have been aware of for more than 20 years, can be the only cause of the very recent record numbers of German Catholics leaving the Church!

The reasons Davis gives for why Francis has for FOUR years allowed Der Synodale Weg (the Synodal Way or Path in English) to continue are quite weak and lame.
The majority of German bishops want anyone who is qualified, irrespective of their gender and state of life, given access to all the Church’s ministries and offices - including all ordained ministries; and has voted in favour of Catholic Church blessings for “all couples who love each other”. Proposals have been ratified that contradict Church doctrines and practices in areas such as the male only priesthood, sexual morality and authority in the Church.

Davis writes “I do not know how Pope Francis will respond.”

Francis has responded!
He has allowed this “drama” to continue to play out for FOUR years. said...

The answer to the title question is : Probably about as much as soft peddling military aid to Ukraine and Taiwan deters aggression from Russia and China.