Monday, April 3, 2023


As I have lamented for the past ten years, we are in the midst of people my age and much older very nostalgic for the 1960’s and 70’s who are in very high places in the Church and usually Jesuits. They loved the chaos and instability of the Church of that period as well as the imbecilic changes that post-Vatican II revolutionaries wrought to the Church. 

We have returned to that period of time with the imbecilic synodal way, wherever it is to be found and Jesuits who are just too damn imbecilic to even describe or correct. Unstable is their name and they are all aging, striving to recover their youth until the Lord calls them home for their particular judgement.

You can read from the New Liturgical Movement an article which is a Time Capsule from about 1969 about the state of the liturgy then which is the site of the Modern Liturgy today: 

Monday, April 03, 2023

“What if all these brilliant innovators were nothing more than a bunch of atrocious imbeciles?”: Msgr. Celada on the 1960s

Last October 24, I published here a translation of a remarkable open letter written by Msgr. Domenico Celada in 1969. What follows is an article he published late in February 1969 in the periodical Il Tempo. Enjoy the clarity of this distinguished musicologist and  we must surely say looking back  prophet of the Lord. —PAK
Here’s some click bate from that article:
These are purely rhetorical questions, since the inexplicable renunciation of Latin has already practically taken place “in fraudem legis”: against the obligatory nature of a conciliar law that clearly prescribes the preservation of the use of Latin, and against the right of the Catholic faithful to the enjoyment of a common good.
Now, having broken the unity of the language and destroyed the identity of the rites, the chaos has extended from the liturgical field to the doctrinal one. Already in April 1967, Paul VI began to lament “something very strange and painful,” the “alteration of the sense of the one and only genuine faith.” But this was the consequence, with a perfect and inexorable logic, of tampering with the grandiose edifice of the Liturgy—that is, of having translated, mutilated, and replaced texts and formulas that in themselves represented a “summa” of piety and doctrine. One understands today more than ever the truth of Pius XII’s teaching in the encyclical Mediator Dei: “The use of the Latin language is a clear and noble sign of unity, and an effective antidote to any corruption of pure doctrine.”

The crisis of the liturgy is now indeed “visible to all.” Many deceptions have been discovered. In spite of this, the innovators continue to work with the zeal of those who are not quite sure of themselves, they continue to tamper with, distort, and demolish what little remains. A recent conference of liturgists was held to discuss “new Eucharistic prayers” and a new “ordo Missae”... [3]

With regard to these obstinate reformers who are disrupting the liturgy, the famous Catholic novelist François Mauriac wrote not long ago: “I ask myself, in a sudden panic: what if all these brilliant innovators were nothing more than a bunch of atrocious imbeciles? Then there would be no more escape: for it has happened that the deaf regain their hearing, that the blind see again; it has even happened that the dead are resurrected; but there is no proof, no document, about an idiot who has ceased to be an idiot.”


rcg said...

Along this same line: I have heard that a followon, or update, to Traditionis Custodes is due out today or tomorrow. Anyone have confirmation of that?

TJM said...

they were evil imbeciles

rcg said...

TJM, exactly. Or at least useful idiots.

TJM said...

I lived through this period and it was dreadful. The nuns trained us how to use the Missal and to sing Gregorian chant - I memorized 5 different chant ordinaries by age 10 - I did not require nor desire these “reforms!” I was appalled by the cruelty and churlishness displayed by some of the clergy. One associate pastor voiced to me his grave concerns about the “reform.”

monkmcg said...

It is odd that the bishops, who for over 50 years have ignored the teaching of the Council, now demand obedience. Good luck with that.

rcg said...

@monkmcg: add to that the selective nature of their adherence and, frankly, lies about what it contains. Their gooden calf is now a raging bull and they are stuck in the ring with it.

TJM said...

They count on the laity NOT reading Sacrosanctum Concilium. I have said for years Vatican II was used as a clergy liberation event (no Latin, no habits, no common life) but afforded the laity nothing - most were expecting a relaxation of the artificial birth control rule and all we got was subpar liturgy in the vernacular which we did not ask for but it suits indolent clerics

Paul said...

Correct. It was a liberation, coming out event, that had been in preparation for decades, since the days of Fr Alfred Loisy (b 1857) and Fr George Tyrrell (b 1861) and like minded modernists, in the late 19th and early 20th century.

For almost a 150 years, there have been liberal, modernist Catholic priests and theologians who wanted to largely follow the liberal Protestant way:

Let’s follow its charming ways, with minimalism in doctrinal observance, vagueness in theological definition, and cloudiness of expression when anything so dangerous as a definition is required…..we will seek an “historical Jesus” that bears no resemblance to the Christ of Faith….not only will we suppose that Moses never wrote the Book of Deuteronomy we will also suppose Jesus was no more than a highly charismatic first-century rabbi, who had no intention of founding the Catholic Church; and suppose too that the EucharIst, the Sacraments and the doctrine of the trinity, together with the stories of the Resurrection and the Ascension, were all the later invention of the Church…..and so on…

Perhaps we can embrace all the above - and throw in “situation ethics” and vibrant, modern liturgical creativity etc…

ALL without undermining the Catholic religion at all !

Paul said...


I read an article on the Christian Site - The Babylon Bee - that claims that Pope Francis via Uncle Arthur…..Sorry Cardinal Roche will announce a statement using all the language of infallibility that while the orientation to attend the traditional Latin Mass is not sinful in itself it IS a theologically disordered state and from July 1, 2023, to act on this disordered orientation towards traditional liturgy ….to ACT on it and with full knowledge and with full defiant consent is in fact a SIN - a serious sin.

TJM said...

Babylon Bee is sometimes right on the money

rcg said...

Paul, Babylon Bee is a satire site. Do you think that was just satire? I have heard similar reports, including the closure of seminaries, etc. This almost sounds like we’re being played and set up to over react.

Paul said...


Yes, I am aware the Babylon Bee is a satire site. Some who work there, I believe, are comic geniuses. I think at least occasionally they have accurate inside information leaked to them - then they can in a humorous way exaggerate it a bit and add a few touches and additions etc and produce material that can be hilarious - but underneath they can be making a serious point….(if that makes any sense?)

It was Babylon Bee people, I think, who originally wrote an article claiming that Pope Francis had decreed that maximum Covid vaccination was a requirement for entry to heaven. This (satirical) claim spread and apparently there are MANY people worldwide who still believe 100% Francis really decreed this!

Their claim too that Francis and the CDF had in a “dog-matic” statement declared that the cat and dog pets of Catholic laypeople can be saved and go to heaven was apparently too taken seriously and literally by some.

Likewise their reporting of a Nancy Pelosi speech where the 63 million unborn babies who have been aborted since 1973 were thanked for laying down their lives for modern women’s rights! Fact check sites had to explain to millions that the Pelosi speech was a parody - a slightly exaggerated mocking imitation of some ridiculous actual speech by Ms Pelosi…

I too have heard online rumours something BIG is about to occur re FURTHER restrictions on traditional Catholic worship…..including closures of seminaries etc….however, often over the past decade such rumours are inaccurate and baseless - but not always! Time will tell…..

The following is just my opinion, but I honestly believe such people as Francis, Roche and Cupich etc are quite dishonest about their stated reasons for their severe crack down and restrictions on the TLM….this is what they should state: we REALLY hoped and believed that by now there would be just a diminishing TINY number of traditional Latin masses world wide; a TINY number of elderly close to senile misfit priests celebrating the TLM for a half dozen elderly eccentric laypeople - that was our hope, our desire BUT it turns out there are dioceses around the world where the TLM is attracting increasing numbers of young people, young families and producing young men with vocations to the priesthood - and such parishes can be surrounded by mainstream parishes with almost all the congregation aged circa 45 to 85 - with numbers attending shrinking , especially after COVID and we simply CANNOT allow this trend to continue !!

TJM said...


“You will like our lousy hamburgers or else you starve “(to make a secular analogy).

Paul said...

Taylor Marshall recently showed a YouTube clip interview of this aging Irish hippy Catholic priest clearly openly saying what Francis and some Cardinals any maybe many bishops almost certainly think!"

"I can't believe it! There are in existence in different places around the world young men who want to dress and act like priests did in the 1950s. They incredibly want to celebrate the old Latin Mass and preach sermons to people about things like sin, and death, judgement, heaven and hell! It is incredible !
I would rather Ireland, the UK, Europe and America have NOT ONE seminarian than have young seminarians like THAT !!! "

TJM said...


Yes I have seen it. This is an example of liberalism as a mental illness. They would rather burn it all down because their product was rejected. Butt hurt

rcg said...

This week’s Crisis publication had an article about heretics don’t leave the Church. Here is a good money quote:

“The gentlemen in Holland are surely clever enough to know that, officially detached, they would sink into the abyss of uninteresting insignificance, whereas this way, they, of course, go on and on playing a splendid sensational role and yet, at the same time, do what suits them.”

I think this is part of the issue. I also believe the nonbelievers who remain are crying to God in their pain and are on a dedicated path of self destruction determined to take the Church with them into the flames.