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Pope Francis said this to a group visiting His Holiness:

"Sadly, we see also in our own day how the unity of the Church is wounded by division," he said, noting that this division "is often caused by the influence of ideologies and movements that while at times well-intentioned, end up fomenting parties and cliques, with each one developing a certain superiority complex when it comes to insight into the practice of the faith" This is compounded further, he said, "by the application of secular terminology, especially from the political realm, when speaking of the Church and the Faith itself. 

Which groups is Pope Francis excoriating? It would help, since there is an excoriation, that he name them. Certainly he must be referring to the German Church, becoming superior in its schismatic, heretical and apostasy ways! This superior church rejects not only the Second Vatican Council in its entirety, but also the corpus of Catholic doctrinal and moral teachings. And bishops are fomenting it in collusion with some superior laity and clergy and I put the laity first for the cause of equity. 

Certainly the Holy Father doesn't mean the Institute for Christ the King or the FSSP or those faithful Catholics who embraced Pope Benedict's liberal allowance to celebrate the TLM and other sacraments associated with it, including clarity of doctrine and moral teachings.  

Which movement is more political? The TLM? Or the Germans? Which one is more influenced by political ideologies such as climate change, LGBTQ+++ nonsense and cancel culture?  

Which papacy thinks it is most superior, most humble and most post-Vatican II compared to St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI? Which papacy has tried to cancel these past two papacies accelerating already latent polarization into all-out warfare? 

If the Church is wounded by division, perhaps the current Holy Father needs to look in the mirror to see who is causing it all rather than being the bridge between papacies and growth in continuity from the first century of the Church through all centuries? 

As it concerns the use of political or secular terminology applied to the Church, such as "progressive, conservative, pre-Vatican II, post-Vatican II, center left, center right, etc", I agree that these terms should be expunged from usage to describe the practice of the Catholic Faith. There should only be four terms that are used: orthodox and heterodox: orthopraxis and heteropraxis. 

Simple, no?


TJM said...

Self awareness is not his strong suit - a common malady found in “progressives”

TJM said...

This article summarizes the depravity and evil that marks this Papacy, and shows why the Church continues to decline:

"The Francis Way: Freemason Anglican “Bishop” Celebrates in Mother of Churches — while community in formation is banned from celebrating the Latin Mass in Parish
In the same week in which a large group of Anglican “clerics”, led by a Freemason and divorced “bishop” celebrated what onlookers and those present thought was a Catholic (Novus Ordo) Mass in the most important Cathedral in the world — Saint John Lateran Basilica, the “Mother and Teacher of all Churches in the City and the World” — this news arrives.

The burgeoning community of the Oratory (in formation), in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, which celebrated both the Novus Ordo and the TLM, have been imposed severe restrictions on their Latin Masses:

In light of this, and following discussions with the Archbishop, we now have to make arrangements to move our Latin Masses out of Mary Immaculate church. The Archbishop has agreed to the suggestion to move those Masses to the hall. We realise that this news will be a shock and disappointment to many, and the Fathers and Brother share those feelings. At the same time, we hope that we can work together to make the best of this present situation.

You can’t get a more accurate portrayal of the whole absurdity of this pontificate than this situation: the sycophantic hierarchs in Rome willing to impose draconian restrictions in a bizarre micromanagement of Latin Masses in each tiny community throughout the world can’t keep fake liturgies from being celebrated by fake bishops in the most important Church of Rome.

It isn’t a contradiction: it’s their method. The Lateran authorities only “apologized” because of the scandal this provoked in the English-speaking media. But the pontificate really doesn’t care: they hate us because we believe as the Church has always believe; they accommodate heretic pseudo-priests because they don’t believe in actually anything, except in a tyrannical view of their own liberal raw power .

This malignant generation shall pass, though, and freedom for Tradition will return again."

When you have a defective product, you must suppress the effective product!! Even my liberal Catholic friends find the actions of Francis toward the TLM despicable.

ByzRus said...

If he looks in the mirror he'll find a source of division.

Luckylady said...


Thank you for what you wrote above.
I largely agree but I think you miss one important point.
Traditional young Catholics are not stupid. Like anyone with a half a brain they can see through the outrageous, blatant double standards and hypocrisies. All they have to do is watch and listen for 10 minutes to a Scott Hahn, a Brian Holdsworth or a Cameron O'Hearn or a dozen others on youtube clips to know the nasty, dishonest caricature of TLM Catholics is the worst sort of lie.
For many young people, loyalty and generosity comes very natural especially when they commit themselves to what they believe is true; if harsher restrictions on the TLM means travelling 2 or 3 hours on Sundays instead of 30 minutes and attending a TLM in a poor rented hall and so on; for most, their appreciation, love and attachment to the TLM will only increase.

TJM said...


I agree with your point - I was just posting someone else’s word who made a very salient point on the rank hypocrisy of Francis’ Vatican. I was a young Catholic when the destruction of the Liturgy began. It seems that most of the support for the “deforms” came from much older folks whether it be lay people or clergy. I thought they were nuts then and I still think they’re nuts now!

Mark said...

I’m still trying to wrap my head around about us having a bad case of “polarizaiton on steriods.” It sounds quite nasty. -:)

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."Which papacy thinks it is most superior, most humble and most post-Vatican II compared to St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI?"



Father McDonald said..."Which papacy has tried to cancel these past two papacies accelerating already latent polarization into all-out warfare?"



By the way, how does one Papacy cancel another, let alone two, Papacies?

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...


Imagine for the last decade if we had had a truly humble pope.
A pope with the humility to act on the knowledge that, like probably at least 90 per cent of Catholic bishops alive now, he is not the philosopher JP2 was; and not the theologian B16 was..
A pope with the humility to acknowledge that all the BIG questions of religion, theology, ethics had been answered and settled in the past by the greatest saints and scholars of the Church...

So, in humility, acknowledging his own limittations and his own flaws, which he shares with 99.9 per cent of humanity; he decided, in these tumultuous times. on a papacy of placid inactivity and held to an ecclesiastical and theological policy of :
When in doubt do and say nothing...

So of course a truly humble pope would have left B16's SP stand and say or do nothing that could have one honest believer thinking that almost everything JP2 wrote on marriage, sexual morality or ethics in general was being either ignored or overturned..

A humble pope who in ten years wrote only one encyclical in which he urged the vast bulk of believers it would be safer and more pleasing to God to read the Psalms, pray the Psalms and trust the Psalms over any so called modern theological giant like Rahner; and for the faithful to trust St Thomas Aquinas over any modern theologian like Frs Kung or Fr Curran...

And finally a humble pope who shortly before his physical decline and death, made an exception to his 10 _- 15 years of holy placid inactivity and became the first pope in history to excommunicate a US President and a dozen Cardinals simultaneously on the grounds of scandal re holding an important political position or high rank in the Church while acting re abortion etc that was tantamount to promoting mass infanticide and re the 12 excommunicated Cardinals - for talking and acting on the diabolical delusion that the insane agenda of the modern LGBTQ+2 activists can trump the old Testament, the New Testament and a 2000 year tradition re the truths concerning marriage, sacraments and sexual morality...

Now that would be a pope of true humility!

Paul said...


Why not try to get your head around the following:

The morbid love of novelty, and morbid weak compromise with mainstream secular post Christian values,on steroids by many Catholic priests and nuns in the 1970s has been reborn more powerfully in the last decade with a morbid attraction on steroids ( and meth amphetamine) towards the diabolical 21st century zeitgeist with its turning of abortion, infanticide and gender fluidity and a harmful form of anti racism that is in truth racist itself etc into a diseased ideology with satanic dogmas that are increasingly being upheld in the USA by elected politicians and government officials and public servants and public institutions...

Paul said...


An old exorcist once told me that one of things demons hate the most is to be laughed at and to be mocked...

I and others have reached the stage where, for example, an Italian archbishop who installs in the apse of a cathedral a homoerotic fresco in which he is identifiable wearing a zucchetto has on joining the new Pontifical Academy for Life claimed he favors legalising assisted suicide and he would hold the hand of a person committing suicide...and commission an "artist" to paint a depiction of possibly the Ascension that is not only ugly and uninspiring but just looks dead and out of a horror movie....and so on...and suggested most traditional Catholic teaching on sexual morality can change etc..

All one can do now is laugh at and mock such prelates - they are no longer worth our sadness and justifiable anger or taking seriously in any way.

Anonymous said...

Paul, His Holiness, Pope Francis, has blessed me abundantly. He has given me every reason to conclude that he is a holy, humble man.

I view Pope Francis as a tremendous teacher, governor, and sanctifier of God's flock. Deo gratias that our Heavenly Father has raised Jorge Bergoglio to serve as His Pope.

Paul, I place a great deal of confidence in Pope Benedict XVI's glowing assessments of Pope Francis — Pope Francis, the man, and Pope. Pope Benedict XVI praised Pope Francis' humanity. Pope Benedict XVI praised Pope Francis' theological prowess.

Pope Benedict XVI praised Pope Francis' holy service in having called us into the light of God.

Even in death, via his book that was published posthumously, Pope Benedict XVI has heaped praise upon Pope Francis.

Pope Benedict XVI:

"At the end of my reflections, I want to thank Pope Francis for everything he does to constantly display the light of God, which, even today, has not faded. Thank you, Holy Father!"

Paul, Pope Benedict XVI had known Pope Francis...enjoyed a profound relationship with Pope Francis.

Therefore, Paul, I am compelled to reject your negative assessment of Pope Francis in favor of Pope Benedict XVI's first-hand knowledge, as well as glowing assessments of, Pope Francis.

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

Mark said...


That is an extremely long sentence to get my head around. -:)

But seriously, in my line of work, I must try to get my head around many different things. Just last week in my Jurisprudence course, for example, we considered John Finnis and Robert George’s New Natural Law Theory as well as the 2007 SCOTUS decision in the Gonzales v. Carhart case, in which SCOTUS upheld the constitutionality of Congress’s Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 and which contains graphically gruesome descriptions of different abortion methods used during the second trimester and beyond. This week we will examine feminist legal theory and critical race theory. I have a mix of students ranging from the very conservative to the very liberal. We have engaged and spirited discussions, and I not only teach but also learn from the students.

That is my world. It is not a world in which I have the luxury of pontificating but one in which it is my job to challenge preconceptions and encourage critical thinking. Why? Because it is my job to help train the students to practice law in a world that is complex, diverse, messy, and often tragic, populated by real human beings, not theoretical abstractions or caricatures, each of whom as clients deserves respect and understanding, whatever their political or religious views, sexual orientation, gender preference and so on might be.

Paul said...


Thank you for that reply.

I can write in shorter sentences.

No offense but in a way here similar to Fr K you make assumptions, I think, about me that are simply untrue.
How do you know or how can you guess certain details of my world and my life over the past 30 years?

I too in my world and in my life rarely had time as a journalist and later as a teacher of ESL - English as a Second Language to pontificate re anything at all pertaining to my personal religious beliefs and evolving political convictions from left of centre till approximately aged 40 and right of centre/conservative over the last 20 plus years.

So you are teaching future lawyers something re CRT and feminist legal theory?
I have many years ago written several articles on the famous Ms K Crenshaw the legal scholar who laid the foundations of "Intersectionality" - early on she had some brilliant original insights, in the late 80s and 90s but I am pretty sure she disowns and has serious problems with many recent manifestations of "Intersectionality"...

There is a lot I could write here but I'll refrain and just end with one or two personal claims:

Leaving aside any Christian teaching on sexual morality and ethics, in our era especially, the notion of sexual activity as often merely an extremely physically pleasurable recreational activity that can often take place without even the ethical restraint of not deceiving nor exploiting other human beings....has caused untold physical and emotional suffering to millions of young people...

And add to that the insane modern ideology or dogmatic modern trend for millions of young people to be encouraged to base and form a whole identity on various sexual desires, individual personal sexual tendencies etc instead of primarily basing an identity on ones religious beliefs, and or occupation and or especially on being a husband, wife and parent etc - has likewise caused untold emotional pain etc for millions...

Paul said...


I can recommend the online website, YouTube clip lectures and articles at New Discourses - largely put together and written by my friend and former colleague, James Lindsay - a key early member of the New Atheism Movement.
It has been James and the philosopher Peter Bergossian who have best articulated modern gender Theory, CRT and modern intersectionality etc as not being like a religious cult but an actual modern Cult, with its own sacred texts that can never be disputed nor questioned, it's intellectual leaders who likewise can never be questioned, its own intolerant dogmas, and even it's own original sin, white privilege and it's own understanding of heretics and how they must be treated ...or mistreated.

Mark said...


Thank you for your replies, which I greatly appreciate!

My pontificating remark was directed generically, not personally, although I can see how it might have come across that way.

I look forward to further interesting and illuminating conversation with you.

TJM said...

Here is just more evidence of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Bergoglio Papacy (and no useful idiots (Mark Thomas) who post here can change it):

"It is pretty safe to say that, since its "reform" in late 2016, the Pontifical Academy for Life has become a withered husk of its former self, embroiled in controversy after controversy under its current president, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia - from damaging statements on abortion, to suggestions that the Church's teaching on contraception in Humanae vitae is "reformable", to some of its members (even the 'Catholic' ones!) being openly against Church teaching on life issues.

Perhaps, then, it should not come as too much of a surprise that the Academy's president is in favour of the liberalisation of euthanasia laws. Archbishop Paglia, in a speech to the International Festival of Journalism in Perugia, Italy, said on April 19 that:

[I]t cannot be excluded that in our society a legal mediation is feasible which allows assisted suicide in the conditions specified by the [Italian] Constitutional Court's Judgment 242/2019... The bill approved by the Chamber of Deputies (but not by the Senate) basically followed this line. Personally I would not practice assisted suicide, but I understand that legal mediation can constitute the greatest common good concretely possible in the conditions in which we find ourselves. (Italian text; video)"