Sunday, April 9, 2023


 Lifesite news has a commentary on the TLM and its restrictions. They list the author as Fr. Allen. We don’t know if that is Father’s last or first name as it could be either. 

I spell my first name Allan. My last name is McDonald. I am known by both Fr. Allan and Fr. McDonald or just plain Father. 

The problem with the Lifesite commentary and Fr. Allen’s name is that it is with a photo of Savannah’s TLM when it was celebrated at our Cathedral Basilica. I celebrated that Mass there quite often over six years. Thus, some might think that I wrote the commentary.  I did not. 

While I don’t disagree with everything in the commentary, I would like to make clear that the Father Allen of this commentary is not the Father Allan of this blog.

You can read Fr. Allen’s commentary at Lifesite HERE.


TJM said...

Traditiones Custodes is an act of pure evil - it is also ultra vires and should be ignored

This young priest will be around long after these evildoers go to their “reward”

rcg said...

The problems that come with being famous! Also, photos of your Masses at St Joseph get used as stock photos quite a bit on internet articles.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Hmmm... I don't recognize the bald spot or the ankles....

TJM said...

At least Fr McDonald does not have orange hair like you

rcg said...

LOL!! I didn’t even notice the ankles until you mentioned it!!

Luckylady said...


Do you think Francis and Roche etc have any understanding or awareness of the following:

1. Religious people outside the Church often dont believe the official reasons given for TC - and wonder: why such hostility?

2. How many ordinary or average Catholic bishops worldwide there
are who regard TC as excessive.

3. The "taboo" status of the traditional Latin Mass will probably only increase the numbers of young people attracted to it.

Luckylady said...

Regarding Traditiones Custodes :

- when it was promulgated, if that is the right word, were there hundreds of bishops rejoicing? Were there many bishops worldwide thinking and saying "Thank God! Now true unity can be restored in my diocese!"

- is it true there are 23 or 24 churches/rites in communion with Rome? A huge diversity of unique liturgies? Has their and does their existence threaten unity?

- could this claim be true? That in France only 5% of Catholics attend Mass . BUT of that 5% of Catholics in France, 40% of that 5% are TLM Catholics.