Monday, April 3, 2023


 John Allen at Crux confirms what I am reading in back room blogs. Pope Francis is terminally ill. News flash, we all are!

That’s why we need Jesus Christ. It’s all coming to an end. Every soul must deal with the four last things, death, judgment heaven and hell. That includes every pope the Church as had.

The world, too, meaning Mother Earth, is terminal. We should be good stewards of it, but the Church’s mission is to point out that it is all coming to an end and climate change may be a sign of that.

But let’s get back to the pope and the fact that he is dying and News flash, we all are. John Allen says there is a report that Pope Francis will move into Pope Benedict’s monastery residence soon. Maybe it will be easier for him to receive hospice, palliative care there. We’ll see.

But John Allen also quotes and Italian atheist, who needs to be saved too, and what he thinks of Pope Francis. Allen’s full article is HERE.

On Sunday, the digital platform “” carried an interview with Odifreddi about Pope Francis. To begin with, Odifreddi argued that the pope’s recent hospitalization underscored the need for a fixed retirement age for pontiffs, which he suggested should be set at 80.

“Today a pope is constantly in the spotlight, traveling a great deal and continually making important decisions,” he said. “It’s an exhausting job, like being a head of state or the manager of a large company, and it’s unthinkable that men over 90 could have the energy necessary to tolerate its demands.”

He isn’t optimistic about that happening, however.

“At bottom, it’s a matter of deciding whether to continue to trust in metaphysics, in the capacity to hold onto power until death, or to accept a very normal principle of reality,” he said. “I fear I already know the answer – anyway, metaphysics are their specialty.”
Perhaps most interesting is Odifreddi’s take on Pope Francis, given his friendship with his predecessor.
“I don’t understand [Francis] very well, but then he’s a Jesuit, so not being understood is sort of his mission,” Odifreddi quipped.

“I don’t like his character very much,” he said. “He seems an irascible and vindictive person towards those who don’t agree with him, as we’ve seen in his treatment of some figures in the Roman Curia,” he said, citing the cases of German Cardinal Gerhard Müller and Archbishop Georg Gänswein. (The irony of a left-leaning secularist complaining about a progressive pope’s alleged mistreatment of two conservative prelates speaks for itself.)

“I find this way of acting hardly commendable,” Odifreddi said, “but then again, he’s a Jesuit.”


Paul said...

“Rejoice, rejoice !!
D’ye know, there ARE things to celebrate on April 3 ?

Today is the Anniversary of the Day when Paul VI, in promulgating the Novus Ordo, forgot to abrogate the Authentic Form of the Roman Rite. An extremely important inaction of the Roman Pontiff; after all, this was the canonical basis of the canonical decision that the 1962 Missal was “NEVER abrogated”…..(Nor, indeed, was the even more authentic 1939 Use. Or Sarum….)

O Felix Immemorial, as we liturgical pedants tend to say.

Happy Day! Frabjous Day !! 3 April, 1969, when the Roman Pontiff forgot to Cancel two millennia of worship !!! If it were not Holy Week, I’d advise readers to fetch up a bottle of Cava!

Very strange, incidentally that his Eminence Arthur Roche is unaware - or has memory issues re that the 1962 Missal was “Never abrogated “ by Papa Montini….the lacunose state of Arthur Roche’s memory particularly interests many of us! Our concern around this serious memory loss is a matter we need ‘accompaniment’ for from modernist or modern Liturgical Catechists”

Fr J H.

TJM said...


That must be Father Hunwicke you are quoting - he is always a good read!

Paul said...

It was a quote from his blog as is this quote from an "unknown" -

"The move to suppress the old Mass is heavy with legalistic jiggery pokery. That's how we know they are in the wrong. If their cause was just they would have no need for subterfuge and dishonesty.. ."