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 In Hungary, Pope Francis spoke about some very orthodox teachings of the Church. The National Catholic Register reports the following:

Pope Francis spoke out strongly against abortion and gender ideology Friday, citing both as examples of “ideological colonization” during a speech in Budapest.

The Pope’s denunciation came during an address to civil authorities and other dignitaries at a former Carmelite monastery in Hungary’s capital in which he lamented “self-referential forms of populism” and “supranationalism” gaining traction in Europe.

“This is the baneful path taken by those forms of ‘ideological colonization’ that would cancel differences, as in the case of the so-called gender theory, or that would place before the reality of life reductive concepts of freedom, for example by vaunting as progress a senseless ‘right to abortion,’ which is always a tragic defeat,” said the Pope, who is in Budapest for a three-day visit.

“How much better it would be to build a Europe centered on the human person and on its peoples, with effective policies for natality and the family — policies that are pursued attentively in this country — a Europe whose different nations would form a single family that protects the growth and uniqueness of each of its members,” the Holy Father said.

My comments: He has said these things before, but from the Catholic point of view, why are these things unhealthy for individuals and cultures? Because these are sins that separate us from God which is always harmful. The pope seldom speaks of these things within the context of sin. He uses secular categories which are not really convincing to me.  

Then at another venue the Holy Father spoke on sexuality and artificial birth control which I don't think I have often heard him speak about, although I could be wrong:

Pope Francis upholds "Billings Revolution"

In a message to participants in the WOOMB International Congress Rome on the Billings Method, Pope Francis highlights its ongoing contribution to the understanding of human sexuality and to a fuller appreciation of the relational and procreative dimensions of the couple, saying that use of methods based on the natural rhythms of fertility should be encouraged.

By Lisa Zengarini

Pope Francis has called for a “new revolution” in today’s way of thinking human sexuality, after the so-called sexual revolution and the breakdown of taboos in the Sixties, by refocusing on its strict connection with the fundamental vocation of each person which is the “gift of self”.

The beauty of human sexuality

“We need to discover the beauty of human sexuality by once again turning to the great book of nature, learning to respect the value of the body and the generation of life, with a view to authentic experiences of conjugal love”, the Pope wrote in a message addressed to participants in the WOOMB International Congress hosted from 28-29 April by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome.

WOOMB is a U.S. based organization founded in the 1970’s to help spread the Billings Ovulation Method for natural family planning, which was pioneered in 1953  by Australian physician John Billings and his wife Evelyn as an alternative  to artificial contraception. As such this method is endorsed by the Catholic Church, as well as being approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The relational and procreative dimensions of human sexuality

In his message to the Congress, titled “The ‘Billings revolution’ 70 years later: From Fertility Knowledge to Personalized Medicine”, Pope Francis notes that over the past seven decades the Billings Method has continued to prove “timely and challenging, since it has led to serious reflection on a number of essential areas”. 

These include “the need for education in the value of the human body, an integrated and integral vision of human sexuality, an ability to cherish the fruitfulness of love even when not fertile, the building up of a culture that welcomes life and ways to confront the problem of demographic collapse”.

“The original momentum of what has been called the “Billings revolution” has not diminished, but continues to contribute to the understanding of human sexuality and a fuller appreciation of the relational and procreative dimensions of the couple.”

Citing  Pope St. Paul’s Encyclical “Humanae Vitae (1968), Pope Francis goes on to reiterate the need to keep in mind “the inseparable connection the unitive and procreative meanings of the conjugal act”, against the “relativistic and trivialized view of human sexuality” prevailing today.

Sexuality as the gift of self

“Lacking this”, he says, “the experience of sexuality is impoverished, reduced to sensations that soon become self-referential, and its dimensions of humanity and responsibility are lost”, resulting, amongst other things, in gender violence.

“We are tending to lose sight of the connection between sexuality and the fundamental vocation of each person, the gift of self, which finds particular fulfilment in conjugal and family love.”

Hence the importance of educating young people on the truth of human sexuality as a genuine expression of self-giving.

Artificial procreation, trade in gametes and surrogate parenthood are wrong

Reflecting further on the relationship between sexuality and procreation, Pope Francis remarked that the Billings Method, together with other similar natural methods, represents “one of the most suitable means for realizing responsibly the desire to be parents”,  also for addressing infertility problems avoiding the ethical issues related to the modern artificial methods which separate procreation from sexual relationship.

“Today the ideological and practical separation of the sexual relationship from its generative potential has resulted in the quest for alternative forms of having a child, no longer through marital relations but through the use of artificial processes. While it is appropriate to assist and support a legitimate desire to conceive with the most advanced scientific knowledge and technologies that can enhance fertility, it is wrong to create test tube embryos and then suppress them, to trade in gametes and to resort to the practice of surrogate parenthood.”

In this regard, the message remarks the fundamental contribution of Catholic universities, and Faculties of Medicine in particular, to advancing research in this field.

The pastoral value of promoting knowledge of fertility and natural methods

Bringing his message to a close, Pope Francis also underscores the “pastoral value” of promoting knowledge of fertility and natural methods in that they help "couples to be more conscious of their marital vocation and to bear witness to the Gospel values of human sexuality”.  

Therefore, he concludes, “the use of methods based on the natural rhythms of fertility should be encouraged”.



TJM said...

If he believes this truly he can put action behind his words and excommunicate Joe Biden, a pro abortion and transgender extremist. Otherwise, more meaningless prattle

Paul said...

Fr Allen,

Thank you for this post.

Some context: the political leadership in Hungary - good Catholics, bad Catholics, former Communists, secular agnostics etc have shown the willingness to:

Have strong borders.
Encourage big families (people interested can Google details but a former colleague informed me: reduced tax for 3 or 4 children families; little or even almost no income tax for larger families…)
(Apparently, Hungarian politicians would rather long term NOT have, on average, women having 1.3 children or less, and short and long term solving this demographic problem by allowing large numbers of military age males from Africa or parts of the Middle East to enter Hungary by means legal or illegal - like a lot of Western Europe, especially Germany)…

The Hungarian government has also banned in primary schools, high schools and colleges (funded by the government) ANY teaching of the modern western insane gender Theory - ie the sort that in some states of the USA have children aged as young as 5 to 10 being taught what it is and what it means in one’s life to be trans, non binary, gender queer or gender fluid….

There are a small number of nations in Eastern Europe and Africa etc that, in various ways, are almost as sane and sensible as Hungary.

For some reason, not every nation on earth wants to follow the USA or Germany re abortion on demand up to 9 months, and often for any reason or no reason; AND in effect, often open borders; or the teaching of an insane modern “gender ideology” that Biden et al are promoting that is so EXTREME that, on my news feed, this morning this is new group/committee of lesbian, feminist activists and relatively sane sensible “trans” people talking AGAINST, for example, trans females in women’s sports, sexualised, burlesque “family friendly” drag shows where children attend AND most importantly speaking out AGAINST modern “gender theory or ideology” being taught to ANY children under 12, especially….

But back to Hungary….my God! What have we in Canada, the USA, Germany etc have to teach them!

Well, actually, we have taught them in a sense - we have taught them what NOT to do…

Anonymous said...

In 2018 A.D., Where Peter Is, via a Pedro Gabriel article, noted the numerous times that Pope Francis had promoted Humanae Vitae.

-- "Humanae Vitae...Paul VI...was prophetic, he had the courage to place himself against the majority, defending the moral discipline, exercising a culture brake, opposing present and future neo-Malthusianism."

-- Pope Francis, during his 2015 Apostolic Visitation to the Philippines:

"I think of Blessed Paul VI. At a time when the problem of population growth was being raised, he had the courage to defend openness to life in families. He knew the difficulties that are there in every family, and so in his Encyclical he was very merciful towards particular cases, and he asked confessors to be very merciful and understanding in dealing with particular cases.

"But he also had a broader vision: he looked at the peoples of the earth and he saw this threat of families being destroyed for lack of children. Paul VI was courageous; he was a good pastor and he warned his flock of the wolves who were coming. From his place in heaven, may he bless this evening!'

Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia quoted Humanae Vitae six times. Examples:
(No. 10).”

"Marriage is firstly an “intimate partner­ship of life and love” which is a good for the spouses themselves, while sexuality is “ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman” (…) Nonetheless, the conjugal union is ordered to procreation “by its very nature”.

"From the outset, love refuses every impulse to close in on itself; it is open to a fruitfulness that draws it beyond itself. Hence no genital act of husband and wife can refuse this meaning, even when for various reasons it may not always in fact be­get a new life"

-- "Moreover, “the use of methods based on the ‘laws of nature and the incidence of fertility’ (Humanae Vitae, 11) are to be promoted, since ‘these methods respect the bodies of the spouses, encourage tenderness be­tween them and favour the education of an au­thentic freedom’ (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2370).'

"...the Church strongly rejects the forced State intervention in favor of contraception, sterilization and even abortion”. Such measures are unacceptable even in places with high birth rates, yet also in countries with disturbingly low birth rates we see politicians en­couraging them. As the bishops of Korea have said, this is “to act in a way that is self-contradic­tory and to neglect one’s duty”.”

From Laudato Si:

“Instead of resolving the problems of the poor and thinking of how the world can be dif­ferent, some can only propose a reduction in the birth rate. At times, developing countries face forms of international pressure which make eco­nomic assistance contingent on certain policies of “reproductive health”.

Yet “while it is true that an unequal distribution of the population and of available resources creates obstacles to development and a sustainable use of the envi­ronment, it must nonetheless be recognized that demographic growth is fully compatible with an integral and shared development”.

"To blame population growth instead of extreme and se­lective consumerism on the part of some, is one way of refusing to face the issues.”

— Laudato Si, #50


Mark Thomas

Paul said...

Dear Mark,

I am grateful my parents never followed such modern papal wisdom re “no need to breed like rabbits”….
If my parents had stopped at 2 or 3 children then a Michael, Kevin, Elizabeth and Margaret (and then ALL their children) would never have come into existence…

Provided an elderly couple or elderly person has basic financial security in their 60s and 70s and 80s what ends up bringing more joy? A larger house, an investment property and a new Mercedes in their retirement years etc OR a smaller house, an only adequate pension BUT up to 15 to 20 grandchildren of different ages who visit often?


monkmcg said...

Who knows...if this keeps up he might actually condemn clergy homosexual activity.

TJM said...

Speaking of more meaningless prattle

TJM said...

Since the useful idiots at the USCBB will do nothing, the laity, once again, have to do the right thing:

"Catholic Vote and Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice and FBI on Thursday after the federal agencies failed to turned over records related to the bureau’s targeting of Catholics.

FOIA requests require agencies to respond within 20 business days or in some “unusual circumstances,” 30 business days. But more than a month has gone by and neither the FBI or DOJ have turned over the records or said they plan to do so."

I've said for years that the Democractic Party is a crime organization masquerading as a political party, this is just more evidence of it.

Anonymous said...

Paul said..."I am grateful my parents never followed such modern papal wisdom re “no need to breed like rabbits”…"

Pope Francis' response to a question, during an in-flight press conference, was 100 percent in line with Humanae Vitae. Pope Francis referenced "responsible parenthood."

Nine times in Humanae Vitae, we find that Pope Saint Paul VI mentioned "responsible parenthood."

Here is Pope Francis' comment in question:

"Some people think that – excuse my expression here – than in order to be good Catholic we have to be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood. That is clear."

Pope Francis has praised married couples who have raised large families. He also remained true to Humanae Vitae when he noted that a married couple is called to exercise "responsible parenthood."

Humanae Vitae, #10:

"Married love, therefore, requires of husband and wife the full awareness of their obligations in the matter of responsible parenthood...

"...with regard to man's innate drives and emotions, responsible parenthood means that man's reason and will must exert control over them...

"...with regard to physical, economic, psychological and social conditions, responsible parenthood is exercised by those who prudently and generously decide to have more children...


"...and by those who, for serious reasons and with due respect to moral precepts, decide not to have additional children for either a certain or an indefinite period of time."


The above is the clear point that Pope Francis had made...100 percent in line with Humanae Vitae's teaching that "responsible parenthood" includes a married couple's decision to limit the amount of children they have.

Paul, thank you. Have a blessed day.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Paul, my previous comment was informed by Pedro Gabriel'S outstanding 2018 A.D. article that Where Peter Is had published.

It is undeniable that Pope Francis' point about "responsible parenthood" (mentioned nine times in Humanae Vitae), via his "rabbit" example, is in line with Humanae Vitae.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...


Thank you for the above.

You refer to Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, Laudato si…

Mark, can I ask if you believe that Luke 10:16 “He who heareth you, heareth Me” applies to Laudato si ?

I am not sure…because while Pius XII in Humani Generis held that papal encyclicals, even when they are of the ordinary magisterium, can nonetheless be sufficiently authoritative to end theological debate on a particular question….etc….However, one does have to ask oneself (or perhaps each of us could ask another more knowledgeable in theology?) is the subject matter covered in this encyclical, in truth, a theological matter?

Would the agree with the late Cardinal Pell who responded to Laudato Si by stating to the press - “…the Church has no mandate from the Lord to pronounce on scientific matters”

And then there was Samuel Gregg, director of the Acton Institute, who noted “the sheer overreach that plagues Laudato si…”…
And Mr Gregg claimed after Laudato si that Catholic bishops should remind good Catholics that they can remain good Catholics while disagreeing with anyone when it comes to disputes and “theories” on how best to combat climate change…

Mark, 😉one could joke, that after Laudato si, and it’s alleged “overreach” 😉 should individuals like me be confessing the owning of a SUV to their parish priest in the confessional ?

But seriously, I am honestly not sure if Cardinal Pell is correct in the quote above…..if individual and national selfish greed leads to serious environmental damage, that ends up harming human beings….surely that is just not a “scientific matter” as Cardinal Pell says but a moral matter too; and is not a moral matter, a moral question also inevitably a theological question?

And I am honestly not sure if what Pius XII stated in a particular encyclical about the authoritative standing of papal encyclicals in general……is itself a matter up for theological debate?

Paul said...

Also, Mark, I’m thinking aloud here, but I think we could be pretty sure how the late Cardinal Pell would have responded to a liberal modernist Catholic type who might have put it to Cardinal Pell that, for example, IVF etc was a “scientific matter” and therefore the Church need not and should not authoritatively speak on IVF….

Paul said...

Finally, Mark, I think we live in a very strange and difficult era for the Church!

Digressing a bit…..but, for example, the Canadian bishops’, and some other Catholic bishops, response to Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical HV really made a mockery of what Pius XII had taught only about 15 years previously in an encyclical on the authoritative status or standing of papal encyclicals…..

Digressing even further, as a layman, in the 90s, I later went back to the same seminary I had attended in the 80s, to complete a few courses at night (part time) over 2 years….a particular class was about half seminarians and about half laypeople….
The subject of women priests came up; a debate/discussion started until a quite conservative, traditional young man reminded us that if we were all loyal to JP2 we should NOT at all even be discussing/debating the issue of women priests…
Remember how JP2 used strong and firm language (almost the language of infallibility?) that there could never be women priests and neither he nor any future pope had the power to change teaching and tradition re a male priesthood…?
One young seminarian asked a question (which some laughed at - but there are never any stupid questions) about how we know what is a part of divine revelation and what is not …..and what is merely a man made rule/law and what is not?
Is the right answer: well the reigning pope tells us! Is that right?
And if that is the case, in what way, by what means is the pope or a pope inspired to make the correct distinctions here - like the question of eventually having women priests….?
The seminarian who was laughed at said something like: it can’t be something like twice or three times a year the reigning pope gets a letter from heaven or a once a year visit from an angel to remind him, the reigning pope, what is of divine revelation and what is not, what is a man made rule/law or not.!?

TJM said...

Mark Thomas is good for a laugh as he tip toes through the tulips in La La Land while the rest of us deal with the grim reality of this failed Papacy

Anonymous said...

Paul, in regard to Samuel Gregg, director of the Acton Institute, "who noted “the sheer overreach that plagues Laudato si…”

Has God granted unto Samuel Gregg the authority to determine as to whether an Encyclical has "overreached?"

If such is the case, then our Holy Popes have "overreached" for decades.

Laudato si contains 23 references to Pope Saint John Paul II. Laudato si contains 23 references to Pope Benedict XVI.

Laudato si noted that Pope Saint John Paul II's initial Encyclical, REDEMPTOR HOMINIS (1979 A.D.), referenced the grave consequences related to mankind's destruction of the environment.

Pope Benedict XVI declared that the Church is compelled to address climate change/the destruction of our environment as that encompasses right-to-life teachings.

Pope Benedict XVI, 2010 A.D:

"In my Encyclical Caritas in Veritate, I noted that integral human development is closely linked to the obligations which flow from man’s relationship with the natural environment.

"Can we remain indifferent before the problems associated with such realities as climate change...All these are issues with a profound impact on the exercise of human rights, such as the right to life, food, health and development."

In 1971 A.D., Pope Saint Paul VI pronounced prophetically:

"Man is suddenly becoming aware that by an ill-considered exploitation of nature he risks destroying it and becoming in his turn the victim of this degradation.

"Not only is the material environment becoming a permanent menace - pollution and refuse, new illness and absolute destructive capacity - but the human framework is no longer under man's control, thus creating an environment for tomorrow which may well be intolerable.

"This is a wide-ranging social problem which concerns the entire human family."

Samuel Gregg's (Acton Institute) claim that Laudato si has "overreached" is nonsense.

Laudato si is in line with Papal teachings that our Holy Popes have noted for decades.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...


Regarding references and footnotes etc with Laudato si there is much you omitted. Some quite unusual and “novel and controversial” references, to say the least….

Also, you didn’t respond re Cardinal Pell’s statement; Pell acknowledged there were SOME beautiful lines and beautiful sentiments in Laudato si BUT he (and MANY others) strongly implied there was really no need or it is inappropriate and unnecessary for any pontiff to pontificate in an encyclical on, for example, which theory re global warming/climate change is not in fact theory but indeed a fact, and pontificate on the best means to avoid or alleviate further global warming/climate change….

Also, Mark, Pope Francis has just spent 3 days in Hungary; most of Francis’ words were devoted to a criticism, almost even a condemnation, of Hungarian politicians and the majority of Hungarian people re their laws, policies and beliefs re migrants.
The truth is the Hungarian people have been generous, for example, with accepting people fleeing Ukraine.
Do you believe the Hungarian politicians and the Hungarian people would be better people, better Catholics etc if they followed Francis’ advice and direction and opened their borders so as, perhaps, even more people from (for example) northern Africa and a number of Middle East nations could flood their nation than even Germany allowed…Hungary is wrong in its nationalism, apparently, and especially, wrong (even sinful?) to want strong borders; and how dare Hungary want to remain culturally/religiously a European Christian nation!

I accept Francis is pope; I pray for him BUT I was embarrassed and had to change the channel during a speech which could have been written by a 19 or 20 year old, rich, spoilt, naive, western Woke/Left university student majoring in CRT or gender studies and “whiteness” studies….

Well, I suppose some like Cardinal Cupich agree with Francis! This pontificate has its priorities 100% right! And truly believe It is so wonderful, so uplifting and so fitting to have a reigning pontiff focused on climate change, migrants and the attempted suppression of the TLM…the first papacy in history that has a focus and agenda matching that of a secular, Green/Left political party!

Paul said...

I should have written, to be more fair and more accurate:

The first papacy in history that, to a largish degree, has a quite similar focus and agenda to that of a modern Green/Left political party.

Paul said...


Do you believe there is 1 chance in a 100 that Pope Francis is such a holy innocent soul that he can do and say certain things like “breeding like rabbits”, “who am I to judge” and give interviews to an elderly atheist Italian journalist, repeatedly; and that journalist can claim said this that or the other regarding hell or a dozen other things….and Mr Tim Gordon can give another 100 examples over the last decade…
Mark, do you honestly believe Pope Francis is such a holy innocent soul he has simply no understanding or appreciation re how modern secular media short soundbites (sp?) work and how modern media can further provide emphasis and spin etc and the result is for millions of Catholics around the world to, regularly over the last 10 years, feel anything from sadness to pain to confusion or embarrassment?


Paul said...

Finally, Mark,

It was admirable of Fr Allen to quote orthodox words of Francis on sexual morality, but again, do you think it possible Francis is such a good, humble holy soul to have no awareness that dozens of media outlets around the world only very recently gave almost sole coverage to Francis’ scolding words to Hungarian Catholics, and Hungarian people in general and their political leaders on the issue of borders, unhealthy nationalism and migrants etc?

If Francis is so committed to teaching how wonderful big families are, why in those days in Hungary , did Francis NOT clearly, in unmistakable terms, before the world’s media, praise a government and people who have taken such great practical, realistic steps to support and encourage large families….probably more so than in nation in the western world!


TJM said...


You must know by now you are dealing with a Francis bootlicker who is impervious to reason - he just cuts and pastes non sequiturs and never responds to direct questions

Paul said...


IF it is true that Mark or anyone else is (either occasionally or often) not affected by reason; how can we be certain that that situation, or that state mind, will never change?

Where there is life there is hope, it is said…
I also believe: where there is any sort of faith, there is hope.

TJM said...


His pattern has never changed. His papalotry is irritating

Anonymous said...

Paul, you, and I, have read/watched very different reports of Pope Francis' holy, successful Apostolic Visit to Hungary.

Pope Francis heaped praised upon Hungary's policies that are pro-family.

Unfortunately, along with wonderful pro-family policies, abortion is legal in Hungary. Pope Francis exhorted Hungarians to reject abortion.

Pope Francis heaped praise upon Hungary's generous response to having received into Hungary about 1,000,000 Ukrainian refugees.

Unfortunately, Hungary has certain immigration laws that do not reflect the Church's openness to immigrants/refugees. Pope Francis exhorted Hungary to be more inclusive in that regard.

As numerous news media outlets, such as Reuters, had noted, Pope Francis had denounced any form of "ideological colonization." That, in turn, had proved favorable to Viktor Orban's "rejection /of the imposition of what he says are liberal values by outsiders."

Later, addressing bishops, priests and nuns in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Francis urged Hungarians to confront "the rapid pace of social change and the crisis of faith affecting our Western culture."

Viktor has been trashed throughout Europe for his government's refusal to have armed Ukraine, as well yut ties with Russia.

Via his Facebook page, Orban praised Pope Francis' comments in regard to the war as "confirmation" of Hungary's desire for peace in Ukraine.

More than 12,000 Faithful attend Pope Francis' Youth Rally at Papp László Budapest Sports Arena (capacity 12,500).

Those in attendance responded with great enthusiasm to Pope Francis/His Address.

-- Pope Francis receives energetic welcome from 11,000 Hungarian youth

Dur that rally, Pope Francis had called attention to the formation of a close relationship with Jesus Christ, the goodness of large families..."Our Lady," "Confession," as well as the Rosary.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Paul, at the Youth Rally in Budapest, in front of some 12,000 Hungarian youths/pilgrims who had packed the sports arena, Pope Francis declared that "to have a large family" is among "the great goals of life!"


Mark Thomas

Paul said...


I merely googled “Pope Francis in Hungary”.

Perhaps, you, me or anyone might find what we are looking for?

But, I’d challenge anyone to Google “Pope Francis in Hungary” and see where the emphasis lies; and find any significant, prominent coverage of Francis, for example , “heaping praise on Hungary’s policies that are pro-family”.

Also, Mark, you did not answer nor reply (and of course you don’t have to reply) when I asked you: do you think Francis is such a naive, humble, holy and innocent soul to be unaware how the majority of the world’s secular media for 10 years can latch on to one sentence of what Francis has said on homosexual people and their relationships, civil “marriages” etc or “breeding like rabbits” or on hell or on a dozen plus other subjects ….and then present it and “spin it” in way that suits their purpose? - in full knowledge not 1 in a 1000 people are going to search online for the full speech at vaticannews and probably not 1 in a 100,000 ordinary people in any society or nation worldwide are going to go on to read an article on the Where Peter Is site?

Anonymous said...

Paul said..."If Francis is so committed to teaching how wonderful big families are, why in those days in Hungary , did Francis NOT clearly, in unmistakable terms, before the world’s media, praise a government and people who have taken such great practical, realistic steps to support and encourage large families….probably more so than in nation in the western world!"

Paul, is your way, as noted above, the only way in which Pope Francis is able to demonstrate his support for large families?


Anyway, at the packed Youth Rally in Budapest, Pope Francis declared that "to have a large family" is to "invest in the great goals of life!"


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Last Friday in Hungary, via his initial address, Pope Francis praised Hungary's pro-family policies.

Pope Francis:

"How much better it would be to build a Europe centred on the human person and on its peoples, with effective policies for natality and the family like those pursued attentively in this country ..."

The following day at the Youth Rally, Pope Francis declared:

That "to have a large family" is to "invest in the great goals of life!"

Throughout his latest Apostolic Visit, Pope Francis had spoken well of Hungary, its many pro-family policies...Hungary's generosity in having welcomed 1,000,000 Ukrainian refugees into Hungary...

Hungary's wonderful practice of "promoting and safeguarding...the languages and cultures of nationalities living in Hungary."

Pope Francis praised "Hungarian gentility" that he said is rooted in Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis praised Hungary's important role as a peacemaker in Europe and beyond.

Finally, Pope Francis noted that during his days in Buenos Aires, he was close to that city's Hungarian community...he had taken special care of Hungarians.

In turn for his kind words for Hungarians/Hungary, Pope Francis was showered with love and respect throughout his Apostolic Visit to Hungary.


Mark Thomas

Paul said...


I don’t want to come across as arrogant and patronising, nor actually be patronising etc, but why not add to your reading a little rereading of scripture?

Why not start with Matthew, where Peter and the other apostles, shortly after pledging their love, devotion and loyalty to Jesus their Lord and Saviour, as recorded several verses later: “…..and then forsaking Him they fled…”
Mark, would you agree that could be regarded as the first collegial decision and action of a pope in union with the bishops of the world?

Paul said...


Whether it is Pope Francis or any other western leftist ideologue preaching to the USA and Western Europe about borders, unhealthy nationalism and welcoming migrants etc can you, Mark, refer me to just one speech by Francis or some likeminded individual saying something like:

“……and likewise, not just in the western world, but in all prosperous nations in the world from Saudi Arabia to Japan….they too should all forsake an unhealthy nationalism, strong borders, and welcome large numbers of migrants! It is so wrong for nations like Saudi Arabia and Japan to not want and take actions that their major cities can never be like London, now, an international city, in which in most boroughs, white English people are in the minority……we must be fair, we must be just and consistent! We must encourage, for example , Saudi Sunni Muslims and Japanese people to strive towards the day in which in many Saudi cities among the top five names for boys are James, John and Gerard! And, for example, in both Tokyo and Kyoto, one day not far away, for there to be both a large and growing black community and a large and growing Muslim community!”

Strange! I don’t recall ever hearing such a speech…

Anonymous said...

I just performed a Google search:


-- The pope also praised Hungary for its “effective policies for natality and the family.

Wall Street Journal


-- Pope Francis praises Hungary's protection of traditional values...

America Magazine


Catholic Sat

3 days ago — Pope Francis praises Hungary's government pro-family policies:


The American Conservative

-- pope francis praises hungary pro-family policies

6 hours ago — Francis also cited Hungary's pro-natal family policies as an example for the rest of Europe. Facing a steeply declining fertility rate, ...



-- Pope Francis Slams ‘Senseless’ Right to Abortion in Budapest Visit

"The pope also reiterated his concern for the future of Europe that is caught in a demographic winter, underscoring the Vatican’s common ground with the family-friendly Hungarian government and its policies to encourage couples to have children."


Catholic News Agency

3 days ago — Pope Francis called for “creative efforts for peace” during the ... and on its peoples, with effective policies for natality and the family ...


National Catholic Reporter

3 days ago — Pope Francis attends a welcoming ceremony with Hungarian President ... Francis commended the country's pro-family policies that seek to


Catholic News Service

8 hours ago — BUDAPEST, Hungary (CNS) -- Praising the piety and charity of Hungarian Christians and their commitment to supporting traditional family life ...


The Daily Wire

"After previous meetings, Orban has said that Pope Francis praised his government’s policies — such as certain tax incentives that encourage the growth of families — and for his defense of the Catholic definition of marriage and family."


My Google search also generated countless hits of Catholic parishes having reported online that Pope Francis had praised Hungary's pro-family policies.

My Google search also generated countless examples of Twitter pages that had reported Pope Francis' praise of Hungary's pro-family policies.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

September 17, 2021 A.D.

-- Pope inspired me over family values, says Hungary's Orban


"The meeting gave me very strong encouragement," Orban said of his encounter with Francis during an unusually short seven-hour stay in Hungary.

"The Holy Father made it clear that the fight we are waging to protect families is the most important struggle with regard to the future of Europe," he added on public radio.

Orban cited the pope as telling him during their 40-minute meeting that there should be no debate or argument over the traditional family unit.

"He expressed himself more strongly than I have ever managed to ... (He said) the family consists of a father, a mother and children, full stop," Orban said.

"Moreover, he said: go ahead, go for it. And go for it we will."


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Paul, at the Youth Rally in Budapest, in front of some 12,000 Hungarian youths/pilgrims who had packed the sports arena, Pope Francis declared that "to have a large family" is among "the great goals of life!"


Mark Thomas

Mark said...

Paul and Mark,

I found the following explanation of Pope Francis’s thinking on matters of migration quite helpful:

Paul said...


You, or anyone, can often find what you are looking for…

But for the vast bulk of Catholics and non Catholics around the world who gave 3 to 5 minutes attention to Francis’ 3 days in Hungary, I have to suggest this is what they were told: and this is what the vast bulk of people “took away”..:

Reuters - 3 days ago:

Pope in Hungary warns of rising nationalism in Europe, strong appeal for acceptance of more migrants…

Same or VERY similar for SBS and Deutsche Welle….AND others…

Same too for MUCH TV news coverage of Francis in Hungary.

By the way, Mark have you managed to find any speech of Francis in which he is specifically calling on ANY non Western nation to accept more migrants - and or - warning specifically ANY, just one, non Western nation re it’s problem of “rising nationalism”…?

By the way, perhaps 😉 modern algorithms with computers/internet etc have noted how MANY times you may have googled such as “pope Francis greatest pope in 500 years” or for example , “pope Francis most holy humble wise pope in over a 1000 years” etc and thus 😉 those devilishly clever algorithms acknowledge, adjust, etc then respond and give you information and material and links, of a certain nature, etc AND in a quantity that no one else on planet earth receives….😉 ? Could that be possible?

Paul said...


Honestly, how many people, would you estimate, are there on planet earth right now as aware as you of Francis’ praise of the Hungarian government and the Hungarian people when it comes to their encouragement, support etc of large traditional families…..?

Now, Mark, it seems strange that about half the world thanks to “Who am I to judge?” A and the coverage of those words.. etc has come to, at least, something like the following: No one earth, NOT EVEN a pope! ,can be judgemental of any of the words, any behaviour, any acts of LGBTIQ+2+ people - and the pope himself probably supports the modern dogma that any “homophobic” words spoken is more sinful than any LGBT acts….about half the world knows that…and MILLIONS know of or think they know how the present pontiff thinks and believes re borders, migrants, rigid mentally unbalanced or emotionally immature young people attached to traditional liturgy, climate change, hell, Amazonian idols, divorce and remarriage, Donald Trump etc and so on….

Just how can we (say if we’re both Francis’ media adviser and speech writer)…just how could we help Pope Francis make use of modern media and use the right words etc that shows half the world at least his love of big families ?!
(Btw do you think Francis has a good track record of paternal love for large families who attend the traditional Latin Mass?)

Could I suggest the following:

“I Francis, admit my almost unforgivable error and my lack of charity in questioning the emotional maturity and even mental stability of young traditional priests and young people in general who have attended the Latin Mass…..and I wish now to announce I was wrong in that AND from now on, till the end of my pontificate, I intend to mock and insult large numbers of modern western feminists….in fact I’ll start right now:
I as pope want the world to know I think it quite sad and pathetic when a childless modern career woman retires alone at 60 or 65 and though living in a big house with a million or two in the bank …etc…has at least 20 years left, largely alone, often alone with only the company of, say, 3 cats and a bottle of vodka….”

Now, Mark, do you think such a speech delivered to the City and the World next Mother’s Day would get the world’s attention?!

Paul said...


I think you and I would do great as a 2 man team advising Francis on the media and writing an occasional speech for him…

Imagine such headlines….

Reuters 2 days ago:

“LGBT activists and their allies continue to riot in Rome after Pope Francis told a ‘2 Lesbians and a trans woman walk into a bar’ joke and a ‘why did the non binary, gender fluid penguin cross the road?’ joke during a speech to the United Nations!”

The New York Times:

“Pope Francis has announced he plans to use ALL of a year’s Peter’s Pence millions on an advertising campaign exposing certain evil America social media tech giants and a demonic social contagion as THE key causes in the 5,000% increase in children and young people, over the past decade, in the USA and the UK seeking the so-called ‘gender affirming care’…..”

The UK Guardian:

“No billionaire in a century has caused more misery to more millions in his so-called ‘philanthropy’ than Mr George Soros - claims Pope Francis in an address to the European Parliament…”

Mark, do you have any suggestions along these lines to contribute…?

Paul said...


Combine your IT/internet skills and your strong desire for Pope Francis to be regarded as orthodox as the saints Pius V and Pius X ….combined with my red wine, and boredom induced search for ways for Francis to raise his profile and increase his respect among that small Remnant of Roman Catholics who are rigid and immature enough to actually still take the 10 Commandments seriously….

What do you think of the following:

We encourage His Holiness to keep insulting and mocking the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation long enough and effectively enough with his Argentinian slum humour and colourful vocabulary until Mr Bill Gates has no choice but to attempt to sue Francis and the Vatican State for defamation? The great publicity thus achieved will well be worth selling off a few Renaissance masterpieces…don’t you think?
I think that may increase Francis’ standing and status among those remnant people who still bizarrely pray daily, attend Mass each Sunday AND amazingly, for our times, still strive to take the Catechism of the Catholic Church seriously….

How about we draft a speech for Francis in which he claims “I am not sure if Islam is more a Jewish heresy or a Christian heresy? Perhaps in some weird sense it is both? …..Both Buddhism and Hinduism, I solemnly declare, often involve immature, unhealthy egocentric navel gazing that contributes nothing really in terms of genuine spiritual growth….I’ve now reached the conclusion that trying to achieve a real dialogue with any one of the 1,632 Protestant sects/cults to be the ultimate exercise in futility ……”

What say you, Mark😉 ?

TJM said...


Bravo! I think Soros and the Pope have a lot in common and will likely share the same eternal “reward!”

Mark said...

Paul and TJM:

Do you feel better now? -:)

Mark J.