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EWTN will broadcast the Dedication of Christendom College’s new Christ the King Chapel on Saturday, April 15, at 4:00 p.m. EDT. A culmination of years of work and generosity from so many, the new chapel will be dedicated by Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Diocese of...

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APRIL 15, 2023 AT 4:00 P.M. EDT

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Luckylady said...

Breaking bombshell news from Ireland!

New Apparition sighted at Knock Shrine:

Witnesses have reported the sightings of a new apparition at Knock in Ireland, which they are convinced is "Old Joe" himself.

Traditionally, Old Joe is portrayed as a character with horns, a forked tail, etc, but this time he appeared as an old man, wondering around as if lost, sniffing the hair of passers-by, and groping...well, never mind...There were reports his hands had blood on them: however, some reports say it was merely chocolate chip ice cream.
When Fr Sean L asked what Old Joe was doing, he replied "The sign said KNOCK, so I knocked"...

Those who observed the apparition had little doubt that it was Old Joe the devil himself. "That's the Father of Lies, to be sure, to be sure" said one visitor who had been learning Irish from a book.
Another said "He claimed to be an Irishman, Begorrah! on the grounds that among one or two of his ancestors were possibly some Irish folk who died 250 years ago. Ochone!"

Among great evils attributed to Old Joe are his support for the slaying of babies in the womb, the destruction of marriage, and "gender changing" operations on children. There is some suggestion that the people who run Knock had foreseen the apparition of Old Joe, since they had closed down all Masses for the day, thus preventing the evil one from trying to receive Communion.

Reliable sources (aka Mr Spike Eccles) are claiming the Knock Shrine will reopen when a complete exorcism has taken place.