Thursday, April 20, 2023


 This is copied from a Google translation of the Italian blogpost:

I pray and hope that there are no divisions, the archbishop said.  Emphasizing that, from Rome, he is following developments in Germany "from a different perspective"

 “From this point of view – he underlined – I do not consider the synodal journey a useful response to the actual needs of the faithful.  If, as a canon lawyer, I have to judge the entire enterprise of the Synodal Path, I must say that it has no legally binding force under canon law.  It is not a question of proximity or geographical distance, it is an objective observation of the facts”.

“My future is in the hands of Pope Francis.  And I actually feel quite safe in his hands,” H.E.R.  Bishop Georg Gänswein.

 The prefect of the Papal Household, in an interview with Passauer Neue Presse, raised numerous perplexities regarding the synodal journey: “The loss of faith has indeed increased following the synodal journey.  The answer must be given from another angle, that is, from the deepening of faith and not from questions of structure".

 It is not an easy journey, he said, “this requires personal commitment and determination.  It's a fight and it will always be a fight."

 As known, the German bishops have used the excuse of "sexual abuse of minors" to bring, within the Synodal Path, numerous requests that have nothing to do with the theme.  On this point, Gänswein said: “I doubt that the Synodal Path, as it developed, was the right response to the abuse crisis.  The Way was 'invented' following the 2018 MHG report. However, the themes that were covered there go far beyond the necessary response to the abuse crisis.  Anyone who followed the discussions and decisions of the synod meetings with their eyes wide open could see that the focus was now on completely different goals.  The danger has grown that special paths lead out of the unity of the universal Church".

 Nothing but the Truth

 In the past few hours, the former personal secretary of Benedict XVI has also been a guest on the Austrian program ZiB2.  On the occasion, he reiterated that the book Nothing but the Truth was written in order to "offer another point of view on the pontificate of Benedict XVI, not for revenge against the current Pontiff".

 In recent years, in fact, there has clearly been a single voice that has characterized the narrative of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, of his teaching and of his person.  "Joseph Ratzinger had and must be destroyed so that he could not be a danger", reports a cardinal very close to the German pontiff.  The Church that Benedict XVI has proposed is a Church that many do not want to listen to because it is an uncomfortable institution that draws attention to Christ, to fundamental values ​​and certainly not to frivolous matters

 Archbishop Gänswein pointed out that, clearly, there are differences between Benedict XVI and Francis in terms of mentality, priorities and very specific skills.  “No pope is a decalcomania of his predecessor,” he said.

 The prefect then denied what was reported by Religion digital in March 2023, which indicated him as the new Apostolic Nuncio in Costa Rica: “I don't know anything.  My future is in the hands of Pope Francis.  And I actually feel quite safe in his hands ”.

 When asked if, in his opinion, Pope Francis could resign, he said: “I don't know.  Let's be surprised."

 Emanuela Orlandi

 Regarding the opening of a file within the Vatican City State concerning the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, a guest on Mediaset, Archbishop Gänswein reported: "I hope a definitive answer will be found".  Then he underlined how Pietro Orlandi misrepresented the events several times: “Once – he said – I met Pietro Orlandi.  Following that meeting, I asked for a reminder [to the Secretariat of State].  They did so but nothing new emerged.  Pietro Orlandi reported that I have a dossier.  It is not true.  It was a note on the status quo but I have never made a dossier, it was not my competence".


Paul said...

If even Wikipedia can have several pages on the famous “English understatement”.

I suggest Wikipedia could have several hundred pages giving examples of Catholic prelates making use of discrete and diplomatic (actually disingenuous) understatement when it comes to contrasting the papacy of Francis to the papacy of Benedict XVI or really any papacy of the last 500 years.

“I hope and pray there are no divisions…”

There has been serious divisions in the Catholic Church since the late 60s, between liberal “progressives” and sensible, sane Catholic conservatives and traditionalists, and between both these and irrational far right sede rad trads etc….and these divisions have only multiplied ten fold over the past decade!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Since I was in the major seminary for the last half of the 1970’s, I can say that the polarization then is nothing like it is now. No matter what you say about St. Pope Paul VI, his progressivism wasn’t heterodox. He saw the problems with the implementation of Vatican II. He simply wasn’t strong enough to deal with the nonsense adequately and allowed experimentation that caused so much damage. Pope John Paul II then came in and valiantly tried to secure the “great discipline” of the Church as he called it, but without questioning the proper implementation of Vatican II.

Pope Benedict certainly continued that legacy and promoted the truth that the Church can’t contradict what it taught as holy and legitimate prior to the council to say that afterward that is wrong.

Pope Francis is not Pope John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and II or Benedict XVI. His Holiness has gone rogue. How the Holy Spirit will bring oder out of the chaos of this papacy remains to be seen, but the Holy Spirit will triumph.

TJM said...

PF is an empty cassock and exhibit A as to why papal elections are not guided by the Holy Spirit.

Paul said...

“…..asked: could Pope Francis resign?”

My old sources could be wrong or misinformed but they suggested today I listen to Anthony Stine PhD on who just 6 hours ago stated clearly that something very odd is now happening in Rome. Despite Francis stating over the past 4 to 6 weeks he is not planning to resign, if Stine’s sources are reliable, apparently even Francis’ ideological allies, some key members of his own “faction” are now pushing him to resign ….eg over the last few days several influential “progressive” , aka Modernist, Jesuits are now publicly dropping strong hints, eg “ we (The Church) really need something like the the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution “….also, strong rumours = increasingly strong opposition to Francis in the Roman Curia ….

Paul said...

Fr Allan,

I almost always agree with you, but the last decade of Paul VI’s papacy, 1968 to 1978, was really, I believe, just as troubled as the last decade of this present papacy. It is easy, I think to forget how crazy that decade was…..Obviously, and very importantly, c. 1968 to 1978 there was no modern social media, and I doubt in that decade if one in a thousand practising Catholics were listening to or reading anything written by Archbishop Lefebvre or Michael Davies et al who we NOW know were telling the truth about what dozens of Catholic bishops, seminary staff and theologians were saying back then (and not just Frs Kung and Curran but many others) about the Mass, celibacy, liberation theology, marriage and sexual morality AND even on the most basic theology - a new radical heterodox, at times heretical, understanding of the incarnation, the divinity of Christ and the Resurrection ……our Christ of faith, Jesus as Son of God = an invention of St Paul and St John etc and so on - and Paul VI did nothing.
2 theologians who taught at my seminary are mentioned in Archbishop Lefebvre’s lengthy “Open Letter to Confused Catholics” who taught back then, for example, that our Lord’s presence in the Mass can be compared to Wagner’s presence at the Bayreuth Music Festival, and Transignification etc and questioned the mystery of the Trinity….to claiming premarital sexual activity for young Catholic men being healthy and normal.

rcg said...

If there is a progessive faction pressing for the resignation of Pope Francis then we are in great peril that can’t be exaggerated, for they would not change a horse in midstream unless they had someone ready to push their agenda more vigourously.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Indeed the peril is great for the papacy as external pressure applied to the pope, be it Francis or Benedict, to resign would invalidate that resignation and set up a series of anti-popes where clarity about who is and who wasn’t pope would take place. We’ve been down the road in centuries past.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Perhaps that is why Francis has said since the death of Benedict that popes should stay for life.

TJM said...

I would welcome this irascible old man’s resignation

Anonymous said...

How does one pressure Pope Francis to resign as Pope? I mean, does one...oh, never mind. I know.

The phone rings at Saint Martha's House:

Pope Francis: "Thanks for calling Torre's Towing. This is Jorge. How may I help you?"

Caller: "Torre's Towing? Are you Jorge Bergoglio? Also known as, Pope Francis?"

Pope Francis: "Yes. You see...the right-wing hates me. In turn, they've refused to contribute to Peter's Pence. To make ends meet, I work here at the guest house, six hours a day, as a dispatcher for Torre's Towing. Rome's number one towing service. I met them when they towed the Popemobile."

Caller: "Oh. Okay. I'm with Saint Gallen's Mafia."

Pope Francis: "Saint Gallen's Mafia?"

Caller: "Yes. We rigged the 2013 Papal Conclave in your favor."

Pope Francis: "I didn't know that."

Caller: "Sure. Don't you read radtrad blogs? Anyway, we are dissatisfied with you. We rigged the Conclave as we were informed that you were a heretic who would create a new Church that would feature an open communion, ecumenical Mass, women priests, the end of priestly celibacy, overturn Church teachings related to artificial birth control, abortion, same-sex "marriage," etc.

"But it's turned out that you are orthodox.

"Therefore, my job with the Saint Gallen's Mafia is to pressure you to resign."

Pope Francis: "Oh?"

Caller: "Yes. Within the hour, you'll receive your resignation speech. I will text that to you."

Pope Francis: "Text?" What does that mean?"

Caller: "Okay, I will email the speech to you."

Pope Francis: "Email?"

Caller: "How about this. We will deliver the speech to you via homing pigeon."

Pope Francis: "Oh, high tech!"

Caller: "So, you will resign as Pope?"

Pope Francis: "No."

Caller: "It's my job to pressure you. But I am not unreasonable. If you resign as Pope, there is a free toaster in it for you."

Pope Francis. "No, thank you."

Caller: "It's a four-slice toaster."

Pope Francis: "Sorry, I am not...wait a minute. If I resign as Pope, you'll give me a toaster? A four-slicer. I can toast four slices of bread at once?"

Caller: "That's right, Pope Francis."

Pope Francis: "You're serious? If I resign as Pope, you'll give me a four-slice toaster?"

Caller: "That's right, Pope Francis."

Pope Francis: "Pope Francis? Who's that? Call me...Pope Emeritus."


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

The Papalator returns! LOL!

Luckylady said...


I imagine something more like this:

- ....I'll say it again, Jorge, its all over, you're out.

PF: But!

- You're out. Your only choice is to do it the hard way or the easy way.