Monday, April 3, 2023



From the Pillar:

Polish bishops regulate social media use by clerics


“Their presence in the media space cannot be used to conduct activities against God, the Gospel, the unity of the Church community, their own superiors, or any other person.”


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"Clerics" includes thee and me, too, remember...

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, but let’s go after the big guns first. At least I have a disclaimer on my most humble blog.

TJM said...

Fr K,

You should start your own blog today. The first topic could be defending Justice Kavanaugh from the attacks or your "tolerant" partisans:

The topic would be defending your partisans in their Insurrection in Tennessee:

Now if the same standard was applied to them as to those who "stormed" the US Capital on January 6, they would be incarcerated without bond and no right to effective counsel!

Paul said...

Or start a blog that explains how a Catholic can vote for a politician that 100% supports abortion on demand, for any reason, or no reason to an extent that is tantamount to mass infanticide; and vote for a politician that supports a sex education program in schools for children as young as 5 to 10, to learn about “trans issues” and what it means to be non binary, gender fluid and or gender queer etc….and such program put together by a radical Gender Studies “scholar” who has beliefs and views on marriage, relationships and sexuality (and even society and human nature) that not more than 1 or 2% of parents could ever agree with.

Yes, explain how any Catholic (or any Christian, Muslim or Jew as well) can in good conscience vote for such politicians.

Paul said...

The first entry on this blog could be:

Because Donald Trump has had affairs and at times not been honest and told some lies that can:

perfectly justify voting for a politician who fully supports and promotes children at schools being exposed to LGBTIQ+2++ presentations that declare they may not be the boy or girl they were “assigned” at birth; that sexuality should never be confined to a Judeo-Christian worldview. And parents, priests, pastors and therapists and counsellors are warned (intimidated) that attempts to “change and suppress” whatever sexual identity and or orientations might emerge in children after exposure to such LGBT propaganda constitutes a criminal offence.

TJM said...

Fr K,

Maybe you can use this for your Easter sermon. I suspect this pastor is not a Republican:

"A liberal transgender pastor compared Nashville shooter Audrey Hale to Jesus being betrayed and crucified less than a week after Hale murdered six people at a Christian school.

Micah Louwagie, who was recently formally installed as the pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota, delivered the Easter-themed sermon to the small congregation on April 2."

With the Synods of Synods, this may become reality in the Catholic Church!

Paul said...

Yesterday, I heard a religious/Christian joke I’d never heard before (sorry this is off topic, but I’d like to share it) :

I’m sure everyone knows the basics of John, ch 8, the Woman Caught in Adultery.

Anyway, my friend and neighbour told me his slightly different version; or John ch 8, with a slight addition.

After all the men had departed, starting with the oldest, after Jesus famously said:

“Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her”

And then shortly after Jesus had told the woman caught in adultery “….Go, but do not sin again.”

Mary quietly came forward when the woman was about 30 yards away, and gently tossed a very small stone in her direction…..

Jesus smiled and said “I hate it when you do that, Mum”.

monkmcg said...

I'd be more impressed if they did annual unannounced inspections of their phones. It would have outed the USCCB Secretary much faster.

Paul said...


No, you are wrong about what would make a good Easter sermon - and what would make a good entry on this new blog.

I suggest the following as a first draft:

“Young traditional Catholics in the USA who have been attending the TLM simply must be made aware that a true, close personal relationship with Christ their saviour is much more likely to be achieved by attending 2023 revivals of the famous 1990s ‘Techno Cosmic Masses’ where there will be an inspiring attempt to combine the religious ritual of the Eucharist with dance, multimedia material, deejays, video jockeys and rap music - where young Catholics can connect Christian spiritual rituals and the ecstatic energy of techno and rave parties…..true holiness can be obtained by young Catholics by a liturgy that connects them to a more ecstatic and visceral celebration and relationship with modern ritual and the true building of a faith community… such a liturgy, young Catholic people can hear a sermon - homily how official Catholic teachings must become gender-neutral, ecology sensitive and informed re the true Christian compassion towards and acceptance of 72 + different forms of non traditional sexuality etc…..
And if any former TLM attending young traditional Catholic finds the above unappealing, uninspiring, lame or even offensive then they have to accept that their immature rigidity and their morbid attachment to theologically outdated nonsense makes them candidates for psychotherapy…..”

Paul said...

A New Jesuit and Paulist outreach on Facebook:

To all immature, rigid young Catholics morbidly attached to the TLM and still actually and bizarrely striving to live by the unhealthy, legalistic, outdated nonsense of New Testament morality -

Healthy alternatives to traditional Holy Week services which are much more likely to lead to a more sound, healthy and mature faith journey:

A 3 day Ignatian Yoga and Transcendental Meditation weekend run by Fr Karl Reindeer SJ….

Attend a Paulist retreat where the liturgy will be inspired by an eclectic mixture of Mayan and Aztec ritual and Zulu dancing - after which a sermon will be preached by the German Jesuit Fr Adolf Brueggerman on how the Book of Amos and other Old Testament books clearly shows God’s emancipatory acceptance and embrace of all LGBTIQ people, including their modern 73 + different gender identities and 46+ different orientations …

Or join Paulist Fr Charlie Kung and Jesuit Fr Hans Curran in their George Soros funded southern border ministry among migrants in shelters and camps …..

Dear young Catholics !!
The alternatives to traditional worship, the alternatives to a theologically outdated liturgy and a legalistic, theologically bankrupt worldview and morality are endless !

rcg said...

Paul, your missive actually shows the current problem with the Church - there is room for everyone but those who love tradition. Everyone is in the facio but us.