Sunday, July 3, 2022


I know it isn't polite to correct the Holy Father, but there is quite a bit of liturgical diversity in the Catholic Church which His Holiness is the visible head. Ecclesial unity is not based upon a single rite and a single rite, as we can see below, can be quite diverse so as not to appear to be even the rite that is being celebrated. 

That all these rites are permitted within the context of ecclesiology and ecclesial unity under the papacy makes one scratch one's head as to why the pre-Vatican II rite of the Church cannot be included in this diversity of unity. 

Maybe the Holy Father would consider making the 1962 Roman Missal more in line with what Vatican II asked? Allow the Liturgy of the Word to have a official vernacular lectionary and that the Liturgy of the Word be celebrated as in the Reformed Mass. What's the problem with that?

Allow Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion by way of deacons and officially installed acolytes and as it concerns acolytes allow females. What's the problem with this?

Thus the Roman Missal of 1962 remains as is except for the manner of the Liturgy of the Word and who distributes Holy Communion.

Oh, and yes, allow for some vernacular, only for the changing parts of the Mass. What's the problem with that? 

Here is a very diverse Congolese Rite Mass with Pope Francis for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time at Saint Peter's:


List of churches sui iuris:

Name                                                                                       Est.

Sertoth.jpg Coptic Catholic Church 1741

Eritrean Catholic Church[3] 2015

Ethiopian Catholic Church 1846

Igreja armênica católica.svg Armenian Catholic Church 1742

Albanian Greek Catholic Church 1628

Belarusian Greek Catholic Church 1596

Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church 1861

Coat of arms of Đura Džudžar.svg Greek Catholic Church of Croatia and Serbia 1611

Escudo de Manuel Nin.svg Greek Byzantine Catholic Church 1911

Hungarian Greek Catholic Church 1912

Italo-Albanian Catholic Church 1784

Macedonian Greek Catholic Church 2001

Patriarch Youssef Absi coat of arms.svg Melkite Greek Catholic Church 1726

Romanian Greek Catholic Church 1697

Russian Greek Catholic Church 1905

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church 1646

Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Prešov.svg Slovak Greek Catholic Church 1646

Coat of arms of Sviatoslav Shevchuk.svg Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church 1595

Chaldean Catholic COA.svg Chaldean Catholic Church 1552

Nasrani cross.jpg Syro-Malabar Catholic Church 50s AD

Coat of Arms of the Maronite Patriarchate.svg Maronite Church 4th c.

Syriac Catholic Church 1781

Syro-Malankara Catholic Church 1930

Emblem of the Holy See usual.svg Latin Church 1st c.

Other Ordinariates




rcg said...

Could it be that they are next? Truth be told the problem the trads I know have with the NO is with its watered doen content. The average person heard a lot of Catholic teaching in the Old Form and in the Mass and accompanying explanations. Now they hear only a tiny amount so they drift away and are surprised and even shocked by what is in the Catechism and true Church teachings.

William said...

This Congolese Liturgy is a far, far cry from what goes on at St. Sabina's in Chicago.

Jerome Merwick said...

I can't help but notice that the pope and his cronies continually talk about how "The Spirit" is taking the Church in a new direction. At least they have the decency not to insult us by saying "The Holy Spirit".

What scares the heck out of me is that it's becoming increasingly obvious which spirit they ARE listening to.

TJM said...

Yet my 32 year old pastor carries on re-enchanting the OF (using the Roman Canon in Latin at the Sunday OF High Mass) and saying the EF once a week. PF and his Roche are truly delusional