Monday, July 18, 2022


 I think these are excellent comments from  America Magazine:

#1: I find it extremely strange that so many in the comments associate any remotely traditional liturgical element (e.g. incense, chant, Ad orientem posture) with conservatism and rigidity. Do they not realize that thousands of progressive-minded High-Church Anglicans and Episcopalians worship in this manner? 
#2. Good observation. In my opinion, the so-called “liturgy wars” are mostly not about liturgy, but about partisan politics. 
In the past 10-20 years, church life has become increasingly penetrated by partisan politics. The rootless, often hate-filled, adversarial and confrontational modus operandi of ‘conservatives’ vs ‘progressives’ is slowly starting to dominate community life in parishes and dioceses. 
For example, when ideologues of ‘cancel culture’ ever more successfully spread the idea that ‘progress’ equals erasing the pas (I.e., tradition), it is inevitable that there will be an equally strong pushback. 
I think the Church is sliding into an ever deeper division. Once the desire for and sense of unity is gone, the Church will suffer irreparable damage. 

#3. Exactly, charismatic movement and the contemporary worship band movement which intentionally mimick pentecostal and evangelical services are prevalent throughout the United States and the World yet bishops seem fine with them even though Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism is almost exclusively conservative. I visit the Anglo Catholic Church in my town often which is LGBTQ affirming and far more progressive than even the more liberal catholic churches yet the sermons and the liturgies are far more reverent and orthodox than even some of the more catholic conservative parishes. It really seems the problem is an unwillingness to accept and listen to eachother in the catholic church with each side thinking they are right and the other is wrong and the attitude of some in this comment section appears to prove that this issue is two sided.


rcg said...

But they agree to hate ‘’conservatives’ and ‘rigidity’. This is the proof that there is a war in the Church, that schism is coming and anything not fitting their agenda will be excised.

TJM said...


On the political side, I have always said the Left would push the US into another Civil War. We are experiencing a Cold Civil War now which might turn into a shooting war if the Left does not get their way on illegal aliens, transgenderism, abortion and gay marriage.

On the religious side, the Left, headed by the chief lefty, the Pope, is pushing the Church into a Civil War aka Schism. Why has not the Pope condemned the German Synod program which is now pushing for nationwide abortion? Why is he so fixated on crushing Faithful Catholics who desire traditional Liturgy?

The "oh so tolerant, and civil left."

Jerome Merwick said...

Not to change the subject, but Pope Francis' #1 fan fiction writer and interviewer, Eugenio Scalfari has died. This is the "journalist" who never took notes or taped interviews with the pope, reported on the pope's denial of hell, divinity and resurrection--giving the pope plausible deniability because of his lack of notes.

He was also an atheist.

I guess we should pray for him. But who am I to judge?

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

LOL! The Pope will probably go into deep mourning.

This is an excellent article from The New Liturgical Movement, you and others here might enjoy:

"Destroying the Liturgical Peace to Shore Up a False Narrative"

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

You may remember Zac Mabry, a former child actor, and here is what he has to say about the present situation:

"The Church hosts synods on synods on synods and pays millions of dollars to consultants to figure out how to get people interested in going to Mass and the end result is shutting down the Masses people literally beg to attend LOL"

Jerome Merwick said...

V for Vendee said...

That was a great article on NLM by Peter. I doubt Bishop Parkes would bother to read and discern what has been done to our church by the Modernist and Freemasons.

By the way the new book by Father Murr is great. Murder in the 33rd Degree.

Thank God I’m moving to Florida and will be going to the SSPX in Sanford Florida.

God Bless you all. Our Lord and Our Lady will not let this continue for long.