Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 If only the 1970 reformed Missal and the reform of the reform Roman Missals since that time all the way of to 2011 would have been celebrated in continuity with the Roman Missal of 1962, would we have had the liturgy wars that are still in progress now for 50 years. I doubt it.

Even if the Mass was entirely in the vernacular, but celebrated this way, what a missed opportunity.

We no longer offer the EF Mass at St. Anne's 6 pm Tuesday Mass. Instead it is the OF Mass but celebrated in Latin with EF sensibilities! This is for the Feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle. See for yourself:


John said...

You are right Father. After V 2 as the news spread that the vernacular was to be the language of the Mass my wife and I just assumed that nothing else would change.

Big disappointment and disenchantment! That was the reaction after witnessing it the first time in our parish church. Old Monsignor was no longer leading the people in solemn prayer, he was suddenly transmogrified into a pitiful almost inconsequential actor in an awkward, amateurish play.

The mood of the Mass goers changed gradually. In the casual atmosphere it became difficult to accept that anything transcendental was taking place. In time, we had a new priest who fully embraced the revolution. He had a hand puppet doggie called Ralph in his hand when preaching. The puppy prop amused the children but the adults just shook their heads in unbelief.

Not everyone was disturbed by the developpments of course. The coffee and doughnut served after the Mass raised the spirit by way of the caffeine and sugar high. Discussions flowed easier now with the young Franciscan Father also recently added to staff. I once overhear him defending abortion to one of the ushers. Fortunately, he did not stay with us for long. He got married to one of the female Sunday school teacherts without first being laicized. Lastly, it needs mentioning that we had embraced a modern musical program for Mass provided by the Joyful Noise Choir-- some called it the Dreadful Noise Choir.

The parish changed over the years. The more militant dropped out. Yet, the nature of the local Church is liberal in their politics and theologically ambiguous (relativist?) in outlook. No TLM here.

However the more orthodox parishioners have a choice of SSPX and diocese TLMs in the area if they prefer it. There are also parishes offering the NO in a way Fr McD would approve of. One characteristic difference between the NO and TLM Masses here is the obvious youngish age distribution at the latter services with numerous crying babies. The crying does not bother one, crying is good training for future members of Gregorian Choirs.

John Nolan said...

If it's OF, what's the point of the altar cards?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

For the Gloria/Credo and the words of consecration--very helpful. We do read the Last Gospel as a prelude. The one on the right is for a balanced look. And I could always pray the Suscipiat while the altar servers return to their places. Who would know? The same with the Placeat. And If I silently did the older offertory prayers, who would know?