Thursday, February 20, 2014


Fr. Dawid Kwiatkowski our parochial vicar is in the process of forming a spiritual team of men to implement "That Man Is You" formation program here in our parish. Here is a good description of it and helps us to understand the New Evangelization a little bit better.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again! "The New Evangelization"! Slick promotional materials! Trendy, catch-phrase titles and slogans! Ringing endorsements from high-ranking Church bureaucrats who don't even have enough time to read their mail, yet understand this program inside-out! Endorsements from the very same bishops who cannot even agree about how to enforce Canon Law!

Boy, this "New Evangelization" we've been hearing about for 30 years is really getting me excited! I just don't understand how Jesus managed to get anything going with 12 uneducated hicks in some backwater of the Roman Empire. Thank God we have these experts to show us the way!

Carol H. said...

It is people with attitudes like yours who drive people away from the EF.

Anonymous said...


My attitude is, admittedly, cynical. However, I think it is fair to say that most Catholics have "new program fatigue" and there is nothing I said in my remarks that doesn't reflect that reality.

Where did I mention the EF? Why have you assumed that the EF had anything to do with my comments?

Henry said...

Carol: I saw nothing positive in Anonymous' comment--and if this were my blog, there'd be no anonymous comments at all--but I'm curious as to what you saw in it that had anything to do with the EF, either pro or con. (Perhaps you have the advantage over me of some inside knowledge, e.g., who Anonymous is.)

As a matter fact, in looking through the learning materials at the website, I saw no indication that the program itself has anything to do with liturgy, either OF or EF.

Of course, I sense a dissatisfaction in his or her comments with how things have gone in the Church in recent decades, but I'd think that feeling might well be shared by OF devotees and EF devotees alike. Those dedicated to exemplary liturgy are all in the same boat, as I see it.

Gene said...

Henry, I have a dilemma. I always agree with and enjoy your comments, but I tend to agree with a lot of what Anonymous says. It is very difficult to deny the truth of many of his observations. Now, I wish we did not have all these anonymi, as well. Maybe they could provide a further distinguishing designation.