Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Anonymous 2 said...

Yes, it is a great little school and the new Monsignor John Cuddy Hall, with the new gym and classrooms, is awesome!

rcg said...

This is nice, brings back happy memories.

Anonymous said...

How much is tuition?

Anonymous 2 said...


Here is a link giving information about tuition at St. Joseph’s School. There are three different tiers, all quite reasonable, and financial aid is available for those eligible:

Our son had a great experience there (he is now 15).

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's pushing at $500.00 a month. Wow. We once had 5 children in our parish school at the same time. The cost was much less then, thankfully.

I know quite a few Catholic parents who can't afford the parish school now. Too bad. I don't have an answer for the situation. Do you?

Anonymous 2 said...


My understanding is that St. Josephs School tuition is still among the most reasonable of the private elementary schools in Macon, and indeed is probably the most reasonable of all in fact. But putting 5 children through Catholic school would quite a challenge. Thankfully we had only one, although for many families even one would be a financial challenge, however reasonable the rate might be relative to other schools.

Most immediately, then, I would definitely advise parents to contact the school to investigate the options for financial assistance. As the link I posted indicates, the school offers three options. I am not quite sure how complete the description of the third GRACE scholars option is because it seems broader on the GRACE scholars website that is linked in the link I posted:

Longer term, if a parish can afford to do so and if it can develop the commitment to Catholic education as a general principle to be supported whether or not a given parishioner has school age children, it could explore the possibility of paying for the parish school directly out of parish funds, so that all children could attend the school without paying tuition (or alternatively all Catholic children could attend without paying and non-Catholic children could be charged tuition at an appropriate rate). I wonder if any parishes do that nowadays (I believe that is the way it may have been many years ago but others more knowledgeable than I am can clarify that point).

Anonymous said...

We actually did not put 5 children through Catholic schools, but 7 (primary and secondary) There could have been maybe 5 more if we had not decided to use (sinful?) birth control. Who thinks we're going to hell for it? (We do not think so.) With the help of scholarships, us, and college loans (thanks to the U.S. government) all 7 also went to college. Catholic schools all seem to give great educations...but they simply cost too much.