Friday, February 21, 2014


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This is what Pope Francis said this morning about Cardinal Kasper's two hour presentation on marriage and family life yesterday which is a not so veiled cue and manipulation to the cardinals present to get on board with Cardinal Kaspar because the former Cardinal Bergoglio already is:

...Yesterday, before falling asleep – though not in order to fall asleep! – I read – I re-read Cardinal Kasper’s work, and I would like to thank him, because [in it] I found profound theology, also a serene thought in theology. It is nice to read serene theology. And also, I found that, of which St. Ignatius spoke to us: that sensus Ecclesiae, no? Love for Mother Church, right there, no? It did me good and I had an idea - and excuse me if I embarrass [Your] Eminence, but the idea is: this is called doing theology while kneeling. Thank you. Thank you.

MY CLAIRVOYANT REMARKS: Associated Press reports that Cardinal Kasper said the following:

"We cannot change the doctrine," Kasper said. "It's a question of applying the doctrine to concrete situations." He cited a case he was involved with regarding a remarried Catholic mother whose daughter was preparing for her First Communion, but she herself couldn't receive Communion because her first marriage was never annulled.

"The mother wants to live the faith. She educated her daughter in the faith. She went to confession because her marriage had failed. But is not a remission of sin possible in this case?" he asked.

There is an active debate over whether the ancient Christian church allowed divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion after a period of penitence, which Kasper cited.

The key words that the good Cardinal uses is  "We cannot change the doctrine," which should reassure traditionalists. Doctrine and Dogma ain't gonna change!

However, the Church's pastoral outreach to the divorced and illicitly remarried can develop and change.

The Annulment procedure can be streamlined and new grounds for an annulment can be added given what we know today about human psychology and the influence of Satan on secular society that so shapes even Catholics.

The Annulment procedure can be even further streamlined when we are dealing with the previous marriage(s) of Protestants who wish to be come Catholic or who wish to be married to a Catholic. In the Bible Belt this is an urgent need. Too many Protestants give up on becoming Catholic due to a cumbersome and humiliating court process they must endure to become Catholic or to have their illicit marriage to a Catholic con-validated so the Catholic can return to the Sacraments.

I am also shocked by the fact that so many who have commented here thought the "Internal Forum" had been outlawed by the Vatican. It hasn't been, only the illicit use of it that bi-passes the annulment procedure altogether. The External Forum must be used first and only when there isn't enough evidence to support the real belief that a previous marriage was sacramentally invalid may it be used as a decision of conscience by the person who sought the external forum annulment. Lack of evidence means in this case, not that there isn't evidence as given by the petitioner and respondent, but that there aren't any witnesses to corroborate what those applying for the annulment state in their court papers. And then when the internal forum is used, the priest may never actually bless the illicit marriage in any fashion whatsoever in terms of a convalidation. This is merely a matter of Confession and Absolution, nothing more, nothing less, that allows the person who has arrived at this decision of conscience with a priest in the Sacrament of Penance to return to receiving Holy Communion.

I think the internal forum is what Cardinal Kasper is speaking of and clarifying it canonically so that everyone in the Church understands that it is used as a last recourse and is a part of the Sacrament of Penance.

I would welcome what my clairvoyance indicates!


David said...

The paper at this link presents what seems like a strong case against the internal forum as described here:

From this, it is not at all clear that the "internal forum" does provide a way in which the remarried can receive Holy Communion, unless they agree to live as brother and sister.

Henry said...

I'm not clairvoyant like Fr. McDonald, but I've learned that when Cardinal Kasper predicts something is going to happen, that's a pretty solid indication that it actually won't.

Anonymous said...

"Doctrine and Dogma ain't gonna change! . . . However, the Church's pastoral outreach to the divorced and illicitly remarried can develop and change."

This is all well and good, necessary in fact, unless the development and change through pastoral outreach, while claiming to maintain doctrinal and dogmatic teaching, in fact, begins, slowly and subtly, to undercut it.

Said another way, there is the danger that the Church, at the macro level, continues to say all the right things, but on the micro level, begins to compromise the teachings by its actions, bit by bit, in the name of pastoral sensitivity.

Fully maintain and live the truth of the teachings, while being more pastorally sensitive. That is the key.